It was a beautiful day, the trees were covered with trees, and people gathered under the trees to listen to the speech of Mayor Kryger. This was a ceremony for the completion of the monument to the fallen soldiers of World War II. Therefore, people from all over the city came. Occasionally, someone swayed the commemorative program in his hand to run the flies. The branches in the gentle breeze trembled slightly. Besides, there was nothing else to disturb the solemnity and quietness of the moment.

  Sitting next to the mayor at the floor was the US Navy Colonel Charles Dilling. The azaleas are mixed with the aroma of the earth, and they are drunk like a strange anesthetic around him. His battleship was the last to leave the occupied waters of the Pacific Ocean, until he seemed to still breathe the unique freshness of the sea. The roar of the naval plane that sent him to the ceremony suddenly disappeared from his ear. He first heard the birds’ groan, and they seemed to play background music for the mayor’s speech. He went home again.

  Colonel Dilling remembers that there have been days like this, with the same soft voice and the same sweet aroma. That day, his boat was finished. At the time, he was 15 years old, tall and thin, and his hair was unkempt. Even the call of the sea resonated in his heart. It wasn’t an ordinary boat. In four months, he had the boat model of the three-masted schooner style when he had time. He formed the ribs with a razor blade, glued it into place, and then put the proportioned winch and The tethers are fixed to a smooth deck. On a day like today, in the corner of his father’s garage, he carefully stroked the newly finished varnished hull and knew that the boat was finally finished.

  He stood for a while and enjoyed the exhilarating beauty of the boat: a neat white sail, a tightly-twisted cable, and a slender, smooth and elegant curve. He was so excited inside that every nerve in his body seemed to tremble. This is really a fascinating masterpiece, worthy of every moment he has been busy for 4 months. He suddenly turned and rushed out of the garage and ran along the gravel path to the house. His happiness must be shared with one person. He grabbed the phone and called Ruth, no—they heard her soft voice on the phone: “Hey?”

  ”Completed! All done!”

  ”Oh, is it? Great, Charlie.” Her voice was cold and not very interesting.

  ”Come on,” he said. “It’s so beautiful, I want you to see.”

  She hesitated – next: “I have a date with Sam, we will go there later.”

  He hung up the phone and stared at the wall, feeling for the first time what happened. Ruth was his girlfriend four months ago, but since he was busy doing the boat, Sam inserted it. In the past few months, Sam took her to the youth ball to dance, go for a picnic, and went to the Farrell grocery store to buy juice to watch movies. Just as Charlie was doing the boat, Ruth and he had gradually drifted away.

  Sam drove Ruth on invitation. “This boat is really beautiful, Charlie.” She looked at the boat and said.

  Then her full red lips seemed to be closed. She looks beautiful, the sky-blue print dress is matched with her blue eyes, and the hair is elegantly combed behind her ears.

  Sam put his hands in his jacket pocket and said, “Well, Charlie, but can this boat go into the water?”

  He really wanted to rush to mess up Sam’s shiny hair, but he still held back. He expected that they would raise this question. When he was waiting for them, he had already put on his swimming trunks and sweatshirt and said, “I drove me to the river. I will let you see if this boat can go.”

  He grabbed the boat firmly, climbed down the steep bank, and soon fell to the waist-deep river. Then he gently put the boat into the river and watched it draught to the freeboard, and the breeze gently whipped up its bright white sail. The boat was on the starboard side: the direction was gracefully docked, then quickly headed forward, both noble and beautiful. He turned and saw Ruth sitting on the bank of the river, and Sam stood next to her. A warm smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.
  The boat has traveled 6 meters and is approaching the rushing water. It is time to swim back and take it back. Once it encounters the rapids, it will be caught in the river. He stood firm on a rock and prepared to plung into the river, when he heard a scream from behind him, followed by a splash of water. It was Ruth, who fell into the river from the shore.

  He was stunned and saw Ruth struggling to get up from the slippery rock, but he fell again. He knew that she would not drown, and the water there was not so deep. Her hair hangs wet and dripping, and her wet skirt sets off her slim figure. She was embarrassed, and she was lost in a dilemma. He saw the rushing look of help in her eyes, then he glanced up and saw Sam bending over the river bank and shouting Ruth. Sam obviously won’t forget that he is wearing new clothes. Boat! He turned suddenly and saw the boat slanting sharply in the whirlpool, and soon it would be rolled in and sank into the river. He knows that he must make a quick decision, which will be the most important decision in his life…

  Mayor Kryke’s speech interrupted his thoughts and he returned to the bench in the park. The mayor said: “This moment is dedicated to those who have died for the country’s heroic courage, but we must remember those heroes who have received God’s triumph.”

  Colonel Dilling was moving around in his chair, a bit uncomfortable. The speech of Mayor Kryger is coming to an end and he will be introduced soon. For a little while, he knew he would rather hide. Yes, he has experienced many battles, but the reporters have also inevitably exaggerated his credit.

  The mayor went on to say: “So, it is only appropriate to let Charles Dilling come to the beautiful monument. The colorful medal he wears can remind us that he can always take the trouble back to his ship. ferry.”

  He stood up in cheers and applause. The sun shines through the leaves, and a mottled pattern appears on his thin, bronzed face. He saw Ruth standing alone on the edge of the crowd, and the gentle blue eyes stared at him intently. She is still so beautiful, just like the day I fell into the river. He saw her tapping her lips with her fingertips, and then gave him a kiss, and there was a burst of pride in his heart. He knew that he had just received another honor. It was not a medal that would not be on military uniforms, but something that would be treasured forever. It was the first force for him, a ship that he had not brought back, and he was awarded. This award is especially important from his wife.