Jordan is a desert country with a relatively scarce resource. In order to alleviate domestic power supply pressure, in 2008, Jordan decided to build the first national nuclear power plant and issued a tender proposal to more than 20 countries and companies around the world.

  A few months later, the Jordanian National Nuclear Power Plant Formation Committee received more than 30 tender proposals. After careful review, comparison and analysis, five companies were shortlisted, one American company, one Chinese company, one Belgian company and two Japanese companies.

  The five companies, the engineering design is similar, the quotations are very close, all around $3.5 billion. It seems that no matter which company wants to stand out, it is not an easy task.

  In order to increase their chances of winning, companies have launched new initiatives. The first response was the US company, which hired two Nobel Prize winners in physics as general counsel. Immediately afterwards, the two Japanese companies shook hands and agreed, and the two chiefs jointly drafted a new tender proposal to participate in the tender in the name of a group. After the Chinese company was not willing to do so, it sent a large “public relations group” to Jordan. The head and deputy heads were the same classmates of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Tukan when he was studying abroad.

  Only Belgian companies are quiet, they have only had several routine negotiations with the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission. It is said that in the negotiations, the Belgian company raised the offer by another $50 million. After the Chinese, American, and Japanese companies knew it, they felt incredible. They all said that the news might be misinformed. This time also raises the price? Unless the business doesn’t want to do it!

  Two months later, Chinese companies were first eliminated. The chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, Tucan, apologized to his two heads of classmates: “Thank you very much for your gifts and dinners, which will increase our personal feelings, but work is another matter.”

  Then it was the American company that was eliminated. According to the Jordanian side, the construction of nuclear power plants is no longer a cutting-edge technology. How much can the Nobel Prize winners in physics play a role? We don’t want flashy things.

  Japanese companies are the most proud, they are full of ambitions, and some people have begun planning to hold a celebration party.

  However, the company that won the bid was actually a Belgian company. On September 12, 2009, Jordan officially signed a contract with a Belgian company. What made Japanese companies even more surprised was that the total offer of Belgian companies was as high as $3.55 billion, which was $670 million higher than the price quoted by Japanese companies.

  Someone can’t help but ask: Why is the Belgian company successful in bidding?

  The Belgian company explained this: The nuclear power plant is planned to be built in the desert and will not occupy Jordan’s already limited land resources. This extra $67 million is mainly used for greening around nuclear power plants. Including transplanting a large number of tall golden pines and redwoods, building a green corridor leading to Aqaba, planting a number of drought-resistant and valuable flowers and plants. In addition, they will also transport 10% of the lake bottom mud from Belgium to Jordan for free as a base fertilizer for plant growth. The completed nuclear power plant will be a garden of colorful flowers and flowers.

  It turns out that Jordan is a desert country and 4/5 of the country is desert. Therefore, Jordanians have an unusually strong desire for greening and environmental protection. The success of Belgian companies stems from their insight into human nature.

  The Jordanians say this: They think so carefully, we have reason to believe that they can do better!

  It seems that in the increasingly fierce international competition, sometimes, it is not only technology and management, but also the understanding of humanity and humanity.

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