Women who are not easy to handle: not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. You cannot live in a circle without people who have conflicts with yourself or people you dislike.

Some people always want to be a nice guy and help you without conflicts with other people.

On reflection, such people have no principles at all, have no own right or wrong criteria, and only dare not show their true self.

But in life, who is not living for the first time, why always wronged himself?

To be a woman, one should be a woman who makes people feel uneasy. one can be angry with one’s mood, not afraid of the future and not thinking about the past.


An unruly woman is very independent.

Women cannot find good men by virtue of their beauty. Men who only like beautiful girls, however good, are limited.

Good men tend to pay more attention to women’s inner strength, because the most attractive thing about women is their inner independence.

Only an independent girl can have real light. You can’t be respected without your own thoughts and career. Therefore, only girls who are not attached to people can be truly wonderful.

A woman is not afraid to marry the wrong husband when she is self – strengthening.

Don’t take love as a life-saving straw, don’t expect marriage to change your fate, even if you meet someone unkindly, it doesn’t mean you will never get over it, remember to forgive others and forgive yourself.

A woman with independent ability has always been a troublesome woman. Even if she is torn to pieces by life, she has the confidence to start over again.

By virtue of his own ability, he can make life into poetry, imagine the life process, and all the injuries he once suffered will only be experiences.


An unruly woman has her own views.

Once a gossip reporter ran to Guo jingjing’s father-in-law and said, ” my daughter-in-law is going to have a third child. what do you think of this?”

Guo jingjing’s father-in-law was surprised to hear this question and said, ” leave it to her to answer!”

This is Guo jingjing’s own business. of course, he must answer it himself. even if the elder is a father – in – law, he must respect other people’s ideas and not make decisions for others.

Such an answer fully reflects Guo Jingjing’s position in the family.

The love between Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang is considered by many as the love story between Cinderella and the prince.

Faced with the media’s questioning, she answered superciliously: He is rich, I am the champion.

She knows that she is in charge of her own life, does not follow the crowd in all things, adheres to her own opinions and resolutely goes her own way.

After marrying into a rich and powerful family, she was not bound by the rich and powerful family. She always had her own ideas and lived the life of an ordinary person according to her own wishes.

A woman with an independent mind is lovely, and a woman with an independent mind is even more attractive, lovely and attractive, and can obtain sweet love and happy marriage.

Men like women’s gentleness and kindness, but they prefer women to be independent.

If a woman has her own opinion, she will be very confident and happy. She will not blindly listen to others and will not be influenced by what others say.


An unruly woman has an attitude.

Wei wreaths in Story of Yanxi Palace have always been loved by everyone.

She is not a traditional Marisol mistress, not a fool who knows nothing about the world, but an unruly ” social” image.

When he first entered the palace, Wei wreaths all attracted the envy of all the maids because of his outstanding appearance and outstanding embroidery workers.

The maid-in-waiting Jinxiu did not like to see wreaths praised in the embroidery examination, and repeatedly looked for work. Before going to bed at night, Fairview proudly picked up the teapot and poured water on the quilts.

Without further ado, wreaths all poured a bucket of water directly onto splendid bed and body, which can be said to be the same as one’s own.

She said, ” have you had enough? Originally, I entered the palace not to make friends. But I must warn you today:

I, wei wreaths all, born temper, not easy to handle. If anyone talks again, I have plenty of ways to deal with her. ”

Her philosophy is that she will never submit to being bullied.

The best way to deal with unappreciative people is like Wei wreaths all. Put on your own attitude and let the other party know that you are not a bully.

Only with principles, bottom line, temper and edges and corners can life be easy and smooth.

For the rest of my life, I will be an unruly woman, not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past. One heart goes forward, past events are cleared, love and hate are free!