Eye of love

  The 50-year-old Marcelo Bratke is an internationally renowned piano master. He has held at least 1,000 piano concerts in famous concert halls around the world, but no listeners or even musicians know that Marcelo is actually a blind person! His wife has been with him for 25 years while keeping this secret.

  My blind son is a piano genius

  In 1960, Marcello was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The parents, who were filled with joy because of the arrival of their son, soon discovered that their son had congenital cataracts and strabismus. When Marcelo grew up, his parents took the risk to send him to eye surgery, and he suddenly fell into a coma on the operating table. The mother waiting outside the operating room cried and asked the doctor to stop the operation immediately – even though it might leave the son with sequelae. Marcelo eventually survived, but since then his right eye has almost completely lost sight, and the left eye can only see blurred objects. In medicine, people like Marcelo are considered blind. But his parents believe that the integration of a healthy person’s life is better for the child’s growth, so they sent the young son to an ordinary school for education and told him: “Every child is like this.” This practice forced Marcelo to Learn to live independently in the dark, and learn to behave like a child with normal vision.

  When Marcello was 14 years old, his parents divorced and he lived with his father from then on. The father who loves music bought an old piano. One day, Marcelo sat in front of the piano, groping his fingers with his fingers, trying to remember Chopin’s repertoire by memory—before he had listened to his father playing it one or two times. The father on the side was stunned and suddenly realized that “my son is a genius.”

  Although it was a bit late to learn piano at the age of Marcello, the father immediately went to the teacher to train him in vocal music. Marcello is like a sponge that can play any note he hears and groped for the keys. Before that, he could only distinguish the world through sound and smell, and now the door to the music world is open to him.

  She is so perfect

  At the age of 18, the well-known “genius piano boy” Marcello met 14-year-old Marianne Nita. It was in a restaurant, he was sitting by the window, a girl came over, and asked him for contact after introducing himself. A few days later, his home phone rang – the girl actually called. What surprised Marcelo was that she not only had a sweet voice, but also a very intelligent brain – Marian’s unique insight into music made Marcelo very surprised. He decided to see this girl again.

  This time he brought his cousin to his own “eyes” and the date went smoothly. Sitting in the car home, Marcelo couldn’t wait to ask her cousin: “What does she look like? Okay?” “Hey! She’s not just ‘okay’, it’s perfect!” The cousin simply didn’t dare I believe that the cousin who could hardly see anything actually “kicked” a beautiful girl in the restaurant.

  In the interaction, Marianne felt that Marcelo’s vision did not seem to be very good, but she knew little about what was going on. In Pakistan, young people can be opened when they are 18 years old. The family helped Marselot get an illegal driver’s license. Once, he carried Marianne on vacation, and on the way, Marianne suddenly asked Marcello: “With a score of 10, what is your love for me?” The first thought in Marcelo’s mind is “10” Minute”. But he didn’t want to say too high – in case Marianne gave him a lower score than he gave? “8 points.” He said. Hearing that the other party did not respond, he quickly added: “It is actually 8.5 points.” Marian smiled a little reluctantly: “Really? 8.5 points. I want to say the same with you – “like!” It started to be a little embarrassing. Marcelo didn’t know what to say next. In order to get rid of this feeling, he stepped on the gas pedal and the speed was faster. Suddenly, he heard a loud bang on the concrete – the car hit the pole. Marcelo felt blood flowing down her head, and at this moment, Marianne had become blood and lost consciousness… They were found directly after being found in the hospital, Marcello injured the skull and fingers, and Marianne lacked anesthesia in the local area. In the case, the wound on the body was stitched to 365 needles.

  After two full years, they were receiving various treatments. Numerous nights, Marcelo is almost crazy: if it is not he insisted on driving, it will not happen. Marianne was forced to consider whether to forgive the stubborn teenager – he almost killed himself. After the car accident, Marcelo fell into disrepair. From small to large, he had to face a dim world alone, no one could see his helplessness. Mary Ann is soft, she loves Marcello, and since things are over, let it pass. She wants to be with him.

