Will the game replace socialization as a new outlet?

The number of active users of “Glory of the King” is close to 100 million. It has become a mainstream entertainment method in China, far exceeding the number of sports such as basketball and football. But more importantly, “Glory of the King” marks the arrival of a new era, social networks will die, and the game will be in place.

First, the game is a mass culture medium: historical experience shows that each generation always thinks that they are playing high-level things, others are playing low-level. In the past, some people once regarded the game as a savage beast. Ma Yun once said in 2008 that “starving and not playing games” and also proposing to the country, “If the children play games, what will the country do in the future?”. It was rumored that Ma Yun, who boycotted the game, saw his old father start playing games one day. The lonely old man found fun in the game. Ma Yun also changed his view of the game in that moment. Later, Alibaba also started playing games. Legend is the legend, in fact, more importantly, the times have changed, and the game has become one of the most important forms of entertainment for the aborigines of the digital age.

In this historic movement in which human social life migrated from the physical world to the virtual world, “games” are becoming new forces following text, pictures, and videos. Yes, I emphasize that “games” are becoming the fourth generation of content media after text, images, and videos. The 100 million active users of “Glory of the King” have given us a clear signal: the game is no longer a niche entertainment demand, and now it has reached the turning point of differentiation and become one of the most important components of the popular culture. I don’t see you. Now the class assignments in the elementary school have been divided into the “King of the Glory” and the “Big Ball”.

Thanks to the increasingly diverse cultural life of the Internet age, books, comics, and cartoons that every child sees are increasingly diversified, and common topics have been replaced by games. After 95, they grew up playing games, and they didn’t have any rejection of the game. Playing games after 95, like the mahjong playing after 50, the square dance after 60, the mud played after 70, the cartoons seen after 80, is already a cultural phenomenon. As the existence of popular culture, the game will inevitably emerge its cultural idol in this field.

Second, your understanding of the game may be wrong: Do you think the game is just a small pastime? The game is actually a rule system that can be loaded with everything.

The Internet pursues content as the king. In the past, the content carrier was text, pictures, and video, but now it has spread to the game. If you are in game density > Games > Video > Pictures > Text, the good game screen is just like a movie. In fact, a large number of games have been adapted for film. From “Assassin’s Creed”, “Resident Evil: Final Chapter” to “Final Fantasy 15: The Sword of the King”, the game industry and the film industry are closely integrated. In the technological advancement of the game, major manufacturers are still advancing by leaps and bounds. After the 2017 E3 Game Show, almost all of the game companies’ stocks rose.

I can’t imagine how the game industry will undergo earth-shaking changes if Hollywood’s gold creators and IP are injected into the game industry. In fact, Disney, Universal Studios, MGM and other film companies have long seen this trend, and have already begun to lay out the game industry. One of the biggest advantages of the game is strong feedback, strong interactivity, rather than passively accepting information like video or pictures. In this interactive environment, people can get a steady stream of satisfaction, far beyond movies and videos.

The so-called “content is king, interaction is backward”, the game devours the movie is just like “dimension reduction attack”, and the video combination game is also the current industry trend. Gamification has always been an important issue in the Internet industry. Everyone adds game elements to Internet products, but if you start to socialize from the game, it is more likely to cause a bloody storm.

Third, the game is the biggest challenge for Facebook in the future: if the social network is the mapping from the physical world to the virtual world, and the online game is the native network social platform of the virtual world. If the social game is going from social to game, then the online game is going from the game to social. If people used to need social networking, but nowadays, what everyone needs is social networking. Social life has inevitably migrated from the physical world to the virtual world. In fact, games and socialization are inherently natural. The game itself has a lot of fun to socialize, such as all board games, multiplayer/online games, and the power of socialization is greatly reflected in the game.

“Everyday Werewolf Kill”, “Yin Yang Shi”, “King of the Glory” are all using social power to promote user stickiness, and a good multiplayer game is necessarily a good social system. The game itself can be understood as a system of rules, and it is very natural to socialize under this system of rules. The game scene allows strangers to do a specific thing together, and gamers have a common interest tag.

This moment solved many problems of strangers’ social interaction. The first one is icebreaking, and the second is credit problem. Therefore, “Audition” and “Glory of the King” are also considered to be the best “Aventure” platform. Now the game is also getting through the social system, pulling a bunch of friends to open the black, or inviting friends/men and women to play games has become a very common phenomenon.

Fourth, the rise of female players: Since 2016, a series of phenomena-level games such as “Everyday Werewolf Kill”, “Yin Yang Shi”, “King of the Glory” have appeared intensively in China. The common feature of these products is the extensive participation of female players.

In 2017, KPCB Queen’s Internet Trend Report pointed out that the main players of game players are still men aged 21-35, but overall, the number of women can compete with men, especially in the field of mobile games, the sex ratio is close to 1: 1. Women have always been the main force of social networks, the most consuming and most communicative group. As we all know, in terms of business value, the law is “girls > children > young women > old people > dogs > men”. In the Chinese game market, there is also a long-standing old saying: “The female players have the world”, each female player will bring a large number of male players to entertain, retain and pay in the game. In the old days, even the game “Jian Wang 3”, which is called “we have a lot of female players”, in fact, the proportion of female players is optimistic that it is no more than 30%.

In fact, you may not know that it is not that girls do not like to play games, but that they have not really given the right to play games for girls. With the popularity of mobile Internet and mobile social networks, Chinese female users with payment capabilities are finally able to access games that they were not interested in before. “Yin Yang Shi” is China’s first mainstream female game player, the proportion of women accounted for 46.4%! Design and play are also in line with women’s preferences. The subsequent “Glory of the King” is also a proof that it also attracts 40% of female players.

V. Game: Where did the time go: the new round of consumption and the prosperity of the format is a round of time, and all the commercial competition finally falls on the competition for user time. The most scarce of everyone is time. Once your time is spent on the game, the time spent on social networks is less, and the existence of the game itself is replacing social networks. According to the KPCB Queen’s report, video games and mobile games accounted for two of the top three in terms of the amount of time users spend on the digital platform each day.

Users spend 51 minutes a day on a digital media platform and 35 minutes on a mobile game. From July 2015 to March 2017, the global player’s daily mobile game play increased by 33%.

Sixth, the game is the salvation of mankind: the game is more and more important in human life, even the “first life” of many people, why? Because the real world is too helpless! Escape and denial are the most natural tendencies of human beings when it is not possible to change objective facts.

In China, where the class is becoming more and more solid, the middle and lower layers that can’t afford the house can only be pasted by buying bags and playing games, and this crowd is the real consumer of the game. In addition, as the marriage ratio of the millennial generation gradually declines, the proportion of singles is getting higher and higher, and entertainment methods that seek entertainment from the game will become more and more popular. Many games have even become the “first life” of some players, such as the players of “EVE Online”, and the real world is their “second life.” Future successful online games will not attract advanced players, but low-end players and white players. The more users sink, the more successful the game will be.

Seventh, the game industry still has a lot of room for improvement: there is still a long way to go before the game completely replaces the social network, but a lot of experience accumulated in the development of Internet products can be directly applied to the game industry. For example, modern Internet companies often have a full-time Growth Team, which is directly responsible for product development related to product growth, replacing and supplementing traditional marketing responsibilities to ensure continued growth. Machine learning and recommendation systems have been widely used in different Internet products, but there are few applications in the game. Once the game mechanism can be designed to be driven by algorithms, just like information flow is an algorithm-driven product design. The same will definitely bring disruptive changes to the game industry.

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