What is the use of calculating pi? What happens after all?

Mathematics is the most rigorous science, and mathematics is also the most interesting science. At the age when we just entered the world of mathematics, we were confused by mathematics. At the same time, we were deeply attracted by the charm of mathematics. For most of us, the first interesting problem we came into contact with was the pi, the pi, which is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter. The interesting thing about this ratio is that it is irrational, infinite and does not cycle. In the initial contact with pi, it is very difficult to understand logically. why is there such a number, infinite and not cyclic? In the end, many people silently gave an answer in their hearts, definitely because of their limited calculation ability, they failed to calculate the pi.

Later, we finally understand that this idea is too wishful thinking. In ancient times, it was indeed a very difficult thing to calculate the pi. Zu Chongzhi, a great mathematician in ancient China, was famous for accurately calculating the pi between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927 by means of secant. But for people nowadays, it is not difficult to calculate the pi, because we have supercomputers, you may not know, up to now, the most powerful supercomputer has calculated the pi to 1 trillion decimal places, and it still has no cycle. Perhaps you will also say that as long as you continue to calculate, you will one day be able to calculate the pi. Unfortunately, this is only speculation and is impossible, because pi is a really irrational number.

After rigorous logical reasoning, scientists have already proved that pi is an irrational number using the method of reduction to absurdity. that is to say, no matter how to calculate it, you will never be able to count one trillion or one million. Because if the pi is calculated, it is equivalent to proving that the real circle does not exist. What do you mean? Let’s put it this way, we have a regular hexagon. The difference between it and a circle is obvious. What if we turn it into a dodecagon? It is still different from a circle, but it is no longer so obvious. As the sides of a polygon are infinitely divided, it becomes closer and closer to a circle. However, no matter how many sides there are, it is always a polygon and cannot be as smooth as a circle. This is also the reason why the pi cannot be calculated.

If the pi is calculated completely, that is to say, if the polygon is divided to a certain extent, it will become a circle, and there will be no real circle or real smooth curve. Obviously, this is not the case. If this is the case, the whole mathematical system will collapse, and many integrated circuits and space engineering we have seen are wrong. In this case, then there is a question. Since the pi is simply endless, why are there so many people keen to calculate the pi? It seems that calculating pi is a must for all supercomputers. In fact, the purpose of calculating pi by supercomputer is different from what you think. do you think that the purpose of calculating pi by computer is to get more digits of pi? No.

Pi is simple to say, it is only the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, but in fact the calculation process is extremely complicated. if you have tried to use a home computer to calculate pi, you will understand that this is an almost impossible task. to calculate pi, you must use a powerful supercomputer. therefore, to test the performance of a supercomputer, the best way is to let it calculate pi. which computer can calculate pi with a large number of digits and fast speed, which computer has the most powerful function. Therefore, the calculation of pi by supercomputer is actually just a test of its own performance. As an irrational number, pi is widely used in electronic engineering, aerospace engineering and even algorithm encryption. π, unreasonable, but indispensable.