Who cares who your surname is?

Accelerate metabolism

  Husbend is a Swiss, and the cultural background of the two people is quite different, and there is controversy. The first two days, because of the name of the matter, they have been arguing for several days. So far, no dust has settled.

  The cause of the incident is this:

  A 22-year-old girl from Beijing has a rare name called Ma Cheng. Don’t think it’s Ma Cheng, or Ma Wei, if it’s so simple, you can’t argue. Her name is “Ma (Ma Ma Ma)”, well, I admit that Google Pinyin and Microsoft Pinyin on my computer can’t make this word, which is why her name is troublesome. Describe, by the way, long learning: This is a word composed of three horse characters side by side, read cheng, two sounds, the meaning of horses galloping. It was her grandfather who loved the pile of paper, but I didn’t know which ancient dictionary to find it, much like a slogan made by an ancient life.

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10 people with the least resistance

life forced sex dark wine

  There seems to be a class of people around us. We are physically weak and have two illnesses in three days. In fact, this may not be related to physical fitness. Recently, the US “Prevention” magazine summed up the 10 people with the worst immunity.

  The social circle is too narrow. Friendship is a “good medicine” to enhance immunity. Studies have confirmed that the fewer friends a person makes, the more likely the body is to get sick, and even the longevity. The researchers found that people with more than six friends had a four-fold increase in their ability to fight cold viruses.

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Stupid thief

  They have good limbs, but they are lazy to do; they think they can escape after stealing chickens and dogs, but they are “please” into the police station. Who are they? They are the top ten thieves in history! Let’s take a look at their ridiculously arrested moments…

  To the karate of the karate black belt masters

  Colombia’s Manizales doesn’t sound like a karate capital, but Pan American Karate champion Christian Garciss happens to live there, with his many coaches and fellows living with him. Karate player. In 2008, a thief decided to steal from the champion’s home. At that time, most of Manizales’s brave masters were present. They immediately entered the battle. They did not wait for the thief to call for “help” and killed him half-heartedly.

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American Garage Culture

What is the garage used for? Besides parking cars, there are other uses of course.

During the Great Depression in the 1920s, a young man named Walter found a job painting for a church in Kansas City, but his salary was very low. Because he could not afford to rent a professional studio, he had to use his father’s garage as a temporary office.

One day, when he was working in the garage as usual, he suddenly saw a mouse jumping on the floor. Instead of driving the mouse away, he took out bread and fed it. Gradually, they became very familiar with each other. Sometimes, the little mouse will boldly climb up the drawing board where he works to stroll and play. Soon, young people were introduced to Hollywood to make a cartoon with animals as the main characters. But this did not make him famous. Failure made him poorer. When he was down and out, he suddenly remembered the mouse in the garage, and the cartoon image of Mickey mouse, the most famous ” mouse” in the world, was born.

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Don’t let us have so much money.

At 6: 30 a.m., sganto’s alarm clock rang on time and the new day began. Skanto has an enviable job as a printer in Zimbabwe’s national coin factory. After washing, sganto opened the closet. there was nothing in it but piles of money. He took out more than a dozen bundles of banknotes and stuffed them into a big cloth bag. Now, in Zimbabwe, everyone has a large wallet to carry on their shoulders for the convenience of money. Then, sganto came to the wardrobe and began to look for clothes to wear today. he finally found a shirt with a fairly complete collar, a pair of washed white trousers and a pair of football shoes bought in 2005.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, sganto left the house with his purse and entered a breakfast shop. He ordered two pieces of bread and a baked potato. After breakfast, he went to the cashier to check out the bill, totaling 30 million jin yuan. Skanto took out two bundles of banknotes from the purse and handed them to the cashier. The gen collector took the note, weighed it on the balance and told sganto that the weight was insufficient. Skanto took out another small bundle and handed it to the cashier, who was too lazy to weigh it. He turned and threw the bank notes into a basket filled with bank notes beside him. At 7: 30, sganto crowded onto the bus to go to work, because every passenger either carried or carried a purse, and the whole carriage looked crowded. After getting off the bus, sganto felt much more relaxed, because paying the fare left several bundles of banknotes missing from the purse.

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