You can live your life as you eat a meal.

Happiness is beyond the distance.

There are three meals a day in front of me.

During the Chinese New Year, it is inevitable to have big fish and shrimps and delicacies, which leads us to ” put on 3 catties every festive season”.

Eating is an extremely important activity for our life.

Nowadays, it is no longer a problem for us to eat fully. The problem is how to make ” eating” a pleasure rather than a burden.

Before, there was a friend who didn’t like to waste time on eating, or he always thought eating was a waste of time.

A few years ago, when he was studying for postgraduate entrance examination, he disliked three meals a day. He got up at 6 o’clock every day, endorsed and memorized words.

Breakfast is instant noodles, lunch is takeout, and no dinner at night.

He said the most: ” I will stay up late tonight and review.”

Later, after taking part in the work, I didn’t like eating. Some colleagues said to him, ” Have a good meal.”

He said firmly, ” Eating is a waste of time anyway.”

His words reminded me of Yu Juan, an anti-cancer teacher at Fudan University. Yu Juan was diagnosed with cancer, walking on the edge of life, she regrets to:

” live up to one’s daily provisions, and live up to the family members who want to eat and drink with you every day.”

How can you plan your life if you don’t even plan the time for a meal?

The best way to pursue your dream is to eat three meals a day, sleep well, have a healthy body, let your family rest assured and support, and let yourself pursue it for a long time.

In The Bite of China, director Chen Xiaoqing once said one of his experiences.

He once went to Chengdu and had a midnight snack at night, only to find that on the way there were all Chengdu people who ate and waited for food.

At that time, it was the Wenchuan earthquake. At this time, people can still enjoy a good meal, which is the happiness that a person can truly grasp.

Only at this time can people feel that ” eating” is such a happy thing. In addition to satisfaction, it can also make people full of strength.

Eating well is a way of life. When you treat every meal perfunctorily, you are also perfunctory to your life.

Those who live happily three meals a day can also live happily.

Prevent excessive emotional eating

In the eyes of many consumers, food is like white light, which can give people a deep sense of comfort and embrace.

Simple and convenient happiness can be found in food. Compared with other pleasure that can be obtained through hard work, it is too easy to get.

The BBC documentary ” Perfect Diet” tells the story of a gentleman:

When Alison was a little girl, she was often punished and abused.

Whenever she is naughty, doesn’t listen well and doesn’t finish her homework seriously, her parents will punish her.

The usual punishment is not to allow her to eat, or to force her to eat such bad food as soaked bread.

For a long period of time in her life, eating is punishment for her, thus breeding her desire for and dependence on food.

Since she was 15 years old, Alison has always chosen to eat hard whenever she is under pressure or depressed.

Alison has formed an ” abnormal” relationship with food psychologically for a long time.

She is used to relying on eating to solve negative emotional problems, especially when eating unhealthy food such as depression and depression.

Even after 50 years, Alison has married and had children and a family of her own, she still eats emotionally.

In this case, food is used as a tool to fill some emotional needs, rather than to solve physical hunger.

This emotional diet will lead to obesity, which in turn will aggravate one’s depression and dissatisfaction with oneself, forming a vicious circle.

Eating should conform to the body’s feeling, and respecting the body’s feeling is the most reliable under the condition of ensuring the natural ingredients.

Life is no more than 76,000 meals, one less meal and one less day.

Every meal deserves to be taken seriously and every day deserves to be spent beautifully. You can live your life as you eat every meal.

I would like to have a good meal and be your daily happiness, not your task or burden.