All flowers are derived from the soil

  On a sunny morning, someone puts a child gently at your feet, and you hold him up. This is the first time you have hugged your own child, the one who has lived in your stomach for nine months. This is a strange child. You think that he is not very good-looking. He is far from the child born in the heroine that he saw in the movie. He seems to be swollen. You really can’t believe this is your child. On his wrist you saw a small sign with your name and the time and weight of his birth, which proves that he is your child.

  You think about yourself strangely, as if you don’t have the kind of intimacy you imagined, you hold him, look at it, look like a strange thing that has been heard for a long time, you really didn’t feel the flesh and blood that day. . The child keeps crying. Others tell you that you have to feed him, so you learn to feed him. He is very hard and bites you. You can’t help but push him out, just like you did before. He cried, so you brought him in again. This time, you know, you have to hold back the pain, or else, he can’t eat enough. If you don’t care about him, he will always cry. He can’t protect himself and needs you. Later, when he was full, he slept. He still doesn’t know how to thank him. He doesn’t mean anything to thank him. He rests in your arms with peace of mind.

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Red Dust Love under the Bodhi Tree

  Such a woman seems to have nurtured her Mount Fuji, with a calm and hot beauty. Her people, gentle and courteous, heart-like like her name is immaculate, Xuezi, born in the 19th century Fusang woman, like all the daughters of the 28th, in the fascinating Jinxiu Nianhua, countless times, In the candlelight of Ying Yingying, make the most pure love dream.

  Perhaps, it is really God’s eyes, her pledge finally came true that year. The compassionate Buddha allowed her to meet the Chinese man named Li Shutong among the thousands of people. The four eyes were opposite each other. His wise eyes, which were accumulated from the rich experience of life, captured her heart. He is much older than her, and he has a wife and a son in the old country park. However, she still loves and is heartbroken.

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The front and back of life

  When the fellow villagers came, my company was in a state of survival. One of my former good friends bought my finance director and was maliciously acquiring my company through some unethical means. I was overwhelmed by them, exhausted like a wall that was impenetrable, and squeezed a little bit suffocating.

  I went out to work two years ago and worked hard on the construction site. Every meal was a bowl of soup with two steamed buns. After a few months, the whole person lost a circle. When I was about to finish, I accidentally fell off the springboard of more than 20 meters high. Fortunately, I was blocked by the springboard below, or I would definitely break the bones.

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