American Garage Culture

What is the garage used for? Besides parking cars, there are other uses of course.

During the Great Depression in the 1920s, a young man named Walter found a job painting for a church in Kansas City, but his salary was very low. Because he could not afford to rent a professional studio, he had to use his father’s garage as a temporary office.

One day, when he was working in the garage as usual, he suddenly saw a mouse jumping on the floor. Instead of driving the mouse away, he took out bread and fed it. Gradually, they became very familiar with each other. Sometimes, the little mouse will boldly climb up the drawing board where he works to stroll and play. Soon, young people were introduced to Hollywood to make a cartoon with animals as the main characters. But this did not make him famous. Failure made him poorer. When he was down and out, he suddenly remembered the mouse in the garage, and the cartoon image of Mickey mouse, the most famous ” mouse” in the world, was born.

Similarly, HP was also born in the garage.

In 1938, two Stanford graduates, Wilt and Pucker, also met the most difficult problem for Chinese college students – they could not find a satisfactory good job. They committed suicide by jumping off a building all day long because of their distress and depression. However, when they saw the tragic situation of many people in trouble because of unemployment, these two smart heads suddenly realized a philosophy of life – instead of begging grandpa and grandma to work for others everywhere, they might as well start their own career and be the boss of others!

Therefore, they decided to join hands to conquer the world. The two destitute men spent half a day in their trouser pockets to collect 538 US dollars. It was impossible to rent a decent working environment, so they also ran to a garage in California and started their own company. The company is named after the first letter of their surname, HP. Today, HP is already one of the world’s most important suppliers of electronic equipment, with total assets of more than US $ 30 billion.

Interestingly, Disney and Hewlett – Packard, two well-known companies, built their brilliant starting point today, all of which are actually shabby garages.

In fact, there are more than two big American companies that have their roots in the garage. Where was Bill Gates’s Microsoft empire born? Garage; Where was the world’s largest search engine platform Google born? Garage; Where was the world’s largest video website Youtube born? Or the garage? If you look at IT carefully, this list can also list a long list – Dell, ATI, Westwood…… No wonder some people jokingly call ” garage is the cradle of American IT industry”. However, this is still a bit conservative. The garage culture in the United States is just like the ” cottage culture” that is popular in Chinese society at present. In essence, it is the development of the public’s innovative spirit.

At the beginning of 2009, the media reported the story of a farmer in Sichuan who built his own airplane, which attracted numerous Chinese people to look askance and feel more novel. But if it were in the United States, this would not be news. Tens of thousands of ordinary Americans tinkle with their tails all day in their small workshops to refit cars, motorcycles, yachts and planes. Where you build spaceships is the news.

The middle class in the United States accounts for a large proportion of the population. They all have their own small foreign buildings with double garages downstairs. The English name is Garage. This word has two meanings in English, one is garage, the other is workshop. The Americans did show both of these meanings.

Many Americans do not put their cars in the library at ordinary times, but park on the roadside or in the courtyard, which makes it more convenient to travel. As a result, their garage has become a variety of workshops, laboratories and family workshops, in which they can pull a wire and prepare various tools and machinery and equipment to do what they are interested in. When I was in the United States, the landlord liked to do some carpentry work. There were all kinds of electric saws, planers and drills. Punching holes and sculpting flowers could be done. The most eye-catching thing was that there was a numerical control machine in the corner.

With the rapid development of CAD ( Computer Aided Design System ) technology, various components designed on computers can be directly processed by numerical control machine tools through advanced LAD software. No wonder Americans can process and make yachts, sailboats and manned balloons at home by themselves, but it is no wonder that small planes, cars and motorcycles can be assembled by themselves from pieces.

It can be said that it is the garage culture that encourages innovation that has created today’s strong United States. When Jobs and others started their businesses in the garage, was it not the common situation many entrepreneurs had to face at the initial stage – there was no way to do it with ideas, and they made a revolution while collecting capital. In the United States, no one dares to despise the company in the garage, just as adults do not laugh at toddlers. For those who dare to act, the garage can also produce miracles.