Ronner’s plan

The real maturity of an adult

  ”If it is the most beautiful, then grab it and let go.” Ronne stared at the other’s eyes, and kept thinking about this old world motto. Marina is nearly thirty years old and looks beautiful. It is the type he likes. And she has money. Why not live with her in a well-behaved life?

Ronner’s plan

  Marina’s country house is located on the outskirts of the small town, bordering the farmhouses, the picturesque Linyin Avenue and the forest. Ronne met her at a furniture auction just a week ago. When the expensive furniture was auctioned one by one, she sat beside him and talked naturally. Marina said she is a fashion designer, but she prefers to talk about his work. Ronne said he is engaged in art and antiques business. After the auction they drank a glass of wine and she invited him to visit her family’s valuables next week.

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Instrument age

  In the morning, Mr. S opened his eyes and the earphone device on the pillow said softly: “Good morning. The quality of your sleep last night was very good. Please start your work today with great spirits.”

  This small earphone is connected to the “sleep tester” in Mr. S’s pillow, which accurately analyzes Mr. S’s sleep quality. If Mr. S has insufficient sleep time or poor sleep quality, the “sleep tester” will prompt him to pay attention to rest or how to use the medicine.

  Mr. S was happily dressed and got out of bed, thinking: “It’s a convenient time. The former people must have thought about life so convenient.”

  Mr. S began to wash, he put the “oral tester” into his mouth, and after 5 seconds, the earphone said: “Your mouth is very healthy. There is no dental caries and the pH is moderate.” After washing his face, Mr. S started using “hair.” Check the instrument” comb. The “hair checker” will tell Mr. S when to wash his hair, which shampoo is best. After combing the hair, Mr. S walked to the toilet. The “excretion analyzer” on the toilet can analyze Mr. S’s stomach and remind him how to pay attention to the diet and whether he needs medication.

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More insight than common sense

  From the moment we were born, we were educated in a variety of knowledge that helped us slowly form arrogance and prejudice against the world. However, there are always some rare or unexpectedly funny stories in life that challenge the common sense we have accumulated over the years, so we become more aware.

  In fact, with these new information that keeps pace with the times, we are constantly updating our knowledge base, vocabulary, lifestyle and even our outlook on life.

  The US Newsweek listed 22 “What you need to know now” in a joint issue in August, one of which is “Hedge funds are a good thing.” Before the financial crisis, few people who were working in the financial industry would care about what hedge funds are. But now, even if people don’t understand, they don’t completely ignore it. Some of the items listed in this topic are not intended to tell you what they are, nor do you want to memorize them in your mind. Rather, it’s a lot more insightful than having common sense. Pleasant things.

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Rumors about microwave ovens

  Is microwave heating causing cancer?

  Because microwaves are a type of radiation, many people naturally think that it can cause cancer. In fact, microwaves are electromagnetic waves that are essentially the same as radio waves, infrared rays, and visible light. The only difference is the difference in frequency. Microwaves have a higher frequency than electric waves and are lower than infrared and visible light. Radio waves and visible light do not cause cancer, and naturally it is not difficult to understand that microwaves with frequencies between them will not cause cancer. In fact, the term “radiation” as used herein means that the energy of the microwave can be emitted, which is different from the radiation produced by X-rays and radioisotopes. Although X-rays are also electromagnetic waves, their frequencies are much higher than those of microwaves, and thus the energy is also high. Radioactive isotopes emit particles during the decay process, so they can cause cancer in the organism.

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Dubai: half is sea water and half is flame

  Frozen three feet is not a cold day, long before the debt crisis in Dubai, the British “Independent” reporter John Harry described his illusory city based on financial credit with his personal experience. If you look at the brilliant side of the Burj Khalifa, let us reveal the other side for you.

Dubai High Building

  Karen Andrews’s clothes are as full of wrinkles as her forehead, but I can still feel the glory of her rich life. I found her in the parking lot of one of the top international hotels in Dubai. She lived in her Land Rover, because the kind-hearted Bangladeshi parking attendant could not drive her out.

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