A love, two people grow up

  After writing so much love, it is always inevitable that someone will ask me the same question: “Why do you like to write love?”

  The proportion of love is different at every stage of life, but it is part of life. I write the part of life I saw from love, and that’s all.

  When you grow up, when you are old, there will be other pursuits in life. Those pursuits are not inferior to love, even higher than love. However, if a person has never pursued love, just like a person has no childhood, after all, Is it a bit lonely?

  One day, thousands of sails have passed, I understand that love is not the whole of life, even see the illusion of love, smiles admit that you do not understand love, but also see a career like a dream bubble, this is also a comprehension?

  Six reincarnations, the next generation may not be able to be a human being, this life has a love, maybe two people come to life to do insects, but unfortunately not a butterfly. Just like I wrote in the preface to “A Love, Two People Grow”, if the next life is a bee, one is a queen bee, the other is a drone, according to the laws of nature, the poor drone, full of food, the only task of survival It’s just that the ancestors passed away, and they died immediately after mating. The couple came to see each other and had a good night, how miserable?

  In this life, in the form of human beings, to meet and fall in love with you, is it a few years to repair and report?

  I write love because love makes me understand life, and love makes me know impermanence. It is the person I love that makes me see the love of the ages but can’t deny its sweetness. It is the person I love that comforts my lonely soul and completes the reincarnation of my life.

  A piece of love, two people grow up, whether or not they can be old with you, then love each other and spend so many tears, we are all grown up.

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