Sofa travel around the world

  Many people have a dream of traveling around the world, only because of the shyness of the bag, the dream is difficult. Nowadays, “Multinational Sofas” has come up with a coup in the world: you can sleep in his home free of charge when you travel to a foreign country, and enjoy the local food and beauty under the guidance of this “live map”; he goes to China to play When you sleep in your home’s free sofa… Both sides save a lot of money for meals and can easily integrate into a foreign family and experience a wonderful “deep tour”! As a member of this fashion family, the girls still traveled to the 26 countries with the least amount of Money, and they have all the surprises and touches, friendships and love…

   Learn to be a couch

   Shang Yi is a girl from Hefei, and her family moved to Beijing to settle down. Her dream is to be a brave girl who has traveled all over the world in 224 countries, making people rich and colorful.

   In August 2006, Shang Hao went to Italy, which has long been longing for. Because of advocating freedom and hating the fixed-day tour of the tour group, she appeared on the streets of Rome as a backpacker. However, due to poor English and lack of understanding of local customs and attractions, her first trip to the exotic world was not smooth: the line arrangement was unreasonable, and a lot of time and money was wasted; English pronunciation was not standard, and foreigners It is a little difficult to communicate. What made her most distressed was that she spent hundreds of euros a night in a European hotel, which is about 1,000 yuan. Coupled with round-trip airfare and dining, play expenses, Italy’s trip, spent more than half a year’s savings, leaving a memory is a mess.

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Late farewell

  In the early morning of March 1918, the Lyon train station ushered in a prisoner of war from Germany. A man named Rick came out of the carriage with a beard. Among those who reunited and cried, Rick appeared sluggish and silent. Although his limbs existed well, his name was on the list of severe disabilities.

  The doctors who have checked him are very heavy. This seemingly sound man can never be a father. Not only that, he seems to have suffered from amnesia, not knowing where his family is, and can not tell the names of any relatives.

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The key to love

  In the minds of people, there is a secret burying a word, you must not forget, let alone tell others. Even if there is no major meaning, it is very important.

  That sentence is the key, a new type of key. On the purse, in the car, on the door behind it, there is no keyhole like before. Some are things like small ear shapes. As long as you put your mouth there, whisper, the lock will open. For example, someone said: “Tulips are blooming.” The lock is open.

  Now, the noisy things that have been lost due to the keys are no longer there. It is the veteran of the door lock, and there is nothing to do. If someone wants to talk endlessly and unfortunately open the door lock, it is even more troublesome. This kind of lock is much safer than before, unless you tell someone this sentence.

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