Come into unavoidable confrontation

Huang Dajie is a personal dealer. She looks simple and honest, but she is ruthless in abducting and selling children. On this day, she secretly carried away a three-year-old boy at the gate of the supermarket in the city. After feeding the boy sleeping pills, she took the boy and jumped onto a long-distance bus bound for the countryside.

There were many people on the bus, and a dark man gave Huang Dajie a seat. Huang Dajie thanked her and sat down.

Huang Dajie’s neighbor was a young woman. She held out a finger and poked the child in Huang Dajie’s arms in the face, saying, ” Your child is so cute, can I hold it?”

Huang Dajie laughed, ” Good.” After the young woman hugged the child, she began to talk to Huang Dajie without saying a word. The woman said her name was Li Ying and she went back to her hometown today to visit relatives during the holidays.

Chatting, unconsciously to the place. After getting off the bus, Li Ying said shyly to Huang Dajie that she was going to relieve herself and wanted to trouble Huang Dajie to help her carry her backpack. ” Huang Dajie, when I come back, I’ll help you with the baby and you can also go to the bathroom.” Huang Dajie nodded and agreed.

When Li Ying came back from going to the bathroom, Huang Dajie handed the child to Li Ying and hurried to the direction of the bathroom.

Such as Huang Dajie came out, only to find that the figure of Li Ying was missing. He was in a hurry. A dark-skinned man walked out of the bathroom. It was the person who gave up his seat to Huang Dajie just now. Seeing Huang Dajie at a loss, he came forward to ask. Huang Dajie said after, imploring, ” Eldest brother, help me find it.”

There was a huge crowd near the station. The two men pulled through the crowd several times and found nothing.

The black-skinned man said, ” A girl with a child in her arms will not go far without reason. She is afraid that the girl is a trafficker. She is eyeing the opportunity to take your child away. Why don’t we go to the police first? ”

Hearing the word ” report to the police”, Huang dajie felt a quiver in her heart: the child was stolen, how could she report to the police? I didn’t expect to meet with my colleagues today, but I lost it to Li Ying.

So she said to the dark-skinned man, ” This report … has to be filed. When my child is taken away by her, it is difficult to find it. I’ll look for it myself. Eldest brother, you are busy with your work. Don’t let me miss your work. ” Then turned to go.

The black man grabbed Huang Dajie and said, ” How can I leave without you? My name is Cheng Sheng, and I have a relative who works in the Public Security Bureau. Now I’ll take you to find him and let him bend the rules. Let’s not file the case first and let some colleagues help find the child back. ”

” Can this, this work?” Huang Dajie rode on a tiger and broke out in a cold sweat. She was in a hurry to get away, but Cheng Sheng pulled her arm tightly and could not walk at all.

Cheng Sheng took Huang Dajie seven turn eight turn to walk many roads, finally came to a small yard. Cheng Sheng stepped forward and patted the door. A woman in her fifties came and opened the door.

Cheng sheng said, ” aunt, has uncle Wen come back yet? I have an urgent matter to find him. ”

” He will be back soon after going out for a while. Please wait in the room.” The aunt looked at the two of them and gave them a pleasant smile.

Huang Dajie did not leave at this time, nor did she stay. Her heart was beating drums. When she entered the room, she looked up and saw the police cap and uniform lying on the bench in the room. her hands and feet were suddenly cold and ” thud” and the whole person fainted on the ground.

When she woke up, the aunt was applying a hot towel to her forehead. ” Hey, you wake up! Cheng Sheng has already told me that the child has been lost. It’s really pitiful to put you in such a hurry. But don’t worry, my wife works in the public security bureau, and later he will bring someone to find out about the situation. don’t worry, the child will definitely be found back. ”

” Auntie, why don’t I wait for them at the intersection? I’m in a hurry.” Huang Dajie after a pause, began to try to run away.

” That how line? You have just recovered and cannot go to the intersection to blow air. Sit down and I’ll pour you a cup of tea. ” The aunt pressed Huang Dajie on the bed and poured tea into the living room herself.

It is now or never that time will not come again!

Huang Dajie jumped out of bed at this time and turned to run outside. The voice alarmed the aunt. She saw Huang Dajie jump out of the house in three steps and two steps, and followed closely behind: ” Don’t run! Where are you going? Hurry back! ”

Huang Dajie didn’t care about her. She just took her leg and ran forward. Soon after she rushed outside, she saw several police cars roaring toward her. Huang Dajie saw this scene, the whole people were shocked, now how to do?

While Huang Dajie was standing on the road, a strange thing happened-the aunt who had been chasing her saw the police car coming and turned around and ran back. Before she could run far, she was stopped by a police car.

In addition to the police, Cheng Sheng, who was handcuffed, came down from the police car.

A policeman came up to hold Huang Dajie’s arm and said, ” Are you the woman Cheng Sheng abducted just now? He confessed everything, rest assured, son, we will help you find it. ”

It turns out that Cheng Sheng is also a trafficker, but he is selling women. Originally he was watching Li Ying on the coach, but Li Ying was too cautious all the way and he couldn’t find a chance. Later, when Li Ying took the child, Cheng Cheng wanted to take advantage of Huang Dajie’s shock to rob her and abduct Huang Dajie. The aunt and uncle Wen are all with cheng sheng. they often pretend to be public security personnel to cheat the victim’s trust. If Uncle Wen hadn’t been arrested in advance, the police would have caught Cheng Sheng, and Huang Dajie didn’t know where they would sell her today.

The police took Huang Dajie to the public security bureau for investigation. Huang Dajie was sitting in a police car, her face turned white, and her heart was on tenterhooks. She had not yet been exposed. With good luck, she might be able to muddle through …

The police all think that she is a poor mother who has suffered misfortune after misfortune. No one doubts her strange expression and takes good care of her all the way. This gradually calmed Huang Dajie’s nervous mood. She has made up her mind that she must go through this stage today by acting in full.

In the public security bureau, Huang Dajie told Cheng Cheng according to his previous story, and said it again, the police also didn’t find any flaw. Halfway through the trial, another group of policemen came in with the suspect. It turned out that the police stopped Li Ying on the way because of the speed of the police. When she was arrested, the child was still asleep.

After Li Ying came in and Huang Dajie took a look at her face, Huang Dajie immediately reacted, stood up and pointed to Li Ying’s nose and shouted, ” It’s her, she stole my child!”

She thought Li Ying didn’t know all the ins and outs of himself, so she simply pushed the whole thing onto Li Ying. Sure enough, she beat me to say so, Li Ying also recruited all, this is also a recidivist, the public security bureau can be busy today.

After the incident between Cheng Sheng and Li Ying was over, a policeman handed the child back to Huang Dajie and said, ” Huang Dajie, you are really a lucky star. You see, if you don’t say anything about your fate, you have also helped us solve two big cases!”

Huang Dajie sniggered in her heart: Today, she was indeed blessed with good fortune. Several times of strong winds and big waves let her through. She said politely, ” everywhere, you have done your best and worked hard for you! I’m going to take the children back, goodbye! ”

” Well, I’ll take you out.” The young policeman was very enthusiastic. He sent Huang Dajie to the door of the public security bureau and was about to turn back when the sleeping pills given by Huang Dajie to the child had passed. The child opened his eyes and saw Huang Dajie’s face. ” Wow,” he cried, ” You are not my mother, I want my mother …”

Huang Dajie turned in horror and saw the police looking at her. The smile on her face disappeared: ” Huang Dajie, you’d better come back first. There are some things we need to investigate again …”