Don’t say anything

  Hey, Mike, hurry, someone is stealing! Sergeant Thomson pointed to an apartment building on the right.

  Police officer Mike glanced at Thomson’s mouth agilely.

  Oh, don’t say anything! Mike whispered, then pulled him to the corner.

  This is the area of ​​Tegel, because the environment is elegant, many rich people settle here, so it has become a paradise for thieves. Police forces have recently been strengthened in the area, and police officers Mike and Thomson police officers are performing night patrol missions.

  On the sixth floor of a building on the right, a gecko is attached to the wall and moving from one window to another. It’s 11:9 at night, and it’s safe to say that this is not a spider man who cleans the walls, but a thief who is ready to burglary!

  Mike, we should take action! The young Thomson couldn’t help but get excited. Since moving to the area, he has been waiting for a chance to show his talents. In addition, his long-awaited girl, Ta Yisha, said that as long as he won the award, he will marry him.

  Yes, but not now. Sophisticated Mike always disagreed with him.

  But now is the best time! As long as we break off: don’t move! We are the police! He has to be embarrassed. You see, he is now in a dilemma. Thomson is definitely not willing to give up this opportunity.

  Because of this, we are not able to attack at this time. Mike looked up at the one-inch-inch moving black shadow, and one hand was holding Thomson’s arm to prevent him from blinding.

  Mike’s calmness makes Thomson feel puzzled – this is a great opportunity to make a difference! Does Mike want me to play a bachelor for a lifetime? I am really full of people who don’t know how hungry!

  Mike looked straight into Thomson’s eyes and said, Brother, you know, the window sill of this building is only 30 centimeters wide. On such a quiet night, as long as you scream, the frightened thief is completely at risk of falling. Unless God stretches him, he will die.

  However, my police officer, he is committing crime! Do we have no obligation to stop it? Even if he fell to death, it was a criminal, and it was self-defeating! Thomson is getting more excited.

  No, Mike said firmly, Thomson policeman, before he could figure it out, he couldn’t call him a criminal. Of course, I mean, even if he is stealing, as long as he does not pose a threat to the lives of others, his life should be respected. Perhaps the crimes he committed were not enough to match his life. If he is killed because of our fault, it is our malfeasance!

  what? Do we want to keep a criminal safe? God, Mike, you have no fever? Thomson is even more inexplicable. Mike, a police officer who has been in police for more than a decade, can be said to have gone through a lot of battles. He has always been brave and brave. How is it entangled today and indecisive?

  Repeat it again, he is just a suspect, not a criminal! Mike seems a little angry.

  Then we will watch him commit crimes, abscond, and then go unpunished? Thomson asked.

  of course not. At his current speed of movement, it takes about 6 minutes to move to the window to enter. I counted all the windows on the sixth floor, and I can be sure that the window is 608 households. We only need three minutes to get to this home. So I am glad that I can tell you a story in 2 minutes, then we rushed to the 608 door and lurked for a minute. When he broke the window, we broke into the door and slammed into it. Mike seems to have a well-thought-out, regardless of whether Thomson is willing to listen, and tells his story slowly.

  When we were young, we lived in the country. There was an orchard near our home, which was covered with tall pear trees. As soon as the autumn pear matures, the seductive pear fragrance floats in the wilderness, always seduce me and my brother’s mites. Once, the owner of the garden, Uncle Crete, was not prepared. My brother and I sneaked into the garden and prepared a delicious pear. My brother climbed to the tall tree to pick the pears. I whistle under the tree. But I only looked up at the brother on the tree, but I didn’t find that Uncle Crete had quietly came to the tree. At this time, my brother was climbing a tree that was not too thick, and went to get a big pear. I haven’t had time to react, just listen to the thunder of a drink: down, hateful little guy! This unpredictable frightenedness made the brothers fall to the ground. Since then, they have never stood up again, and they have to be accompanied by wheelchairs throughout their lives… Having said that, Mike’s voice is a little choked.

  Oh, of course, stealing pears is not right, but for the children who have not done anything, the price is too great. This result could have been avoided, as long as Uncle Crete does not speak for a while, waiting for his brother to come down again. Oh, not all people who are compassionate and liberal, can calm down when they are in trouble, understand the detailed analysis, and then make a deliberate decision, otherwise God will have more than one.

  Mike finished, not waiting for Thomson to express his feelings, glanced at the luminous table, turned and left. Thomson followed behind thoughtfully. They quickly flashed into the apartment and went straight to the sixth floor.

  608 The security door looks really impregnable, how to break the door? Thomson looked at Mike in confusion.

  The calm and calm Mike took a key from his pocket and shook it in front of Thomson’s eyes. He whispered, remember? The thief who caught yesterday actually made such a sensitive master key, but it was tried and tested!

  Thus, the master key opened a strong iron gate and opened a door of human soul.

  It turned out that 608 lived a lonely old man. Tonight, he had a heart attack. He struggled to ring the help ring to the door, but he could no longer open the door and fell to the bed. There is a young man named Simon who lives in the door. He is a freelance writer and likes night code words. Upon hearing the old man’s call for help, Simon immediately rushed to the opposite door, but was blocked by the ruthless iron gate. Knocked for a while, there was no response inside. Simon realized that the matter was serious and it was urgent. He called the police and the first aid and decided to take risks from the window. He knew that the old man must take the medicine immediately, otherwise he would be in danger. When Mike and Thomson rushed in, Simon thought that the police who had received the police arrived, and told them to quickly pour the glass of water to the old man!

  The old man was saved. It should be said that Simon was also saved. In fact, Thomson is saved.

  After sending the old man to the ambulance, Thomson took Mike’s hand and wanted to say something.

  Oh, don’t say anything! Mike said.