What happened in the 130,000 years that disappeared in human history? Is it true that people are not evolutionary?

Some of the scientific theories and answers we have accepted so far are almost always told by some famous scientists after decades of scientific experiments. He said that the earth is not square, nor is it a long, but a spherical state. The saying has always been accepted by everyone, including how the universe was formed. Scientists also gave the principle of a big bang, but in fact many things are gradually overthrown in the process of scientific progress, for example. The evolution of species evolution has been questioned by more people in recent years!

The biological evolution theory we have learned actually conforms to the natural truth. If we can’t accept the harsh environment of sudden change, we may be eliminated directly. For example, the dinosaur once ruled the earth for 150 million years, although the dinosaurs finally The main reason for the extinction is because the asteroids collided with the earth and brought disaster to the earth.

But in fact, there are many creatures that survived in that crisis. Why did the dinosaurs as the hegemon of the earth did not win the final victory? This is a process of being eliminated. Is this species evolution really suitable for every kind of creature? Let’s say humans!

At the beginning, we all agreed that people are evolved from apes. It is certainly not as simple as everyone thinks. Monkeys become people directly. Otherwise, why are the orangutans now locked in the zoo? Difficult to evolve into an adult? Most people give the explanation that today’s animals are almost always captive, but in many virgin forests, there are still a lot of wild animals, they still shuttle in the jungle for survival, and human evolution. So the reason for being suspected is because, about 200,000 years ago, human history has disappeared for 130,000 years. This is the important time. What may happen? Or lost some evidence, for example, the most direct evidence that apes evolved into adults!

Our human ancestors are modern wise men. Now, when the wise men are in the late stage, they are not much different in form from the present human beings, but there is an evolutionary process in the middle, which takes about ten thousand years, that is, The 130,000 years that scientists have thought to have disappeared, there is no evidence of fossils on Earth that can prove that modern Homo sapiens have evolved into human beings. Isn’t humans evolved? Many netizens have expressed their doubts about this, that is, they feel that there must be secrets inside, and some truths are covered up!