All flowers are derived from the soil

  On a sunny morning, someone puts a child gently at your feet, and you hold him up. This is the first time you have hugged your own child, the one who has lived in your stomach for nine months. This is a strange child. You think that he is not very good-looking. He is far from the child born in the heroine that he saw in the movie. He seems to be swollen. You really can’t believe this is your child. On his wrist you saw a small sign with your name and the time and weight of his birth, which proves that he is your child.

  You think about yourself strangely, as if you don’t have the kind of intimacy you imagined, you hold him, look at it, look like a strange thing that has been heard for a long time, you really didn’t feel the flesh and blood that day. . The child keeps crying. Others tell you that you have to feed him, so you learn to feed him. He is very hard and bites you. You can’t help but push him out, just like you did before. He cried, so you brought him in again. This time, you know, you have to hold back the pain, or else, he can’t eat enough. If you don’t care about him, he will always cry. He can’t protect himself and needs you. Later, when he was full, he slept. He still doesn’t know how to thank him. He doesn’t mean anything to thank him. He rests in your arms with peace of mind.

  The first day you get along with your child, you learned a little, no matter what you are thinking, you have to do what he needs you to do for him, no thank you.

  For the next two years, you have been doing this, to do all the things your child needs.

  When he cried in the middle of the night, you should immediately get up and change the wet diaper for him. It is hot for about forty degrees of milk. It can’t be hotter, it can’t be too cold. He feeds him. He cries in the middle of the night. It’s scary, you are doing things in a hurry, and comforting him, saying, “Come, come,” but he kept crying. He didn’t know what was “coming here.” He only knew that he was hungry, but he didn’t. Something came to his mouth. Then you have to hold him, shake and shake until he falls asleep again. But you can’t shake too fast, the child will spit out all the milk that has just been eaten. The whole world is sleeping in the middle of the night, your child suddenly spits out the sour milk on his neck, clothes, body, If you don’t take a shower right away, this child can’t touch it. So, immediately close the window, hot water, open the roof headlights, find a change of clothes, bathe him. Washed, clean, and he is hungry. Everything has come back again, a Baidu hot water needs 120CC, add milk powder, add sugar.

  When he solves the bowel movement, you have to pay attention to its texture, color and smell, see what is different, what is special. Green, indicating that the child is cold, there is a small white group, indicating that the child does not digest the fat in the milk, you need to filter out some of the fat in the milk. . . . . . The child does not speak, you need to pay attention to guessing. How old were you afraid of dirty things, sometimes you go through the uncleaned garbage bins, and you will immediately turn your stomach down. But now, you are always careful to carefully look at the child’s bowel movements, and dare not have one day’s care. Then, six months later, the immunity brought by the child from the mother disappeared and he began to get sick. For the first time, he was lying there hot and scared you. You wrapped him tightly, rushed out of the house, and rushed to the hospital, straight to the doctor. The doctor looked at your child and immediately said, “You want him to cramp, the child with a high fever can’t wrap him up.” He said, he immediately took the child from your hand and put him on the table. Opened up, took off his coat, in the winter, let you put the children who only wear underwear to the airy place. You hold a hot child to fight the needle, the child is crying and dumb, and your heart is shaking. It was the first time the child became ill, until he had a fever on the fourth morning, and you slept for a sense of stability.

  From then on, as soon as the child coughs, you will start to jump. You can’t wait to get sick on yourself, and don’t want your child to get sick again. But the child is sick like this, the first day of sneezing, the third day of running nose, the fifth day of fever. That’s it, the little man became a medicine jar. He always cries to you and cries his discomfort.

  You think of the sentence that the experienced woman said to you: “You are ready to go to the dark days of the dark, two days.” It is when you go home with your baby, everything is still fresh, she comes Say when you visit you. It’s really hard this day, because with children, there is a worry about the child’s heart.

  On that day, he took a shower, was clean, and he was not sick. He was very good. His face was as fresh as a fresh apple that was polished. You look at him from afar. He still can’t talk like he used to, but you find that it is impossible to have no such child. If you don’t have him, even if someone takes him away, you will be sad. Then I want to live. Then, you realize that you fell in love with your child so deeply. That day, you only know that your love for your child is not born with peace, but it is slowly cultivated in the life of a child who is taking care of the zero-year-old child. You pay for your own care and then fall in love with him. he. This is different from the love of men and women, because love pays and then creates responsibility. A woman’s love for a child is first of all a responsibility, then a pay, and then a love is born, just as flowers are opened in the earth, and love is produced in full effort. The love of men and women, if it disappears, there is no responsibility or responsibility, and the love of mother and child will last forever, because you are always paying.