Instrument age

  In the morning, Mr. S opened his eyes and the earphone device on the pillow said softly: “Good morning. The quality of your sleep last night was very good. Please start your work today with great spirits.”

  This small earphone is connected to the “sleep tester” in Mr. S’s pillow, which accurately analyzes Mr. S’s sleep quality. If Mr. S has insufficient sleep time or poor sleep quality, the “sleep tester” will prompt him to pay attention to rest or how to use the medicine.

  Mr. S was happily dressed and got out of bed, thinking: “It’s a convenient time. The former people must have thought about life so convenient.”

  Mr. S began to wash, he put the “oral tester” into his mouth, and after 5 seconds, the earphone said: “Your mouth is very healthy. There is no dental caries and the pH is moderate.” After washing his face, Mr. S started using “hair.” Check the instrument” comb. The “hair checker” will tell Mr. S when to wash his hair, which shampoo is best. After combing the hair, Mr. S walked to the toilet. The “excretion analyzer” on the toilet can analyze Mr. S’s stomach and remind him how to pay attention to the diet and whether he needs medication.

  Mr. S finished his wash and used breakfast with his wife. At this moment, a soft voice came from the ear: “Coffee can have a drink. Please drink another glass of milk. The cheese is coming back…” This is the “nutrition analyzer” on the ceiling that accurately calculates the nutrition of the breakfast. The instructions passed through the headphones after the ingredients. Mr. S strictly enforces the commands in the headset as usual. In this way, he will not be too fat, nor too thin, to ensure good health and energy.

  Mr. S used a balanced breakfast and was ready to go out to work. He wiped the shoes with the “electric shoe-cleaning device” and used the “tie selection instrument” to select a tie that matched the weather and clothes of the day. Then, he opened the “Drowstrapping Four Prevention Instrument” and confirmed whether he forgot to bring something.

  Everything was stopped and Mr. S was ready to go out. At this time, the lady said to him: “The ‘invoice saver’ at home is broken. You can send it to the company on the way to the company to repair it.” “Invoice Saver” can save all the invoices of the home in different categories. Since the convenience of this instrument, Mr. S has never happened to return or exchange goods because he cannot find an invoice.

  Mr. S took the “invoice saver” and the lady said: “Yes, the ‘closed door confirmation instrument’ sent to the repair yesterday should be repaired this afternoon. Don’t forget to come back when you get off work.” “Close the door confirmation instrument” Being able to remind Mr. S if his door is closed before going out or sleeping. Thanks to this “closed door confirmation device”, Mr. S no longer needs to come up in the middle of the night to see if the door is closed.

  After sending away Mr. S, the wife began to use the “Universal Fault Detector” to detect all the instruments in the house. If any of the instruments were faulty, Mr. S was sent to repair on the way to work the next day. Thanks to these instruments, life has become so convenient. Therefore, if there is something wrong with the instrument, it must be sent to repair as soon as possible, otherwise life will definitely be a mess. In fact, these instruments were originally complicated in structure and well-made. They were guaranteed to be repaired within three years of purchase. This is true. But until now, many instruments in the home have been used for more than 5 years, and over time, there are already more than 1,000 instruments in the home, so one or two instruments need to be repaired every day.

  At this moment, Mr. S is walking on the way to work in the spring breeze. His armpit is holding the “invoice saver” that needs to be repaired. The “traffic condition report meter” in the ear is telling him the road condition information on his way to work. Mr. S’s face could not help but show a smug smile: “It’s a convenient time. The former people must have thought about life so convenient.”