What is nature and what is unnatural?

Some time ago, when I first got the publication of ” The Human World”, my heart was filled with guilt. To what extent does one have to be ignorant before he can publish a book? This is just Liang Xiaodong’s learning notes during his growing up. Please also invite Haihan. If you don’t speak out and write out this feeling of trepidation, you probably don’t know how superficial you have been.

In front of us, we have finished ” Da Sheng” in the outer part of ” Zhuang Zi”. Today, we will learn ” Pianmu” in the outer part.

” It’s really amazing to have a double thumb and a double finger”, which means that when some people are born, their fingers or toes are connected. There are still others whose fingers will have one more.

I met an old gentleman ( an old calligrapher in Guangzhou ) who had six fingers. When he usually writes, he holds a writing brush and feels like he is sticking up his orchid fingers. When I was young, when I saw a person with six fingers, I was somewhat curious and asked the other party, ” when you were wearing clothes, would you accidentally” cut ” the finger?”

So I asked the old calligrapher with six fingers, and I said, ” Do you feel unnatural to have one more finger?” At that time, when I was young, I was a child. I even asked him, ” Why don’t you chop it?”

The calligrapher looked at me and smiled. He said, ” Do you know? When most people write, they write with five fingers almost the same. When you have one more finger, the strength of your pen and the relationship between your grip and fingers are actually different. So you see, does this word I wrote still carry some special features? ”

At that time, I was young and did not understand the deep meaning of the old man’s words. I just felt strange. Only later did I know that once I was born in my own day, I wouldn’t be used to it. This old calligrapher has been used to six fingers since he was young. If you cut off one finger for him, it is just like cutting off one finger of a normal person. He will feel uncomfortable and always feel that one finger is missing.

I sometimes wonder: what would it be like if the place where people urinate was in the crunch ( underarm )? Everyone will lift their hands when going to the toilet, so the urine should be higher.

The point is, how curious and absurd it would be for someone to pee in a crunching nest at the beginning and see us all not scattering under the crunching nest.

The couple went to bed at night and the two crunched together to complete family planning. It was very interesting. Don’t think it’s funny, ” Pianmu” is about this matter.

You think it is strange to have one more finger, but if people are born with this, it is called nature. You want to cut off the extra fingers, that is unnatural.

Everything is a kind of habit, which is caused by accumulated karma. We are used to it, and this kind of habit makes us feel so natural.

So Chuang Tzu said that when a person is born, his fingers stick together, or one more finger, that is part of his nature and is more than the natural income of a normal person.

Things are different in acceptance because of their nature.

In the first sentence, Chuang Tzu made a particularly interesting point of view – it is natural for a person with six fingers, but because everyone else has five fingers and he is superior to others, he has a kind of ability. What should we think of this situation?

According to normal physiological structure, the eyesight of most of us should be normal ( if we didn’t watch iPad much later ). According to the normal distribution, 95% is called the normal interval, 2.5% belongs to the left side of the normal interval, and the remaining 2.5% belongs to the right side of the normal interval.

In this world, most people can see red and green, and their eyesight is 1.5, 1.2 and 0.8. However, some people are born with less color ( weak color ) and some people are amblyopic. We are somewhat sympathetic to such people – they are often restricted in their career choices.

However, the problem is that there may be more than 2% of the people on this earth with far more colors than we can see, just like one more finger. This kind of phenomenon is unreasonable for us, but it is a natural thing for them.

Another example is that some people are born a little rougher than others, feel a little rougher, and have no aesthetic nerve. They felt that there was nothing ugly in the world, such as strange colors matching together and lines not aligned. He felt that there was no problem at all.

While others, his heart may be particularly sensitive to certain things, others a casual look is enough to make him rich associations.

People with this sensitive trait are sometimes called ” neurotic” if we don’t understand them.

Chuang Tzu said that this sensitive trait is called ” wasting on virtue” – a trait of paramore people, but it is a natural ability for himself.

” Heart Sutra” says ” eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind”, which corresponds to ” color, sound, fragrance and touch”. What the eyes can see, what the ears can hear, what the nose can smell and what the body can feel can be understood by us. But ideologically, it is very difficult.

There is another kind of person who is genetically different from us. Some people don’t like broccoli very much. Later, through gene testing, it was found that this kind of people are especially sensitive to the bitter taste of broccoli. Therefore, thanks to genes, we know that the reason why this person hates broccoli or balsam pear so much may be that his genes are particularly sensitive to this kind of taste. Just like we eat very spicy chili.

If so, we can understand – oh, it turns out that he is different from me and what I don’t understand is natural to him.

Why do I think of cumin when I see ” nature” and ” cumin”? Because we all have different thoughts in our hearts.

