How to be a “gentleman” at North University

When I say that I have learned something from Peking University, I do not mean that the academic level of Peking University was stronger than that of today. To be honest, Peking University did not give me anything academically except to attend Professor Zhang Guangda’s general history and Professor Zhu Longhua’s ancient Greek history. However, in my opinion, the university’s greatest training for students is to teach him or her how to be a ” gentleman”. In this respect, I at least met the fur. This is exactly one of the most fundamental missions forgotten by the current university education.

I have my own definition of ” gentleman” here, and that is well-rounded person (full and fully developed personality). I define it in English because education in the Chinese world has long forgotten this point and there is no corresponding modern vocabulary. Americans talk about this well-rounded person every day. What such a gentleman refers to is actually a kind of character of life: having independent moral judgment and will, having own understanding of life and the world, knowing how to cope with challenges, how to develop oneself, and how to create the value of one’s life.

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  The period when whites ruled South Africa was also the darkest period in which racial discrimination prevailed and black human rights were trampled upon. Human life is divided into two distinct worlds because of its natural skin color. At that time in South Africa, white was no longer a symbol of purity and innocence. On the contrary, it was in the name of white that the skinned person became the object of being legally trampled, trampled and insulted. Under this “white terror”, countless families have lost the lives of their loved ones, and blacks have no life. In the face of unbearable suffering and great pain, after the transfer of power, the government, which is mainly run by blacks and the majority of people in South Africa, chose not to avenge the criminals, but to forgive them. As long as the criminals tell the truth, the trial can be waived. In the face of past sins, those who have the power of the state, especially those who have been maimed under tyranny, can easily ignite the fire of vengeance and the path of liquidation, and this is reasonably understood by the world. .

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  Trust is the most important and scarce social resource.

  Even Lehman Brothers, such a huge and long-term investment bank, can rush to declare bankruptcy within a week. Even Sanlu Dairy, which is known as the “Chinese mother”, can tell babies to eat kidney stones. Who can we trust? ? Many of my friends are customers of American International Group (AIG). After hearing that the insurance industry’s aircraft carriers that have reached $1 trillion in the insurance industry may have to sink, they all panicked and feared that they had accumulated for half a lifetime. Hard-earned money has to be turned into nothing. No matter how others analyze it, how can they ensure that their assets are safe and secure, they still have a hard time getting it.

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What is wrong with the Olympiad?

  Yesterday, I read a report in the “News Morning News”, which reminded me of the fierce controversy caused by my previous “Throwing the Evil Olympiad”: Among them are anti-Olympic, quite Austrian, and there are teachings from the phenomenon of worshipping Olympiad. The essence is wrong, but it is also judged by the narrow view of nationalism. Today, let’s take a look at the real story of how an Austrian master is lost by the world’s top universities.

  The University of Pennsylvania, one of the Ivy League universities, is recruiting students for international training courses in China. Among them, there is an Olympic leader. However, because of a normal conversation, Penn simply rejected the top student. (A: Professor Penn, B: Master of Austrian)

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From truck driver to Avatar director

  Director James Cameron disappeared after creating the $1.8 billion Titanic at the global box office. After more than a decade, he returned with Avatar and became another blockbuster in the movie market. . But how many people know that Cameron’s Avatar dream began 32 years ago…

  Truck driver’s star war dream

  In 1977, 22-year-old truck driver James Cameron and a friend went to see “Star Wars” – friends intoxicated in the movie can not extricate themselves, Cameron is ready to play boxing to vent after leaving the theater. He dropped out of college and drove school meals throughout the day in Orange County, Southern California. But in his spare time, he draws small models and writes science fiction – stories that happen in distant galaxies. But now, Cameron faces a frustrating reality: his fantasy world has been brought into life by Lucas (Director of Star Wars)…

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