Humanized American insurance company

  It can be said that people living in the United States do not deal with insurance companies. In the United States for many years, I have inevitably dealt with the insurance company several times, and I feel that the US insurance claims service is very user-friendly.

  One night, our new car was parked on the side of the road at the door. The next morning I got up and saw the broken glass on the floor. We found that there was only a small piece left in the glass of the right door of the car. But I don’t know why, the car’s alarm system did not sound, it seems to be a professional car thief. Fortunately, although the trunk including the trunk was turned over, we didn’t lose anything because we never put anything of value in the car.

  The husband tried to call the insurance company and tell them about our experience. The insurance company’s staff told us on the phone that we can contact any manufacturer for repairs, pay only $50, and the rest of the money will be paid by them. So, my husband and I found a nearby repair shop that sold original glass. After waiting for less than an hour, I got the repaired car, which was almost exactly the same as when it was shipped. When I uneasily took out $50 and told the cashier of the repair shop that “other money is going to the insurance company,” the staff left us the car without saying anything.

  Later, I ran a special repair shop and asked if the insurance company paid the balance as agreed. The cashier said to me with a smile: “I have already paid it, don’t worry.”

  What we didn’t think of was that once the husband cut the grass, he accidentally let the flying stones break the window glass. We just contacted the insurance company with a try. I didn’t expect them to just listen to me. The sentence “The window glass was accidentally broken” immediately agreed to the claim, and I prepared a stomach rhetoric so hard to be blocked in the throat.

  Later, we passed on our experience to relatives and friends. Many of them benefited because most people, like us, thought that the insurance company would only be responsible for the claim when the insured had a car accident. From this we conclude that if you encounter an accident, don’t admit that you are unlucky. You should actively contact the insurance company, and you may find an accident.

  In addition to dealing with insurance companies, we also deal with insurance companies because of renting houses.

  That spring, Washington State suffered a typhoon that was once in a few decades. The roofs of many families have been overturned, and the trees of dozens of years have been uprooted. There are countless fallen poles (the Seattle poles are actually made of wood), and the city is interrupted by electricity. In an hour, not to mention the suburbs, it is said that power outages in some places lasted for two weeks.

  In fact, a few years ago we had to plan ahead, worrying that several old trees in the yard would fall down and press the house, and deliberately asked the logging company to cut it for us. Unexpectedly, this time the wind blew down a big tree in the neighbor’s yard and collapsed some of our roofs. Fortunately, the place where the tree fell was just above the garage, and there was a distance from the home. In addition, there was a telephone line that blocked the slight drop of the tree with elastic resistance. Therefore, when the tree fell on the kitchen eaves, it was on the roof. The damage is not serious.

  After checking the scene, we called the insurance company and found it difficult to score. Probably because this sudden disaster has really hurt too many families, and almost everyone called the insurance company in the first time. The insurance company office is very close to our home. We simply did not call the phone and went directly to the office to find a staff member. Because there are too many people claiming compensation, and the staff is not enough, the manager of the office personally came out to receive us. I casually said, “The phone is too difficult to play.” The manager immediately apologized to us, saying that it was because too many people suffered losses, and the operator’s voice was swollen. The manager is still answering the phone while inputting the information to us. After listening to our narrative, she told us that we can handle it ourselves and they will pay for it later. I asked her: “You don’t have to send someone to the scene to see? Don’t worry about us ‘lieting the military’?” She shook her head: “We fully believe in customers.”

  Since it was handled by myself, my husband and I came home and found a tool to open. We first jack up the trunk with a jack, then saw it with a saw, and then remove the block. After half a day, we have finished processing. Of course, I still take pictures from multiple angles before I deal with it. I am afraid that if the insurance company is in charge, we have a good evidence.

  It took about two weeks for the insurance company to send someone to check it out. The comers listened to our narratives, looked at the place where the house was crushed, and asked how we handled it. “We are the tree we saw ourselves.” I told him. “Then we will be responsible for paying the money for your sawing trees.” Then he asked if there was any power interruption, and I honestly replied that I didn’t know. “Then it will pay for the loss of food in your refrigerator.” He recorded and smiled and said to me.

  Less than a week after the staff returned, we received a compensation check from the insurance company, and we were fully satisfied with the amount they paid – much more than we expected.