Eternal Love

  They are all surrounded by her bed and look depressed. The last moment is finally here. For each of them, she has played such an important role – mother, aunt, grandmother, friend and cousin. It is she who makes the lives of each of them different. Now they are all coming, full of sorrow, because she will leave them forever, leaving a vacancy that cannot be filled. How much happiness she has brought to them in the past! I will not be able to enjoy such happiness in the future. She seems to be involved in their lives with a magical magic, and in the future this magical magic will disappear forever, how can they not be sad?

  She opened her eyes with difficulty and slammed the people around her. She still has so much to say, so many things to do, memories of the years have flooded. She saw her son standing in front of him. He is now a strong and strong man, a father with two children. But as if he was a naughty little boy yesterday, he was running around in a noisy way. When he fell, he climbed up and his mouth was smiling with a naughty smile, just like his little daughter playing in the corner.

  She used to be a very difficult gimmick, and she lost her temper, fell on the plate, and cried and made trouble. Of course, she can’t come by sex now, because she already has a mischievous son. Oh, it’s really hard for her.

  She also saw her friend standing silently in the corner, and looked sad. How many times have they spent together in the past! They met each other as early as the girlhood, when there were no such children in the house. Those days are gone forever.

  And her nephew – a lovely young man. He sometimes looked down at his watch nervously. He may be worried that the lunch break is coming to an end. He has always been a responsible child.

  She tried to open her mouth – she wanted to tell her son that this was nothing, to raise her granddaughter like she raised him. She also wants to let her daughter do things to be focused, to be responsible; to call out the grandchildren who only care about playing, and then hug them. But she has no strength to do these things, only a low squeak from the throat. They immediately ran after they heard it and poured water on her. The niece grabbed her weak, wrinkled hand and stroked it. She reluctantly swallowed a few mouthfuls of water and nodded tiredly, indicating that they took the water away.

  She closed her eyes again and thought: nothing can save myself. Everything is coming to an end soon. After these loved ones spend a few days mourning her, their lives will continue as always, just as she has never been to the world. Life is really sad. She felt no strength at all. The niece is still licking her hand, which makes her feel particularly comfortable and can’t help but feel sleepy. I should be content, she thought, I have been to the world after all, to raise children to adults, they are very good. She also thought of a friend. This reminds her of the young age, what a nostalgic time! Who can imagine that such a weak old lady has done crazy things in the past. She thought that she was laughing in her heart. Ok, my mission has been completed, now it’s time to rest…


  The sudden intrusion of a strange old man who broke his mind broke the silence of the ward. He knocked on the door, dragged his heavy steps and moved in. He stopped and looked around for a week. Then he realized his abruptness and said, “I am sorry… this patient is called…?” He said her. name.

  Her tired friends and relatives looked at each other and showed a confused expression. Her son is about to go forward to ask, her friend has spoken.

  ”Yes.” Then nodded to her son, indicating that it didn’t matter.

  The son returned to his original position. Although he still had doubts in his heart, he did not stop the old man from seeing the aunt’s points.

  ”Excuse me, can I… look at her?” The old man was almost pleading.

  The son looked at the aunt and she nodded and agreed.

  The people reluctantly slowly gave the old man a way, and the old man stepped forward to the bed. A young man took the initiative to give him a seat.

  The old man held his hands on both sides of the armchair and sat down slowly, sighing softly.

  He has been watching her for the first time since coming in. He suddenly seemed to froze, stopping all movements, even breathing. His eyes were empty, and the soul seemed to be stunned by some distant memory in his mind, but he was always staring at her lying on the bed. His eyelids squinted from time to time, and the eyes that appeared were more sad, heavy and painful. He kept something on and off, his voice was low, and the outsiders could hardly hear.

  He stayed in that position and sat motionless, staring straight at her, never looking elsewhere. His face seems to tell a sad story, and that kind of grief can’t even be understood by himself. He falls into his inner world, but from time to time he gathers his attention on her, as if she is the only traction he has been looking for to get him back to this real world.

  The old man seemed to sit down forever, but eventually he took his eyes off and found that the old man’s eyes were red and swollen. He reached into his pocket and twitched and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, twirling something. Sometimes he stopped his pen and looked up at her, as if he could enter the world she was going to take with him, and then write. Finally finished, he put the pen in his pocket, carefully folded the note, looked up and looked at the crowd, and asked in an old, hoarse voice: “Can I give this note to her?”

  Some people began to wonder if he was mentally abnormal and wanted to oppose it. Her friend came out again.

  ”Yes. You should go,” she said firmly.

  ”I know,” he said sloppily. “I should be gone.” He looked down at the note that he was pinning in his hand. This is not so much a response, it is better to say that you are talking to yourself. Then he stood up hard and moved slowly to her niece, because her hand was still held by the niece.

  ”Don’t worry, I won’t bother her.” His voice was shaking.

  He gently held her hand and gently opened her fingers. Then his face trembled again, as if his heart was fighting a storm. His eyes are red, but he is very focused and alert. His old lips seem to have a happy smile. Finally he was very careful and clumsy to put the note into her palm. Every second of the whole process seems to be reminiscent of his heart, because his movements are slow and calm, so every second spent seems to be an eternal.

  His eyes became hollow again, even though her fingers were still in his hands. The almost smiling expression on his face was temporarily replaced by a serious and dignified expression. Then, there was another expression that rushed into my heart. When his gaze gathered again on her and returned to reality, the expression on his face looked very painful. He quickly closed her hand holding the note, no longer as calm as when he opened it.

  He finally let go of her hand and forced himself to turn around, as if he was reluctant to take himself out of this situation. He passed through the crowd and the goal clearly went to the door. The footsteps seemed to be easier than before, and the face showed a firm expression. When he came to the door, he suddenly turned around and faced the people who had not yet returned to God.

  ”Thank you,” he said in a low, hoarse voice. “You are all good people, very good people.”

  Then he turned to her friend, “Thank you.” Then he went out and took the door with him.


  She woke up in a commotion and found her son a irritated look, and her daughter-in-law was comforting him. The niece is still sitting on the edge of the bed, but she no longer touches her hand, and her face is confused. Sitting on the other side of her daughter seems to be very interesting to what.

  ”What’s wrong?” She looked at her daughter strangely, her eyes asking.

  ”A stranger came and handed a piece of paper to you,” said the daughter.

  ”What is it?”

  The daughter read her eyes again and read the words on the note with curiosity:

  Sunlight, the sun still needs to rise,

  Flowers still need to be open,

  They are still waiting

  Waiting for your lazy smile in the morning.

  Although I am aging now,

  The gift you gave is still fresh.

  It shines on my life,

  Just like your lazy smile in the morning.

  My love for you has never stopped.

  Please don’t leave…

  Then she heard the little grandson repeat in the back: “Ah, the sun!”

  ”Give me the note.”

  This sentence made them startled. She has not spoken for a few days. Although her voice is weak, it sounds like an order and a request, making it difficult to refuse. The note was put into her hand, and she held it with an unusually eager eagerness.

  ”He is coming?” She asked the friend who was head down with a weak voice.

  ”Yes.” She replied softly, still not looking up.

  She stopped talking, her eyes fixed on the front, and her eyes shone with the young light that had disappeared for many years.

  Then she heard her little grandson who was playing with toys next to her and shouted: “Sunshine!”

  At this time, an old man in the street was walking hard, and he was sobbing as he walked, tears falling from his swollen eyes.