Fictional rain and the end of the world

   In recent days, Shanghai has been immersed in the rain. I went to Beijing once in the middle. After two or three days, I came back and walked out of the airport. It was still a huge rain that enveloped Shanghai under the sun.

   The world became quiet in the huge rain, became lonely, became lonely, turned into a sad planet, slowly spinning.

  met you

   I started dating in the age of my students, and I was in a different place with my partner. At that time, we were all students, no mobile phones, no paging, just an appointment on the phone one day in advance, where are you waiting for you the next day. So you laughed on the phone and said, um.

   You can always find each other. In thousands of people, countless indifferent, sad, boring, and ironic faces can accurately see your gentle smiles come alive in the distance.

   Later, I began to use the paging, began to use mobile phones, began to use a variety of communication tools to find each other, but more and more disappeared the patience to find and wait. I often don’t see me, you will call me, some impatient emotions in the voice, feed, where are you?

   At that time, we are the greatest wealth, squandering, and raising our shining face to the world and tiredness.

   In the end, it slowly became “Hey, you come directly to my house” or “Where are you, I call the driver to pick you up.” When the phone is hung up, the sky in Shanghai becomes a familiar gray-blue. The vast sea of ​​people fills every gap in the city. The light ignites and shines my eyes, or your eyes.

  the end of the world

   The future is so long, long enough for me to forget you, enough for me to re-force a person, just like I liked you.

   For such a long future, I started to have some fear. What are you thinking about?

   “I feel that my life is really short. We have little time left together. It took me 24 years to meet you in this life. Will it take so long in my next life? I don’t want to be jealous.”

   I don’t want it either. Then take me to the end of the infinite white world, walk side by side with you and spend our countdown love.

  Lonely and alone

   Alone and lonely are two words that are repeatedly distinguished in high school. At that time, I was always wrong about the titles of these two words. Now, sometimes I will go to the empty park alone, sometimes in the middle of the night, wearing a hat and scarf to walk the dog in full force. Sometimes I spend an afternoon reading a book on the balcony alone. The place is sad, these times, I am all alone, but I am not lonely at all.

   But sometimes, I go to the movies alone, and I buy a lot of clothes by myself until I can’t walk the big and small bags. I also go to the haircut and go to a Japanese restaurant. Sushi, one person ran to listen to a concert that I always wanted to hear. These times, I am alone, but it is also very lonely.

   But more often, I am not alone, but also lonely. Singing songs with everyone, talking and laughing, chatting about the sky, suddenly remembered you. Then I will shrink into the corner and start to be alone and lonely.