Beauty loves food life more

  In the former Warner Cafeteria, two stars were entitled to the “most” title: Zheng Xiuwen was the least welcome, and Sun Yanzi was the most welcome.

   Needless to say, Zheng Xiuwen is her specialty, her topic, and the magic weapon she relies on for survival. The state of her eating is more terrifying than the fat woman she played in “Slimming Men and Women.” Bring your own balance, calorie, energy computer, and of course, the electronic scale that claims to be accurate to a drop of sweat. Each salad must be chewed for 30 times and then swallowed into the stomach. It will take no more than 3 minutes for each meal.

   When someone asked her how to lose weight, Zheng Xiuwen said generously: “The coach told me that I don’t have to do anything. I went on a treadmill for 5 hours, once a day.”

   Serving such people to eat is a fairy and uncomfortable. And Stefanie is different. Singapore’s food is not low in calories. Bak Kut Teh, Radish Cake, and Chili Crab are her favorites.

   Her newlywed husband, who was originally a speedboat athlete, had a muscle in his body. As a result, after a period of time together, there was a strong man in the wedding photo and a fat man.

   But Stefanie is not fat.

   Every time the paparazzi photographed her, it was a pile of food on the table. The meat fish must have it. Ice cream is essential. However, because she wants to protect her throat, she can’t eat much.

   At this time, she will take out the food diary with her, and write down this good mood.

   After debut, the producer is Bao Xiaobai. The teacher often takes the hand to eat and drink, but the diet of the artist is particularly strict. In particular, Sun Yanzi, Chen Xiaochun and Su Huilun are the three major lovers.

   Among them, Stefanie Sun is the one who personally went to the Sun family to negotiate with her family, and then won the art to be an entertainer. As a result, he found that Stefanie was secretly eating pizza and was furious and unable to clean up. Later, Stefanie Sun agreed with him that he would not gain weight. If he was a pound, he would be given a one-year “newcomer contract.”

   Bao Xiaobai told her that although the fats are not visible now, they will accumulate in your lower abdomen. When you are about to become popular, it will emerge like a tumor and be as hopeless as cancer.

   But Stefanie Sun is still me.

   On the night of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, she ate western food and vented her anger. The lamb chops and fried foie gras were desperately stuffed into the stomach. After eating, I took out the book and wrote a few pens, no crying.

   She once said that she was relaxed and took a year off. She chose to go to India. She loves the thick spices and pure curry there, and likes the fat chicken to enter her mouth with a spicy taste.

   In such a place that can fill her stomach bag and heart, she wrote the big sale album “Green Light”.

   Stefanie’s thirst for food is endless, and she will look for food in her spare time and colleagues. There was a wide-ranging joke: she walked on the side of the road and suddenly widened her eyes and said, “What is that like a cloud?”

   The staff was happy and this was the first time she saw marshmallows.

   When she got married, the banquet could not be sloppy. After the restaurant was selected, each table was set up with a detailed meal plan, and the recipe was discussed for more than a week. The manager of the hotel also said that he has never seen anyone who is so serious about eating.

   Stefanie Sun once had a meal with Jolin Tsai. It was a Shanghai restaurant. Naturally, it is not necessary to say that the Suzhou and Zhejiang snacks are extremely authentic. After Sun Yanzi had ordered the dish, Jolin Tsai took a bit of a boil, and after cooking with boiling water, he finished it a little bit. This made Sun Yanzi feel very incomparable and felt that she was really guilty of being a woman artist.

   In fact, Stefanie’s food diary is the same as Big S’s beauty diary, except that one shows the attitude of life and the other shows the talent of beauty.