“Into the silence” is a crucial part of the practice

Being quiet is the first level of cultivation and is also a crucial step.

As the degree of calming deepens, the effort is constantly improving. Into the static is to enter the qigong state we usually call.

In this state, the practitioners have a mindfulness, a chaotic chaos, and no distinction. There is no difference.

Taoism called it a guardian, and the Buddha called it empty.

There is a section in Laozi’s Tao Te Ching that describes this state: “The Tao is the object, but it is the blasphemy. Hey, there are elephants, 恍兮惚兮, there are things,…” Two words, very knowledgeable, have been explained by many scholars.

Mr. Nan Huaiqi believes: “Yu refers to the realm of the heart and the light. We don’t have to use cumbersome exegesis to explain these two words. Just by the glyph, we can see that you are adding a light word to the heart, and you are next to you. Adding a flickering word means that the heart is bright, floating and comfortable, and it’s not a big one, it’s not fainting.”

There are two points to note here. The first is that the state of being quiet is 恍兮惚兮, there is no distinction, there is no difference, that is, nothing is wanted, everything is put down, and no logical thinking is needed.

Secondly, in the state of jealousy, JL is naturally bright and natural and lively, which means that there are images and there are things. This kind of interior is the result of a certain degree of practice, the natural gas of the heavens and the earth acts on the inside of the person.

What is the role of the state of calming? First of all, it is very beneficial to the body function, so that the balance of yin and yang, the meridian dredge;

What’s more important is that the air machine can be launched in the static state, and the infuriating energy can be produced.

The man’s lower dantian is like a melting pot, and only when it is quiet can it be a blazing flame:

Also like a steamer, only when it is quiet can it cause boiling.

For beginners, achieving the goal of calming must overcome various distractions.

According to legend, Lu Dongbin, a deified god in the Tang Dynasty, once said: “The world is selling ink, and the flying sword takes the head.

I heard it. There are three swords: one broken trouble, two broken greed, three broken desires, is my sword. ”

What he said is not the real sword, but the power of the sword, the sword, the will and the wisdom.

In a secular society. Everyone is inevitably not tired of all kinds of troubles, greed, lust, and suffering for the seven passions. This is all kinds of distractions.

I don’t think it is normal life, but once I sit down and close my eyes, the distracting thoughts are like a wild horse that is difficult to build. Then, the practitioner must use the power of the will to continually eliminate distractions and eventually tame the wild horse.

The process of taming this wild horse is also the process of growing up and the process of physical health.

Many practitioners lamented the difficulty of entering the city. In fact, this means that there is still a lot of dust on his heart mirror. You must use the power of the will to wipe it, and use the Huijian to smash the heart.

I. The sign of static

What kind of state can be considered static?

It is more difficult to clearly explain this point, because each person’s physical state and skill level are different, so each person’s experience must be different, but in general, there are some common signs.


Practice work in a person’s sleeping and waking state, but it is not sleeping, normal thinking is stopped, the only line Ling Yao Ming alone.

In other words, thinking is at the stage of feeling. Although the external object feels even the sound of the embroidery needle can be heard, but it is only feeling that there is no logical thinking, the level is like a mirror, and it is not turbulent.

If the practitioner feels that he is disappearing, and the roof is one, it is the higher stage of the quiet.

Respiratory aspect

The practitioner almost forgot to breathe. At this time, the breathing is deeper than usual, slower, more uniform, and finer, like a silk thread, not loose or tight, not broken.

Sometimes the practitioner feels that the rest stops, there is fetal interest, that is, the person’s navel breath; or skin breathing, the skin has a cool feeling when inhaling, and there is a sense of heat when exhaling. In either case, it is not the result of deliberate pursuit.

Everything goes with the flow.

Somatosensory aspect

The most important aspect of somatosensory is the sense of gas.

The practitioners can feel a gas field around the whole body, and the infuriating atmosphere and the spirit of the heavens and the earth are integrated into one another.

Continue to practice, the practitioners feel that the body expands indefinitely until it disappears. Some feel that the blood is transpiration, the Dantian part is really pulsating, rolling, flowing, the body is hot, and the light is shining.

Or feel the body lightly rising into the sky, or the body sinking deep into the ground.

Deep consciousness

When entering the deeper level, there will always be various scenes in the Tianmu point.

If you see the gods, such as smelling insects, birds, strange smells, beautiful people like painting, a variety of mountains and rivers, pavilions and pavilions are as vivid as before.

These are called magic scenes; practitioners must hold their minds, turn a blind eye, listen to them, and keep their minds from waves.

2. Static posture

Static work is mainly in a sitting position, and of course includes a prone position.