So ” Pianmu” begins by saying: some people are born with a little more than others in some aspects, and some people have a little less, so let it be – let it be.

Don’t live in a narrow world

On the surface, although we are increasingly encouraging diversity, we encourage people to make the best use of their talents. But in fact, we always hope to use a so-called external objective standard to demand and plan everyone’s life and work. The Internet is deeply oppressing and restricting each of us in some very secretive way.

For example, when we read newspapers and magazines, we could see many things we didn’t know. It’s different now. Now most people rely on friends and headlines, or messages pushed by WeChat, to understand the outside world. So we see the same things over and over again, so you will think that only such things are right. Not necessarily.

People who listen to Zhuangzi may have some side effects if they listen too much – as if you have to understand that ” color is empty, empty is color”; You have to know that ” only Tao sets up deficiency”; You have to understand the inner seven articles and the outer seven articles. You have to understand that the world can be this way or not …

However, there are still more people in the world who do not listen to Zhuangzi and do not know trabecular. So when we talk about this, I especially want to remind everyone not to live in a narrow world, thinking that most of what you see represents the world.

One day, Lao Wu and I talked about a topic – iPhone. We said that the iPhone does not seem to have any creativity now, its appearance is similar, and it is still so expensive to sell, but we think it will get used to it after a long time.

Ten years ago, when you got an iPhone, the excitement and amazing feeling became the familiar feeling of holding your right hand with your left hand. From one to seven, there seems to be no big change either. There is a feeling of being with relatives and friends.

When I realized that we were marginalized, Lao Wu and I had a deep despair ( we can’t use the word despair, because we have never realized before that we are actually the marginal role in this society and are not mainstream ).

One day, an investor in a short video application drove a long way to me to save me. He said, ” Mr Liang, do you know? These are the people who listened to the theory of relativity of dong Wu and Liang zhuangzi. most of them are using our video. ”

I opened their APP and was horrified. A woman who looked strange to me ate sugar cane there. 150,000 people were watching and rewarded her with ” thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you …” oh my god, 150,000 people. by my standards, this society is crazy.

But by his standards, we are stupid. No wonder my son likes to sing this song recently – ” You are the wind and I am the sand”. He sings: ” I am crazy and you are stupid.” I said, ” We are crazy and stupid.”

What is natural and unnatural?

What is the opening topic of Pianmu? I am talking about something that is not natural to people. This is really a wonderful thing. Since we can’t ask ourselves by public standards, we shouldn’t ask others by our own standards.

Now people who use iPhone are called non-mainstream and marginalized people in China. I think iPhone’s market share in China may be less than 10%, ranking behind Huawei, OPPO, vivo and even other mobile phones, Xiaomi and ZTE. I haven’t mentioned Lenovo or hammer yet.

Therefore, those who feel that it is only natural to use the iPhone are just like those who have an extra finger. It is natural to you, but unnatural to others.

Everyone must realize that iPhone users are now non-mainstream in China and belong to marginalized people. Of course, you can use another standard: although not many people use it, the total amount of iPhone users can use is quite high because of its relatively expensive price. For example, in the Himalayas, the proportion of people listening to ” Liang Zhu Zhuang Zi” with iPhone is far higher than other mobile phones. Therefore, depending on what standard you use, the key is unnatural.

This is the problem-solving at the beginning of ” Pianmu”. The question discussed is: What is natural? Is it natural for a tumor to grow on you? At present, many people are frightened by the sound of a tumor. In essence, a lipoma is a tumor. Hyperplasia of mammary glands, ovarian cyst It is also a tumor. Some sores are called acne on the face and hemorrhoids on the buttocks, but the places where they grow are different.

Therefore, it is mentioned in ” Pianmu” that there is a small tumor on one’s body, which is beyond the natural nature of a normal person, but what is there? What is nature? What is unnatural? More than how much is unnatural? This is what Pianmu wants to discuss with you.

There is another interesting example about the topic of ” nature is not natural”.

In the Arab region, women have to cover their faces. When a friend of mine went to the Arab region, once she was in the lobby of the hotel ( according to the principle, she should be wearing a veil, she came down from the room temporarily to pick up things, but she didn’t wear them ). when she finished picking up things, she found that many men looked at her with amazing eyes. Only later did I know that this is just like everyone is wearing clothes and you are the only one who is not wearing clothes. how sexy, strange and attractive it is.

I used to think this kind of thing was ridiculous, but later I remembered that Hong Kong people wore masks during the SARS period. At that time, I was on Phoenix Satellite TV, just over 120 days after SARS, when one of my female colleagues suddenly took off her mask, I obviously felt my heart was pounding. After only 20 days, I watched my female colleague take off her mask and couldn’t help feeling that she was … it was late at night.