Seventh wife

Ebby is a little man dressed neatly. On this day, he found a book on forensic medicine in a second-hand bookstore. There was a case in the book that was very much to his liking. This case is about Mrs x who fell and died on her rug. It looked like an accident, but some people accused the deceased’s husband of premeditated murder. However, the accusation was finally terminated due to sudden cardiac death of the defendant.

According to Mr. X, Mrs. X was about to give him a glass of water when suddenly the rug slipped under her feet. The prosecution lawyer presented a forensic authorization, which clearly proved that as long as the husband played a trick when he reached for the cup-placing one hand under his wife’s shoulder and the other hand around her neck and pushing it suddenly-he could create the same horror as tripping over the carpet without leaving any traces of the crime.

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Come into unavoidable confrontation

Huang Dajie is a personal dealer. She looks simple and honest, but she is ruthless in abducting and selling children. On this day, she secretly carried away a three-year-old boy at the gate of the supermarket in the city. After feeding the boy sleeping pills, she took the boy and jumped onto a long-distance bus bound for the countryside.

There were many people on the bus, and a dark man gave Huang Dajie a seat. Huang Dajie thanked her and sat down.

Huang Dajie’s neighbor was a young woman. She held out a finger and poked the child in Huang Dajie’s arms in the face, saying, ” Your child is so cute, can I hold it?”

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Eagle and sheep

  In the foothills before dawn, the light gray has been compared with the dark.

  The place is cold and cold, and there is no wind. On the bare mountain top, the stars hide behind the clouds and are within reach. To the east, the steep cliffs are towering and standing on the mountains forever. There is an eagle’s nest at the edge of the cliff.

  The night is like a tidal wave, gradually receding from the cliff, and the gradually bright sky climbs between the branches of the eagle’s nest. A few eagle eagle under the loose wings of the female eagle. The female eagle raised her head and raised her wings slightly, looking around. Suddenly the coldness caused the fledgling eagle to tremble and involuntarily leaned against the mother’s leg. At this moment, the eagle screaming cockroach is standing beside the nest, watching the sky on the other side motionless, and the white eagle crest is flat and narrow. Under the fierce eyes, a pair of yellow eyes stared at the fading whiteness of the East Sea.

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A love, two people grow up

  After writing so much love, it is always inevitable that someone will ask me the same question: “Why do you like to write love?”

  The proportion of love is different at every stage of life, but it is part of life. I write the part of life I saw from love, and that’s all.

  When you grow up, when you are old, there will be other pursuits in life. Those pursuits are not inferior to love, even higher than love. However, if a person has never pursued love, just like a person has no childhood, after all, Is it a bit lonely?

  One day, thousands of sails have passed, I understand that love is not the whole of life, even see the illusion of love, smiles admit that you do not understand love, but also see a career like a dream bubble, this is also a comprehension?

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Stop the boat for a temporary loan, or fear that it is a fellow

  He found that selling the squid head in the biggest supermarket in the city was a strange thing. No matter how the fish eat, the Americans will not see the fish head, like a cleansing. Perhaps this is a special sale to celebrate the Chinese year. There are more and more Chinese people in the city, and the induction of the business is the most accurate.

  The fresh fish head that has just been cut from the squid is wrapped in plastic wrap. A few black and white children, pointing at the fish hair, made a horrible expression while making a horrible expression. He stooped into the freezer and turned the head of the carp. He had already seen one, but he was unwilling to visit other heads. The level of fine professionalism was comparable to that of the surgeon. Suddenly, a slender hand took the head he had wanted. He looked up and saw only the slender back of the woman, pushing the shopping cart and walking away without any problems. He was frustrated by the neatly arranged fish heads in the cupboard.

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