However, the prone position is only used when the practitioner’s body is too weak, and it can’t be used. Generally, people use the sitting posture to practice as much as possible.

Sitting in the form of sitting, loose disc, single disc and double disc. These poses also reflect the difference in kung fu.

It is advisable for beginners to sit in a flat position, so that the limbs are comfortable and uncompressed, which is conducive to calming.

As kung fu deepens, practitioners must gradually transition to cross-legged, especially when entering high-level methods.

It is necessary to work hard in double-disc.

Because the biggest advantage of this posture is to retract the mind, and the lower plate is inherently conducive to the air machine to start in the body, and once the gas is full.

The strong resistance of the lower plate is also conducive to the strength of the exercise. Regardless of the posture, the most important principle is to relax naturally and relax the body to facilitate the calm.

Relaxation is not loose, but the vertical spine is required. The whole body’s flesh is relaxed, and it is calm and not stiff. Taijiquan has a noun called “virtual spirits”, and the head stays on the top, and the spine naturally goes straight.

However, it is impossible for a beginner to pay too much attention, otherwise it will cause tension.

In fact, as long as you keep in mind to relax, then always pay attention to adjust the tension of the body, keep the whole body comfortable.

Three. The method of entering the static

Breathing method

Breathing into the static method, also known as the interest rate method, that is, the idea is concentrated on the breathing, with the breathing up and down, in order to achieve a method of reading the world. For beginners, breathing into the static method is a convenient method.

Breathing in can only pay attention to inhalation, and exhalation does not care to follow, you can also pay attention only to exhale, do not pay attention to inhalation, or go up and down with breathing.

The practitioners have a certain foundation, and the whole body meridian has been unblocked, and can be applied to the whole body skin.

Use the pores of the skin to suck into the spirit of the heavens and the universe, exhale the disease of the whole body, turbidity, and use this idea to breathe for a while.

Then relax, do not want anything, breathe naturally, keep your mind blank and your body is relaxed and comfortable.

Once the distracting thoughts come up, use the skin breathing method to discharge the distracting thoughts, so that you can gradually enter the deep level of statics.

Keeping people quiet

This is the most commonly used method of entering the static. The acupoints that are intended to be guarded mainly include upper, middle and lower Dantian, perineum, life gate and Yongquan.

The advantage of the law-abiding method is that it is easy to gather gas and get gas faster, but the disadvantage is that the fire is not easy to grasp.

The so-called heat refers to the degree of lightness and weight of the acupoints. General requirements are like defensive, gently care, don’t forget to help, or let go when exhaling, or let go when inhaling.

Don’t hold on to it, otherwise there will be yang stagnation and qi stagnation, causing discomfort in all aspects of the body, especially dizziness.

Intention to acupoints, generally intends to keep the next dantian as a general (the bottom of the navel is five inches), because the lower Dantian is the sea of ​​true air, generally practicing Zhou Tiangong is more than intended to keep Dantian.

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It is best to cooperate with the point of view – the sense of static method

After practicing for a period of time, the meridians of the whole body have been ventilated, and various feelings appear in the body.

Buddhism has the saying of “eight touches”, that is, moving, itching, light, heavy, cool, hot, sturdy and slippery.

In fact, the feeling in the body is more than “eight touches.” Everyone’s feelings are not exactly the same.

In summary, the most important feeling is the feeling of infuriating in the body, such as the flow of infuriating, swaying, jumping, and the feeling of vibrating (like the feeling of power) and the sense of gas in the body ventilation. The heat of the infuriating hair.

In short, the practitioners can experience these feelings in detail, carefully search for these feelings throughout the body, and unwittingly exclude all kinds of distractions, thus achieving the purpose of static.

In the author’s experience, the effect of the physical sensation is better. In this aspect, the static method is relatively easy, does not bring any abuse, or causes tension.

On the one hand, this method can improve the introspection skills, laying the foundation for future ideas and some high functions.


Each sect has a corresponding mouth, and meditation is a good way to help calm down.

The language itself has a suggestive role, especially the word of mouth passed down from generation to generation. After being taught by various generations of masters, it has special information and incredible power.

4. Taoist static work method

The Taoist tradition of the Inner Mongolian cultivation of the foundation method, the “Static Work Law” and the “Turning Law”, is taken from the monograph of Tian Chengyang. Building a foundation is the beginning of Taoist cultivation.

Just like building a house with a good angle, it is necessary to lay the foundation first, in order to complete the construction, so it is called “building foundation.”

If the foundation is strong, the house can be built to be stable and tall. If you want to strengthen your body, you must first strengthen your body, then enrich the element, and then repair it to a deep level before you have sufficient protection.

