Body, is a cosmic information receiver

The sun is composed of seven colors of light. Everything is composed of seven colors of light. Do we have light on human beings? Have! We humans are also composed of seven colors of light.

What is “light”? The light is also Ming, our body is the ancient body, the body of nature, the body of the masses of the world, and the body that serves the people. When we do things without greed, no delusion, no falsehood, we must only do things in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner, the general direction is clear, the small direction is clear, and the wisdom light of the universe rises in our hearts; all words and minds are “returned to their hearts.” Ming”, it’s that simple!

Not only the sixth generation of Chinese Zen Buddhism Hui Neng said: Everyone is a Tao, it is light, it is so simple; Sakyamuni Buddha also said: Wonderful and wonderful, all sentient beings are bright, as long as they don’t think, don’t Perseverance, the light of nature can be seen before… Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching that “use its light” means: our life is the life of the universe, as long as we use our life correctly, we can “return to the Ming” . The so-called “return to the Ming” is that the light of the universe is in front of you.

Human beings are the information receivers of the universe created by nature. The internal structure of human beings has the buttons of wisdom and power that connect the various spaces of the universe. In fact, there are many intangible high energies in nature that require us humans to discover and receive.

Under what state can the human body reach such a receiving state? It is the state that Lao Tzu said, “the singer, the closed door, the life is not diligent,” that is, blocking greed, closing the interference, and having no worries for life. And why can’t some people receive it? It is because human beings are often constrained by excessive desires, thus shielding us from the state and information exchange of the universe as a whole. This state is the opposite aspect of Laozi’s saying that “opening it up, doing things well, and not saving for life” means to open the channel, indulge in indulgence, and be lifeless.

The seemingly intangible connection between man and nature, as well as the development of science, is gradually confirmed: as the development of science and technology, we can discover and verify the human senses that are not felt but real. There are more and more invisible connections between man and nature, such as various types of rays, such as radio waves, such as antimatter. Scientists have gradually developed a wide range of fields in television, radio, communications, and the Internet since they discovered them. Practice and application. Of course, these waves are artificial. There are many intangible material and energy information in nature. We must be in a state of tranquility and no desire, that is, we must receive it in the state of being quiet and respectful.

So, what is the “mother-in-law” state? Just like Lao Tzu’s Chapter 20 of the Tao Te Ching, “Self-Relief” tells us: “All people are jealous, and I am stubborn, I am different from others, and expensive.”

What does “your foodie” mean? It means that the human body is an ancient body, and the human body is the body of the mother of nature, so there is also a software system in the human body that can directly obtain nutrition from nature. Therefore, we can say that only knowing that we are children of nature, only knowing to respect the mother of nature, guarding the mother of nature, and guarding the body that belongs to the masses of the world, can we say “the mother” and “the mother” “.

How to use the body correctly

Below, we will explain how to use the body correctly from other aspects:

First, the average person only knows the meditation that Lao Tzu said, “there is a singularity, closing the door,” in order to cultivate inner strength. I don’t know, the more advanced material energy information in the universe can be obtained from the “mother”.

Our body is not our body. Our body is a body with the natural mother. It is limited to repair the inner gas of oneself. It is not the self-importance of the individual. The whole of the avenue is not to put yourself in the whole of social harmony, and it is not to put yourself in the whole of serving the masses, so it is difficult to enlighten the road! As Sakyamuni Buddha said, it is the ministry that only cares about keeping yourself in a small house of self. The idea of ​​a small ride can be built into one’s own integrity, but it cannot be “integrated with the outside world.” “It is the Mahayana that is willing to serve the harmonious society and serve the people, and can truly enlighten the road.”

Secondly, why should we emphasize that “there is a singularity, closing the door”?

Because in the twelfth chapter of the Tao Te Ching, “The five colors are dazzling, the five sounds are deafening, the five flavors are refreshing, and the hunting is heart-rending.” This passage is to say: People, please don’t go out and mess around, please don’t ask for it all day long, people need to go back and pay attention to the correct use of their lives; if you ignore the correct use of the body Sometimes, if you want to go back, it’s too late! Therefore, the highest state of cultivation is: Do not have me.

