Fictional rain and the end of the world

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   In recent days, Shanghai has been immersed in the rain. I went to Beijing once in the middle. After two or three days, I came back and walked out of the airport. It was still a huge rain that enveloped Shanghai under the sun.

   The world became quiet in the huge rain, became lonely, became lonely, turned into a sad planet, slowly spinning.

  met you

   I started dating in the age of my students, and I was in a different place with my partner. At that time, we were all students, no mobile phones, no paging, just an appointment on the phone one day in advance, where are you waiting for you the next day. So you laughed on the phone and said, um.

   You can always find each other. In thousands of people, countless indifferent, sad, boring, and ironic faces can accurately see your gentle smiles come alive in the distance.

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Saudi king who eats by skill

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  The Riyadh Military Academy is a place in Saudi Arabia dedicated to the military members of the royal family to prepare for their future entry into politics. These days of pride are ambitious and smug, with a unique sense of superiority. Among the more than 2,000 princes, one prince was silent all day long, but it was difficult to hide his unruly eyes. Unexpectedly, his unique and alternative identity is often ridiculed and ridiculed by other princes, and seems to be incompatible with all the princes.

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Who is the Samsung CEO for two hours?

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  In July 2001, Li Jianxi, the president of Samsung, who had just taken office, decided to take six vice presidents to New York, USA to inspect Samsung’s sales in the local market. However, after running for several days, Li Jianxi saw that all the large and small appliances placed in the electrical counters of the shopping malls were almost all Sony and Panasonic in Japan.

   At noon on the last day of New York, after returning to the hotel, Li Jianxi kept himself in the room, no one allowed to enter, and did not eat or drink, which made the six vice presidents waiting at the door of the room both worried and afraid.

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Beauty loves food life more

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  In the former Warner Cafeteria, two stars were entitled to the “most” title: Zheng Xiuwen was the least welcome, and Sun Yanzi was the most welcome.

   Needless to say, Zheng Xiuwen is her specialty, her topic, and the magic weapon she relies on for survival. The state of her eating is more terrifying than the fat woman she played in “Slimming Men and Women.” Bring your own balance, calorie, energy computer, and of course, the electronic scale that claims to be accurate to a drop of sweat. Each salad must be chewed for 30 times and then swallowed into the stomach. It will take no more than 3 minutes for each meal.

   When someone asked her how to lose weight, Zheng Xiuwen said generously: “The coach told me that I don’t have to do anything. I went on a treadmill for 5 hours, once a day.”

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Modern life risk

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  Life is full of risks. As a small people, the risks you endure often come from traffic accidents, typhoons, water-infused watermelons, and mobile phones.

  Yes, there are mobile phones. In 2006, there was an illustrated post popular on various websites, saying that the Russians had done a sad experiment, placing raw eggs in a ceramic cup, placing a mobile phone on each side, and letting them talk for 65 minutes. As a result, this poor egg is irreversibly cooked.

  As an egg, it is usually eaten, steamed, steamed, or cooked by a mobile phone. I believe there is not much difference. However, it is natural that the readers feel pity and feel the same dangers as the eggs. Even though our heads don’t seem to be able to pick up the chickens, they may not be as easy to cook as eggs.

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