Therefore, building the foundation exercises is the key to the cultivation of Nedan, which is directly related to the level of revision in the future. It is very important.

The foundation building method is usually said to be “100 days of building a foundation” and “a hundred days of meritorious service.” It means that it takes a hundred days for the city to complete the foundation work.

But only for the general situation, with the physical and savvy (understanding ability) of each person and the influence of environmental factors, it may not be one hundred days, or two months, four months or one year.

As far as the average person learns, as a practical consideration of the cultivation foundation, this kind of effort can be carried out for one hundred days as a guarantee, and generally can achieve the expected effect of building a foundation.

Five. Static work always says

Taoism practiced the foundation law, starting from the beginning. In fact, every little effort in the cultivation process is inseparable from the role of static work.

Whether it is the beginning, the last hand, or the various aspects of the process, each of the different levels and different aspects of the same level, static power is playing a leading role.

Therefore, Taoism can also be called static work. Static work is the most basic thing in Taoist practice.

In qigong, it is a high-level practice. The difference between the level of Nedan and Qigong is another.

Six . The way to work

1. The external action of Jinggong is practiced by Taoism. In the final analysis, it is necessary to cultivate the inner essence, the scorpion and the gods. Therefore, the external posture movement is not important.

Just seeking to be able to achieve the integrity of the head ridge, comfortable and natural, is the biggest principle. It is also necessary to take a sit-down, stand-up or horizontal style, or take a walk.

The main points of various postures are as follows:

Sitting type, you can sit on the bench, the calf is perpendicular to the ground, or crossover;

You can also sit on the bed with your legs crossed. If you have difficulty sitting on the plate, you can put a pillow under the seat.

The two hands are stacked, and the thumbs are held in the shape of a Taiji figure. They can be placed in Dantian, or you can caress your knees.

Standing, standing naturally, knees slightly bent, stacked with both hands in Dantian, or hanging on the side of the body.

Horizontal, generally lying on the side, a hand-curved pillow, the thumb and the index finger are separated, the ear is placed at the tiger’s mouth to open the deafness; the other hand is placed on the sputum, or placed in Dantian;

The legs are also in a stretched position, just the opposite of the two hands.

When you are walking, you should choose to be in a place where people are less quiet, in a park or a larger courtyard, without other disturbances, and the roads are relatively flat.

Slowly move, like a cloud. When you are walking, you can use the listening method in the static work, but do not close your eyes. After choosing a gesture, start practicing.

For the outside action, the main points of the repair are as follows:

Relax your body and relax your body no matter what posture you take.

This relaxation is not a soft one. It is necessary to keep the ridge of the head straight to facilitate the smooth flow of the meridians;

But don’t become stiff, become rigid and rigid, but not conducive to relaxation, but also hinder the smooth flow of the meridians.

Relaxation requires first to sink your shoulders. The average person is usually not physically aware of his physical and mental stress, and his movements do not meet the requirements for relaxation;

Now we do the cultivation of martial arts, first adjust from the action, and naturally we can enter a state of relaxation.

The eyes are closed, and the drape is the meaning of micro-closed. Why do you need to close your eyes, because it is easy to breed distracting thoughts when you open your eyes, and it is easy to fall asleep when you close them all, which is not conducive to practice.

The mouth when the micro-closed is the “three closed seven”, that is, three points and seven points. The specific practice has always been oral. In this case, it is clear that the eyelids are drooping, so that the things in front of them can not be distinguished.

The top of the tongue is squatting, and it is the mouth. The Dan Su is also known as the “plug”, that is, the mouth is combined with the teeth. The practice of squatting on the top of the tongue is also a secret pass. It is necessary to rewind the tip of the tongue to the top of the tip of the tongue to the upper jaw.

Because there are two small nests on the top of the person, it is called “Tianchi Point”, and the upper mud pill is the most leaky. Therefore, practice must be blocked as a baby is breastfeeding.

Naturally, the nose is natural, but it is not too short. As the degree of static work is broken, the nasal breath should be gradually deep, long, uniform, fine, and microscopic.

The two hands hold the shackles and the two hands are shackled. The Taoist family calls it “Taiji Bagua yin and yang shackles”, also known as “Taiji 诀”. This is the secret of the masters and apprentices in the past, so the world is unknown.

At this moment, the man holds his right hand in his left hand and the left hand in the right hand of the woman.

Because the man’s left is yang, the woman’s right hand is yang, so the male hand is outside, and the yin hand is inside. The cross of the palm of the outside hand is the shape of a “taiji figure.”

