All things bright and beautiful

Most farm dogs like to find some recreation after work, and one of their favorite games is chasing cars. Every time I ran away from the farmhouse along the bumpy dirt road, the boring dogs came after the car in a row. They know that they can’t get any results, but they have to chase for 200 or 300 meters, and then reluctantly bark a few times before they are willing to give up. But the jacket is different, it is not the kind of dog that has no principles.

It regards chasing cars as a valuable art, and it never tires of daily practice. The Guo family’s farm is at the end of a path that winds along their stone wall for a mile before falling to the bottom. The jacket will not stop until it escorts its chosen object to the destination. I have never seen such a patient dog.

After I went to Pang’s house to see the cat and told my partner, I was immediately hindered. The reason is that Siger does not trust anyone who keeps pets at home. He felt that those people had mental problems and strongly advocated his theory. However, he himself has five dogs and two cats. He must feed them himself every day and never allow anyone to interfere. In the evening, he was sitting in a rocking chair in front of the fire to tell the time. All seven small animals would lie prone on the ground around him. Every visit, the five dogs must also be crowded in the car with him. Although when he was driving, he saw the wagging tail in the carriage, and several crocks of goldfish and snakes were also kept in the house, Siger still brazenly said that he hated all pet owners.

Talking on the phone often confuses very simple things.
” I’m Faber.”
” Good morning, I’m Harry.”
” My sow is sick.”

” What disease?”
The other party heard laughter from deep in his throat: ” I should have asked you!”
” But …”

” If I know what’s wrong with still need to call you? Ha, ha, ha! ”
I have heard this joke more than 2,000 times. Although I was not happy at all, I managed to smile back a few times.
” Mr. Fei, this is all right. Ha, ha. Seriously, what the hell are you calling about? ”
” what is it? It’s hilarious. Didn’t I just say that? -I want you to find out what exactly is wrong with it. ”
” I know, but I have to know more about it? Didn’t you say it was sick? Can you tell me how is my condition? ”

” It’s just illness.”
” Can’t you be more specific?”
There was a silence.
” It seems a little depressed.”
” Nothing else?”

” I can’t say … in short, it’s very poor.”
I thought for a few seconds: ” Does it have a funny response?”
” Funny? No! I don’t think there’s anything funny about a sick pig. ”
” No … no … you made a mistake what I mean. I mean … well, that’s the same sentence. what are you calling for? ”
” I call you because you are a veterinarian. This is your job, isn’t it? ”

I decided to try again: ” If you can tell me about its condition, I can decide what to bring.”
” Condition? Um … didn’t I say so? It’s not very comfortable. ”
” How uncomfortable is it?”
” This is exactly what I want to know!”
” That’s all right,” I scratched my head. ” Is it very ill?”
” I guess it’s great.”

” Do you think it is necessary to have an emergency?”
” Isn’t that decided by the condition?”
” Good, good …” I decided to change the way, ” How long has it been ill?”
” It’s been a long time.”
” How long was it?”

” It’s been a long time.”
” Sir Fee! I must know how long it has been ill before I can decide whether or not to take an emergency. ”
” Oh … almost when I bought it back.”
” when was that?”
” Um … that’s when it came to our house with other pigs …”

He opened the car door and went out, squatted down and pushed through the bolt of the iron gate. I sat in the car admiring his posture-he was calm, natural and elegant in everything he did. At this moment, an evil little black dog appeared out of nowhere, slipped quietly to the feet of Camaldi, inserted its lovely white teeth into Camaldi’s left buttock with confidence, and then left calmly.
I think that the most dignified hero in the world will feel his self-esteem will be wiped out at the end of the meal when he is not alert and is stabbed in the back by an unknown small animal-a bite into his ass. So camaldi screamed, jumped around with his ass in his hands, and then climbed up the iron gate with more dexterity than a monkey.

” What’s going on?” He shouted wildly, ” What’s going on?”
” It’s okay,” I said and ran under the iron gate. As a matter of fact, it took me the greatest fortitude to prevent myself from rolling on the ground with my stomach and laughing wildly. ” You may not come, just a puppy!”
” Dogs? What dog? Where is it? ” His tone fluctuated.

” I’ve run away-I only saw it for a second or two.” To be honest, I even doubt whether that black figure ever really appeared.
It took me a long time to coax him off the iron gate. When he got to the ground, instead of examining his injuries, he limped into the car. I looked at his graceful figure and a piece of rotten cloth hanging from his buttocks and thought to myself, this is really hard for him. If someone else, I will order him to take off his trousers and apply some iodine immediately. But for such a gentleman, I can only let him check in the car at a distance.