“Seqiqi, closing the door” is also a method of meditation. Our body also needs meditation. When we are busy with work, we must also let our body’s various systems and organs pay attention to relaxation. It’s like a cup of turbid water, put it there for a while, it will automatically clarify. Under the meditation state of “the singer, closing the door”, people will slowly unload all the stress loads in the journey of life, and the functions of various systems and organs of the human body will gradually recover. Some rubbish will also be cleaned up and then discharged through the urine, thus ensuring the health of the human body.

Third, sleep also has the effect of “plugging it, closing its door, and not being diligent for life.” Why should we still meditate?

Sleep is a particularly magical way for natural mothers to give themselves self-healing. We are physically uncomfortable, a lot of exhaustion, and even a lot of injuries, which can be eliminated unconsciously during sleep. However, many modern people are greedy and greedy, resulting in the quality of sleep has not reached the state that should be, so it is necessary to solve the problem of the integration of body and mind through meditation.

A person can communicate with his natural mother through the meditation process of “singing against him and closing his door”, so that his own quality can be quantified to promote harmony and smoothness in the body; one can not be selfishly greedy by letting go of selfish greed. Being towed, knowing how to let go of a good blessing, knowing that liberation is a new life, knowing that the improvement of mind is the blessing of the collective wisdom of the higher-level space, can make your body and mind gradually reach the state of unity.

Fourth, just like the eleventh chapter of the Tao Te Ching, “The Image of Success,” tells us one sentence: “Calm is the world.”

The meaning of this passage is to keep us meditation – to calm the mind and let the body get meditation. When we are united in body and mind, united inside and outside, and united by nature, the collective wisdom of the universe will flow through our minds. This is the highest enjoyment of a successful life.

How to use your life correctly? Lao Tzu tells us that it is “the singer, the door is closed, and the life is not diligent.” What treasures are in our human body, and there are buttons in the human body that connect the high-energy space of the universe. If we just open up the fame and fortune of the outside world, eat and drink, and gamble, you “open the match”, then you will have a successful life. If you missed it, then you will not be saved. Then you will leave the beautiful earth with confusion, fear and pain in the last moment of your life.

Use your body properly,

Will be happy often

“The Tao Te Ching” said: “See Xiao Xiaoming, keep soft and stubborn. Use its light, return to its Ming, no body (yāng), is attack (xí) often.”

Life is just a small dry battery in the long river of the universe. Sometimes we don’t charge much, but the consumption is very fast. So after a few decades of life, it will dry up all of a sudden, and when it is sick, it will be old.

Lao Tzu wants us to “see the small”, which is to reduce energy consumption. Lao Tzu let us “speak”, that is, to return to the “guardian” in front, in order to maintain our long-term existence. “Shoumu” means that we must correctly use our own life, develop our own life correctly, and return to the natural mother who is full of great light.

When our body enters a state of meditation, when our senses are not affected by desire, when our body and mind reach a high level of balance, the body’s clean air will rise, and the turbidity will naturally fall out. At this time, what we can best understand is that the body is soft, and the function of the body’s internal organs has reached the strongest feeling. Therefore, Laozi said that “the soft and stubborn.”

Our body is far more amazing than what we have learned!

When one’s desires are greedy and cessation, when our body and mind are united, our self-sexual light will naturally appear, and then use this self-light to supplement the various deficiencies in the body. If the self-sexual light continues to follow the laws of nature and continues to resonate with the light of the avenue, this self-sense light will continue to flow, and such a life will last forever – this is the “invisible body.”

“Without the body” means that as long as we use our body properly, as long as we are open-minded and open-minded, we will not have a curse or death.

Give thanks to your magical body! It is a natural mother, an artifact that gives us the service of the world! To use your magical body correctly, we don’t have to ask for it. Just look for strength in your innermost heart, as long as we are willing to press the “confirmation key” to receive the high energy information of the universe!

When we truly realize that our body is not our own body, but the body of the family, the body of the masses of the world, the body that serves the people; when we do things without greed, no delusion, no falsehood, then we If you break through the small house of your own and move toward the light and light of the integration with the public, then peace and wisdom will flow through us, health and happiness will accompany us, and we will enter what Laozi said. “Without the body, it is for the sake of the attack.” .

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