Planting yourself in spring

  At the age of 3, the father who worked in a small coal mold was buried in the soil because of the landslide. On the day the father was buried, others cried and screamed. He was black and didn’t cry. The grown-up told him that your dad passed away and could never return.

  He didn’t talk, just shook his head like a grass in the wind.
  He didn’t believe that the father who always used a large palm to stroke him, and his father with a thick beard, would disappear forever, like a non-germinated species. He planted pumpkins with his mother in the open space in front of the house. One seed went down and poured some water. After a while, the young leaves grew, and then the vines covered the shelves, and finally many large melons were produced.

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Mother teaches children’s life lessons

Self-discipline, outstanding, reading, learning

  When the son graduate is about to graduate, he is determined to read Bo. At this moment, the mother had an ultimatum – not to read any more. In fact, it was not a short-sighted mother, but a son who stayed at school to escape society and learn to be old. And the economy is no longer able to bear, she is determined to rebuild her high-scoring sons…

  Liu Wei, who lives in the outer suburbs of Dalian, Liaoning Province, is a poor single mother. In the summer of 1989, his son Fang Tao was 6 years old. His husband died of lung cancer. Half acre of thin fields in front of the house and more than 20 apple trees behind the house became the source of all the mother and son.

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Mortal little things

  On the morning of November 29, 2009, when Yang Xiuzhen, a milkman from Shenyang, sent a milk call, she suddenly received a phone call from her hometown. She learned that her father died of illness and was filled with grief, but she still gave all the milk to the subscriber’s home. . She then rushed to the train station, and when she waited for the bus, she wrote this notice after the milk leaflet. The note reads: “Sorry, my dad is dead, stop milk from November 30th – December 6th, send milk on December 7th. Send milkman!” A total of 165 photos, because time is too late, arrange The son went to the house to post a notice. This piece of strange little note reflects small things, but reflects the quality of the milkman’s honesty and trustworthiness.

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All things bright and beautiful

Most farm dogs like to find some recreation after work, and one of their favorite games is chasing cars. Every time I ran away from the farmhouse along the bumpy dirt road, the boring dogs came after the car in a row. They know that they can’t get any results, but they have to chase for 200 or 300 meters, and then reluctantly bark a few times before they are willing to give up. But the jacket is different, it is not the kind of dog that has no principles.

It regards chasing cars as a valuable art, and it never tires of daily practice. The Guo family’s farm is at the end of a path that winds along their stone wall for a mile before falling to the bottom. The jacket will not stop until it escorts its chosen object to the destination. I have never seen such a patient dog.

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You are a dragonfly that touched the center of my lake.

You are a dragonfly, and you lit my lake.

Then, my memory made a skirt with ripples, and even loneliness was embroidered with brocade. At this point, my youth is beautiful.

The autumn wind poured cold silence on the earth, and there were whispers in the sun. I listened attentively, but all the news about you in the wind was called silence, and every miss was called forgetting.

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