  When Marcello was 21, he was admitted to the Juilliard School of Music. He went to New York. When he came to a strange country, his vision worsened. “I can’t see the words on the blackboard,” he recalls. “I don’t dare to admit that I can’t get on the subway because I can’t see the sign, so I can easily get lost.” A year later, almost nothing was learned in Marseille. Luo finally chose to drop out and then bought a ticket to Florence, Italy. Marian was studying art there. She kept secrets for him. She embraced his flaws. She was the only destination after his setbacks. .

  The days with my lover were calm and happy, when Marcelo thought that the days would continue. One day, Marianne got a call from her family and her father died in Milan. Marian’s cry made Marcelo – when he was helpless, he had never seen such a Marianne, and he said, “Know what to do.” During the time after the father’s funeral, Marianne was often silent. She used to have a good temper and began to get angry. For Marcelo, who is used to Marianne’s tolerance and patience, the lover in front of him is completely like a stranger. The two began to argue because of some small things, Marcelo vaguely felt that Marianne was experiencing tremendous pain, he should try to comfort her, instead of angering her with some trivial things, but he could not help. On a hot night, Marianne, who was overwhelmed, told Marcelo that she wanted to temporarily suspend their relationship and that she would take some time to calm her grief. That day, they have been together for five years.

  I want to be by your side forever.

  Love is the best motivation for art, and love is also lost. Separated from his lover, Marcelo put all his energy into the music. He achieved amazing achievements: he won the first place in the international piano competition and played in almost all the top venues in the world, becoming a true piano master. In terms of feelings, he persuaded himself to try to interact with other girls. In the process, he realized that he did not know how to love. When Marianne needed the most comfort, he was like a child who was not sensible, and asked for a response. The tired Marianne had to escape.

  In 1991, Marcelo moved to London to live. At the cocktail party, he actually heard the name of Marianne, who came to the city as an artist and was single. This news made Marcelo a bit embarrassing. For many years, he often asked himself: If he matured a little earlier, wouldn’t he still be together? He claimed that Marianne was an old friend of his own and asked her to come to her.

  I met in Brazil and broke up in Italy. After two years, the two met again in the UK. They have changed: time, frustration, years of life alone makes Marcelo independent, with a man’s responsibility; Marianne is still so gentle, the charm of a mature woman makes her more radiant. She had already been able to understand the reaction of Marcelo that year, when they were too young to understand what love is long-lasting patience and kindness. Now, although they have become different people from childhood, they have fallen in love again. soon. After that, “Whether the future is good or bad, it is difficult or happy, I will spend it with you. No matter what kind of life I am prepared to, I will always guard here.” For husband and wife.
  With the encouragement and companionship of his wife, Marcelo finally took the courage to face up to his problems and agreed to take the risk of another operation. The surgical procedure was exceptionally long for Marianne, who was outside the operating room. But she is convinced that her husband can have a better future.

  ”Ready?” Marian couldn’t control his own trembling voice. Marcelo took a deep breath and nodded. The bandage on his eyes was peeled off in a circle. “I saw a beautiful woman sitting next to me, pale skin, twisted hair, pale green eyes, looks like an angel! I have always loved the beautiful Marianne, but at that moment I only discovered that her appearance is so amazingly beautiful!” Marcelo recalled to the reporter the moment when the gauze was uncovered after the operation – after seeing Marianne for 25 years, he first saw her appearance. Marianne was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t attend the nurses, doctors, and husbands in the ward.

  After the recovery operation, Marianne continued to accompany Marcelo to perform in various countries. Once, on the flight from London to Frankfurt, Marianne suddenly grabbed Marcelo’s hand and once again raised the question 25 years ago: “With a score of 10, how much do you love me?” Marcelo stared softly at his wife and said firmly: “10 points!”