When you focus on your life, anxiety will disappear naturally.

Have you noticed that we are becoming more and more anxious?

You work hard to improve yourself every day, listen to a book every day on your way to work, pay attention to a lot of public numbers on financial and current affairs, and learn a lot through fragmented time.

But you find that the harder you work, the more anxious you become. The more you watch, the more you feel bad, the more pressure you feel.

You don’t want to miss any news point or lose the conversation with others, but you feel that you can’t finish reading it, and the more you read, the more confused your mind becomes.

Every night when I come home, I feel that I don’t have enough time. I have a lot of things to do. I always sleep tired and wake up hard.

You used to stay at home well and brush up your circle of friends for a while. There were all kinds of beautiful travel photos, loving pictures and beautiful life. The calm mood would have caused a little stir.

Clearly these are the daily activities of good friends, why do you look so upset, so that turning off your cell phone will bring some pictures, flash some words and let yourself get upset.

Everything hasn’t changed, it’s your own mentality. It is these daily dribs and drabs that keep us anxious.

Our life is getting better and better. We have more income and time than before. Our society is developing faster and faster. However, we are becoming more and more anxious and negative.

There is a book that says, ” anxiety is caused by the heart, not the outside world, and is a response to a vague, distant, and unrecognized danger.”

We often don’t know why, but we just feel very agitated and anxious, as if we are worried about something, but if we think about it carefully, the things we are worried about may not happen at all. Sometimes I even feel ridiculous, but I just can’t control it.

After all, the root cause of anxiety comes from ourselves. In my opinion, there are no more than two aspects:

The first is comparison with others. One writer wrote in his book: ” When society guarantees the basic needs of life, it is actually when our identity anxiety arises. When we see others have more, when we fall into endless comparison with others, our anxiety will constantly disturb us. ”

The more developed the society is, the stronger our desire is.

If you pay attention to the details of life and pay attention to your emotional changes, you may easily find that most of the negative energy sources in our life are comparative. Moreover, we usually like to compare ourselves with people who are similar to ourselves.

Some people’s lives are thousands of times better than ours, but we can feel at ease. However, the slightest success of others can make us feel bitter and uncomfortable. We are often jealous of only those who are at the same level as us.

The second reason for anxiety is inner insecurity.

Modern people often lack security, whether men, women or children. The source of people’s sense of security is the affirmation of others.

Therefore, people often ask each other over and over again whether they love themselves or not. Therefore, children will become scared and helpless when they are not affirmed by adults. The reason why we do a job to make ourselves happy is not whether we have completed it, but whether our leaders are satisfied.

Our joys and sorrows are often based on the evaluation of others. Worried about other people’s evaluation, the heart is often sensitive, and sensitivity is the source of anxiety.

I also often do this, let’s take writing articles as an example.

Most of the time, I often want to have a rest and don’t write anything for a few days, but when I lie in bed and rest, an idea constantly comes to my mind: ” if I keep being lazy, if I don’t update, will readers leave me and wake up with all my fans gone?”

At the end of the day, it is nothing more than insecurity or, in other words, lack of confidence.

What makes us not confident, besides the influence of our family and the influence of our growing environment, more importantly, our ability is not strong enough.

In modern society, the rhythm is fast taking off, and anxiety has long been the norm. Everyone has the feeling of anxiety. It is human’s instinct to produce anxiety. Overcoming anxiety is human’s ability.

When you know the source of anxiety, when you know yourself better, you can coexist peacefully with anxiety.

Therefore, why not learn to accept your own imperfection and accept the unfairness of the world? Don’t indulge in other people’s life, don’t care too much about other people’s opinions.

The root of anxiety is your heart, no one can replace it, no one can save it, only you.

The next time you feel fidgety and anxious, remember to take a deep breath, try to shield the noise around you, pay attention to your feelings, pay attention to your heart.

If you concentrate, you will reduce your anxiety time. If you have no distractions, you will not use others as a reference.

When you focus on your life and try to become better and better, your anxiety will naturally disappear.