What is the standard of whether a thing should be done or not?

Yan Hui is a lovely student. He often reports his experience to the teacher. One day, Yan Hui said to his teacher Zhong Ni, ” It’s good to be back.” ” Hui” is Yan Hui’s self – assertion, that is to say, he feels he has made progress. Confucius said, ” How have you improved?” Yan Hui said, ” I have forgotten benevolence and righteousness.” Confucius said: ” Not enough.” Two days later, Yan Hui added, ” I have made progress again. I have forgotten the ritual and music.” Confucius added: ” Not enough.” A few days later, Yan Hui and Confucius said, ” I have made progress again. I have naturally forgotten my bones, and now I have even forgotten my physical condition. ”

It is said that when meditation hits a certain class, some people will forget everything. In short, Yan Hui said to his master, ” I have forgotten the existence of my body, abandoned my smart role, closed my witty heart, and felt that I was in line with the road.” Confucius said: ” Without selfishness, following the changes of the universe, there is no reason to stick together and stagnate.”

When I was talking about Yan Hui saying that he had forgotten all these things, and I was thinking about how to express this feeling of ” sitting and forgetting”, I suddenly remembered one thing: I bought a 16G mobile phone for a period of time to save money. ( It was originally a 16G mobile phone, but 4G will be used as soon as the system is installed, so the maximum amount of usable memory is 12G. In a few days, the phone will automatically remind you that the memory is full. So, I’m going to look at what was deleted. First of all, I deleted the contents of WeChat. Secondly, I delete mail as much as possible. Finally, I unloaded all the apps that I could not install, leaving only WeChat. But in a couple of days, the phone will remind you that the memory is full.

When you delete almost everything, even a lot of pictures, documents and other especially important things, you will have a very sour feeling, because your mobile phone runs smoothly. This is actually a cell phone with only 12G memory, which has been used by me for more than a year, and I regularly delete content.

In the past, I thought that deleting the contents of some mobile phones was just one of the helpless expressions of modern people. Later, I found that in fact this can be expressed in a very high-level way. In Zhuangzi, it is called ” Yan Hui’s Sitting and Forgetting” – forgetting the most important things, and in the end, even the body feels lost.

Liang Dong | What is the standard for a thing to be done or not?

From now on, delete all unnecessary things

Confucius asked, ” How does it feel when you really sit and forget?” Yan Hui said: ” To leave one’s form to know is the same as that of Datong. This is called sitting and forgetting.” What do you mean? Yan Hui said: ” When I delete everything one by one, I feel that my system’s pulse is running smoothly, and I feel the same frequency resonance between the rhythm of my breathing and breathing and the rhythm of the expansion and absorption of the universe.”

Why can’t people feel the feeling of ” I forget both things”? If you fully resonate with the frequencies of the entire universe, of course you will not feel it. Just like when watching a movie, our eyes are glued and our brain has a short memory, so a picture flashed by a quarter of a second, followed by a picture appeared by a quarter of a second, is smooth in our eyes, because our brain consciousness is still living at a slow speed. If we are close to zero clearing and remove a lot of conscious adhesions, then we may have the same frequency as the picture frame by frame. At that time, you can’t see a smooth picture, but the picture frame by frame, even the air in the picture. So, when you can’t see it, it disappears.

Deleting is really an interesting topic. We call it ” deleting power” and ” sitting and forgetting power” in Zhuangzi. There is a famous question about deletion in Zhihu: ” Under what circumstances should the person in the circle of friends be deleted?”

Just imagine, in your circle of friends, there is a person who cries and cries and sends out mass messages, asking you to praise his first WeChat and cheer for his son’s performance in kindergarten. You hesitated for a moment, finally feel embarrassed, rushed to the past to give him some praise, found that the man blocked you, do you think you should delete or not delete?

If we delete all WeChat messages in our mobile phones that do not know their real names and can’t remember whether they are ” Asako Wang”, ” Li Ergou” or ” Chen Sanpang”, you will find that the world has no influence. Then, you deleted all the photos taken inside your cell phone and found that there seemed to be nothing. Then, if you delete the downloaded apps one by one, you may feel unaccustomed at first, because those are your eyes and your body, but you finally deleted them. Slowly, slowly, you will find that in fact you have gained some freedom.

Therefore, if we put Yan Hui’s ” sitting and forgetting” into the present, we will find a corresponding performance art, that is, ” deleting” and saying a vulgar word called ” giving up one’s life” ( the word was originally quite good, but the only bad thing was that too many people talked about it, making you feel embarrassed to mention it, but it was true ). Our brains, our consciousness, our circle of friends, etc. seem to have been overloaded.

Liang Dong | What is the standard for a thing to be done or not?

What is the standard of whether a thing should be done or not?

One day, when I was chatting with a friend about whether a thing should be done or not, he said, ” I will have a good standard.” I said, ” What criteria?” He said: ” For us modern people, if you hesitate to do something or not, you will definitely not do it. If you are still hesitating, do not buy this stock. ”

Therefore, this is an interesting multiple choice question. Only when you really don’t have to think about what you should or shouldn’t do can you do it, because you no longer need to think hard.

One of my friends had this experience. He said, ” I go to a real estate to see a house and always wonder whether I should buy this house or not. Is it necessary to divorce my wife again for this house?” I said, ” if you are, don’t. Last time, why did you divorce? ” He said: ” The last time I saw that house, I thought it was the house of my dreams, so I divorced my wife without hesitation. The point is, my wife likes it, and she divorced me without hesitation. ” Just to buy a house, two people can make such a decisive judgment. Therefore, deletion is a very important ability and consciousness of our modern people.

Now, please follow my imagination. One hand clicks on the screen in your brain and sees a ” trash can” icon in the lower right corner. Then click on that trash can. No matter what picture appears in your mind now, you must delete it and put it in that trash can. At this time, you will find that a face emerges – whether it belongs to your husband ( wife ) or your child, delete it. You will see another face, this face is the one you think you have forgotten, and this ” program” has been running silently in your subconscious, then click and delete it. Then a face or a picture will pop up, which should be the picture of the stock market situation – many people will take a look at the stock market situation that day before going to bed, see what happened to the stocks they held, and delete this picture. Another pop-up is today’s PPT picture, delete it. The picture of female colleagues in the company pops up and is deleted. Pop up a very handsome picture of the courier brother, delete … Delete until now you find that the picture of your parents hasn’t appeared, shouldn’t you reflect?

In fact, I believe one thing more and more now, that is, most of us turn off our cell phones before going to bed without turning off the open pages. In fact, those programs may still be running. Therefore, all windows that have been opened should be closed before turning off the mobile phone at night. I can imagine more and more that before I go to bed at night, I need to turn off all the pages that I opened that day one by one, just as you need to turn off all the current thoughts and flashing images one by one in your heart. The dream will be deeper and sweeter only if it is shut down and cleaned up.

Don’t be afraid to delete. Starting tomorrow morning, bravely and forcibly withdraw from the two circle of friends and delete ten people, you will find that you have a pleasant sensation. You suddenly see that some people are not so important in your life, and some things are not so important. If you delete them, you will forget to succeed.

In Confucius’s words, ” Qiu also invited to come back”. This means that I, Kong Qiu, also very much hope to reach the state of complete deletion like you. Let me follow you to find that feeling of avenue.

Fortunately Zhuang Zi told such a story at that time, otherwise, we would not have been able to find more classical annotations for various deletions on WeChat.