The letters of life have been doubled! what does this mean?

Billions of years ago, four kinds of molecules that spun and jumped on our planet, like the sudden will, gracefully formed the DNA double helix in a way we still can’t imagine, for the life on our planet. A genetic code is provided. These four molecules are adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. We usually use the four letters A, G, C, and T to represent these four natural bases. Under normal circumstances, when the two DNA strands wound together to form a double helix, each strand will base on the key pair to each other: A for T, C for G .

Nowadays, a recent study published in the journal Science shows that the composition of this life has changed from four to eight ! Scientists have succeeded in creating synthetic bases that can also store and transcribe genetic information. In theory, these extended synthetic bases can also be used to support life.

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