So embracing, the yin and yang of the person are naturally connected. After a while, both hands feel hot and swell, which is wonderful, that is, the effect of the two gas connection.

VII. The inner law of static power

Listening. The purpose of static work is to calm down. The meaning of quietness means that the mind and body are quiet.

In order to meet the requirements of entering the static, we must first remove all distractions, which is the most important principle of the static foundation.

But people’s habits, the brain is always thinking about the problem, even if you sleep, you will dream, it is difficult to do it once it stops.

In order to achieve the purpose of calming, the ancient Taoist monks created many methods, such as listening to the atmosphere, sitting forgotten, keeping one, counting and so on.

In comparison, in the “Xin Zhai” that Taoist Zhuangzi said, the “listening to the air” method is the best.

The so-called “hearing” is to listen to your own breathing. As we said before, static work requires natural breathing.

The method of listening to the hearing is to listen to both ears, that is, to disturb all the interference in the world, such as entering the eternal silence, to listen to your breathing. Initially, only use the ear to listen, without any idea.

Note: The so-called “hearing” requires both ears to listen inside, as if listening to the sound of breathing in and out. However, breathing in and out, originally required to be silent. The meaning of “hearing” is to ask for its own attention and concentrate on calming;

It’s not the death of the deaf, nor the sound of breathing. The meaning of “listening” is to concentrate on the meaning of the spirit. As long as you follow the route of one call and one suck, you can slowly listen to it, and this is right.

As for the speed, thickness, depth, length, and length of breathing, you must change naturally. Do not use your mind to force control.

After hearing it, the minds were interdependent, there was no distracting thoughts, and even the breathing did not seem to exist, and gradually reached the realm of “into the silence.”

The method of sightseeing “sightseeing” is the cultivation method of the Taoist secrets, and it is secretly taught by the masters and the disciples. The role of sightseeing is to refine the sex. The nature of our people, originally a vain light, came from the universe before the next life. Therefore, the fundamental method of refining at this time is called sexual work.

Some people think that the “sex” work that Taoism said is justified. Without the effort, it is the reason why the teacher did not teach the sex. The root of sex lies in one of the two eyebrows. This is from the time before my birth, and is therefore called “the ancestors.”

At the beginning, sit quietly for a while, using the “hearing” method mentioned above. After the mind and body are quiet, the two eyes will be seen, and they will stop before the “ancestor”. This “before the ancestors”, not in the body, and not leaving the body, is about one inch and two minutes in front of the eyes.

Note: The method of “viewing the ancestors” is to gather their own meta. When the Yuan gathers, it will naturally see the light.

But this realm is natural, and it cannot be pursued; if it is pursued, it will also see the light, but it is a illusion, not true.

Many people who practice qigong often enter the magical environment and are not aware of it. It is really a bad thing, and it is a thousand miles away.

It is necessary to use the meaning of “if there is nothing, it seems to be non-seeing”, and it is unintentional and unintentional, and it cannot be unintentional. Naturally, this is right. When the mind is placed in the “ancestor”, you will have your own sexual light.

At the beginning, it’s a little bit drifting, its light is weak, don’t worry about 100 million yuan;

At first, it seems to come from the outside. After discovering it, at this time, the mind is slightly taken over, and it is condensed, that is, in the light of white light, this is the work of gathering;

After that, they gradually condensed into pieces, and the pieces came from the outside, slowly gathered together;

Then it is time to gather, it is difficult to fix; if ignorance finally becomes one, and there is no fluctuation, so true gathering, and we have entered a big silence.

Light is sexual performance, and sightseeing is the gathering of arrogance.

The light dispersion is scattered, the light gathering is the gathering, the light is fixed, the light is full, and the roundness is round.

Wang Chongyang’s founder first described its shape: “The round totem, the light is burning.”

The round person is saying that it has no irregular shape, and the scorch is that it has no black holes, so that it can reach the highest level of “sexual light”.

Entering this realm, life and death can be. But if it is not in-depth, and it has great merits, it will not be possible.

The martial arts of sightseeing, although it is not “viewing”, everything is natural. The cultivation of this work must be carried out step by step, from light to light, from weak to light, from wave to light, from film to light.

Some people have been practicing for many days, their eyes are dark, and they have never seen the light, so they cannot pursue it.

Note: As mentioned above, the words “hearing” and “sightseeing”. Although it seems to be true, it is inaction; inaction, everything is done.

Although I listened to it, I didn’t listen to it. Listening to interestlessness, listening to nothing;

There is no light for sightseeing, no view of light. The interestless interest is called the true interest; the light of no light is called the true light. Obtaining the truth