Can the far water solve thirst?

  I have a young friend who just screamed with his girlfriend. They are college classmates. They fell in love on the eve of graduation. After graduation, they worked together in Beijing, renting a house together, and staying safe for four years. The girlfriend proposed to break up. The reason is very simple. I want my friend to buy a house, but he has not been able to cash it. The girlfriend’s request is as simple as this. A house is stumped by a man. The house price is so mad, and the house is far away, and the girlfriend is no longer waiting. After breaking up, my friend knows that his girlfriend has another new branch, and the new branch is better than him. There is a house.

  My friend asked me with a deep sigh: You said that there is no love now? Can’t love be worth a house?

  I thought about it and said to him, don’t you like music? I will tell you the story of two musicians, and you can see if you can find the answer.

  The two musicians, one is Liszt. He fell in love with Caroline, the wife of the Duke of Dwight Wittgenstein, the famous Duke of the Tsar. The lady is 8 years younger than Liszt. In 1847, Liszt was 36 years old. He went to Russia to hold his solo concert. He won the applause and women’s favor as usual, and he gave a charity performance as usual to donate to local charity. In this Russian charity performance, someone actually bought a ticket for the price of a VIP seat for one hundred times and one thousand rubles. This news surprised Liszt. This person is Mrs. Caroline. That’s how they met, and Liszt fell in love with her at first sight.

  why? Just because I spent a lot of money to buy a ticket for the charity show? Obviously not so simple. And this family of slaves has 30,000 noble ladies, why would it be better to be expelled from the tsar by the tsar, deprive all the property, go to the fire and the fire, do not hesitate to marry Liszt? The love between Liszt and Caroline went through the twists and turns, and it was already on the 50th birthday of Liszt. It was already allowed by the Pope to marry Caroline, but it was still not married because of religion and the tsar. The long wait for the torment, has been to Liszt’s later years, until 1886, Liszt 75 years old, they still failed to get married. This kind of suffering made Liszt convert to the religion and smoothed and crushed this painful bone in religion, but still did not give up Caroline.

  Another musician is Brahms. His relationship with the pianist Clara is similar to that of Liszt and Caroline. They are all in love with each other but are not able to get married, and the time is so long. Brahms and Clara lived and died for 43 years; Liszt and Caroline lived for 39 years. Think about a person who can have a few 43 or 39 years? How many people can hold such a long time? What about the year of 43 years and 39 years? What about a year?

  My friend was in a daze after listening to it and thought it was a fantasy.

  Finally, I told him the ending of the two musicians: less than a year after Clara’s death, Brahms also went to meet with Huang Quan and Clara; less than half a year after Liszt’s death, Carlo Lin also died of Rome, and Liszt went to life and death.

  Brahms said: “My best melody comes from Clara.”

  Liszt said the same thing: “All my joy is from her. All my pain can always find comfort in her.” “No matter what good things I do, I must owe it to me so much hope.” Call her the sweet name of her wife, the Duchess of Caroline Wittgenstein.”

  After listening to the story I told, he was really touched. Although the years have separated for more than 100 years, these words are still very powerful, like the snoring of the golden leaves on the treetops of the centuries-old ginkgo tree, still clear and tender and echoing in our water. Over the sky above the blue sky.

  I can’t explain the story of these two musicians. Is it a case or miracle that has never happened in a hundred years? I can only say that although there are many so-called loves in the world, just a set of houses can be broken up, and people are frustrated, and even people almost lose confidence. But after all, don’t think that there is no real enough in this world to make people feel guilty. Love. The reason why we are still moved by the love of Liszt and Brahms is because this purely classical love is as rare and rare as a dinosaur. However, they have actually existed after all. Perhaps, as long as they think about them, in the face of the feelings of the modern dew marriage and material desires, passions, and the fact that they have become more and more convinced of the long-lasting things, they can not help but believe.

  But can distant waters solve thirst? I saw some suspicious eyes after he was moved.

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