“Into the silence” is a crucial part of the practice

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Being quiet is the first level of cultivation and is also a crucial step.

As the degree of calming deepens, the effort is constantly improving. Into the static is to enter the qigong state we usually call.

In this state, the practitioners have a mindfulness, a chaotic chaos, and no distinction. There is no difference.

Taoism called it a guardian, and the Buddha called it empty.

There is a section in Laozi’s Tao Te Ching that describes this state: “The Tao is the object, but it is the blasphemy. Hey, there are elephants, 恍兮惚兮, there are things,…” Two words, very knowledgeable, have been explained by many scholars.

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Body, is a cosmic information receiver

The sun is composed of seven colors of light. Everything is composed of seven colors of light. Do we have light on human beings? Have! We humans are also composed of seven colors of light.

What is “light”? The light is also Ming, our body is the ancient body, the body of nature, the body of the masses of the world, and the body that serves the people. When we do things without greed, no delusion, no falsehood, we must only do things in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner, the general direction is clear, the small direction is clear, and the wisdom light of the universe rises in our hearts; all words and minds are “returned to their hearts.” Ming”, it’s that simple!

Not only the sixth generation of Chinese Zen Buddhism Hui Neng said: Everyone is a Tao, it is light, it is so simple; Sakyamuni Buddha also said: Wonderful and wonderful, all sentient beings are bright, as long as they don’t think, don’t Perseverance, the light of nature can be seen before… Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching that “use its light” means: our life is the life of the universe, as long as we use our life correctly, we can “return to the Ming” . The so-called “return to the Ming” is that the light of the universe is in front of you.

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The ultimate truth of the universe – “Who am I?”

Pursuing the truth is the desire and instinct of mankind. Laozi, Sakyamuni, Socrates, etc., before or after them, countless sages are pursuing the truth and pursuing a truth called the ultimate truth.

So what exactly is the so-called ultimate truth pursued by these philosophers? The deepest is often the shallowest, the shallowest is often the deepest. The ultimate truth is – “Who am I?”!

“Who am I?”, suddenly, it seems that this is a ridiculous and ridiculous question. If a person is alive, don’t you even know it? Yes, very few people know.

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Why do your thoughts create diseases and cure diseases?

One of the greatest discoveries of modern physics is that “material is energy.”

This is also the greatest contribution Einstein made to mankind. He revealed to us that matter is only a form of energy.

What we see with the naked eye is not real. What is invisible to the naked eye is the real existence.

To put it more clearly, we see that houses, walls, and bodies are not real. They are pure energy. Because electrons move so fast that they are invisible to the naked eye, they are considered to be an entity.

The physicists have studied for three hundred years and want to find out the essence of matter. The deeper they explore, the more they become confused. They simply can’t believe that there is nothing in matter. The essence of matter is not matter, but energy.

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Science is proving that science is not scientific

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Where is the biggest crisis in the world now?

I believe that there will be many dimensions of answers to this question. For example, unlimited access to resources, such as the invention of nuclear weapons, such as the acceleration of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

But my answer is that science has progressed.

It is true that science has indeed liberated the productive forces tremendously, making the material life of mankind more and more abundant, and even reaching the edge of the cosmic era. But as science and technology are breaking through the critical point, this incident will also bring unimaginable blows to our human society, even enough to destroy the civilized social structure we have built up for centuries.

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