Wealth is a gamble

If you were a 10,000 – yuan household 40 years ago, how much of your wealth have you retained through 5% risk-free financial management?

To understand this concept, you need to know the average growth rate of your wealth every year for 40 years: that is, the real wealth gain rate = inflation – risk-free interest rate 5%; Then, with an initial value of 10,000 yuan x the 40 power of the actual wealth gain value, we can calculate the wealth surplus value of 10,000 yuan households that were famous 40 years ago to the present.

Taking 1978 and 2018 data as an example, the whole calculation process is very simple, but the screening of comparative data needs to be done with some brains, because in order to cover up some truth, some data have been castrated, such as M2, the statistical caliber has changed greatly many times in history, and the statistics will be fobbed off with constant revision.

You who see the truth clearly, please don’t be angry! Because, this world, who is not easy!

Let’s get back to the point.

In 1978, we had a population of 1 billion and a total deposit of 22 billion. In 2018, 40 years later, the total assets of the financial industry are about 260 trillion yuan, up about 12,000 times. Annual growth approaching 30%!

Why not use M2? For well-known reasons, it has been decorated. At present, it is relatively reliable to use the total assets of the financial industry to reflect the amount of money issued.

The illusion of paper corresponds to assets, so there is no doubt that the expansion of assets in the past 40 years should be reflected by GDP, which is the real wealth.

In the past 40 years, how much has our overall national strength GDP increased? GDP in 1978 was 367.87 billion. By 2018, GDP will be 90 trillion yuan, up 244 times and 14% annually.

Money expands 12,000 times and assets expand 244 times. See here? Without cultivation, I love money as much as my life, and like to get into a corner. I habitually scolded, ” Uncle! Wealth is made of water! ”

Returning to the initial question of ” ten thousand yuan households”.

Currency Growth Annualized – Asset Annual Growth Rate ( 30% – 14% ) = 16%, which means that all our existing wealth has been experiencing inflation of nearly 16% every year!

Deduct the risk-free interest rate of 5%, which means that the stock of wealth has been shrinking by about 11% every year for the past 40 years.

In the past 40 years, this 10,000 yuan household has shrunk to 10,000 x ( 1 – 11% ) to the power of 40 = 94.5 yuan, with less than 1% remaining. it is not enough to sell a toilet in a remote night market in Beijing.

In any part of the world where people smoke today, we have seen too many such examples, except for the million yuan households of that year. The large number of entrepreneurs who went to sea in those days; Even after 98 years, there are still a few outstanding figures left.

Wealth is a fraud.

The rise and fall of a piece of paper has passed through hands, scattered and scattered. Only after being washed several times can one truly understand it.


Where wealth has gone is a philosophical question.

Making money is like sailing against the current. It is good to keep going. The lesson learned by the older generation, who is not rich but the third generation, has not gone far either. Not all the children of the rich people eat, drink and spend all their time in the world. They finally lost their families. I am afraid this proportion is only 0.1%. The rich have never had a bad family education. What really dominates the rise and fall of the rich is the historical normalization of inflation.

Another meaning of inflation: 30 years east of the river and 30 years west of the river, Wang Fugui’s decline and Zhang Fugui’s rise.

Only when wealth rotates can we have vitality.

Inventory of all investment products, savings is ” you care about other people’s interest, others care about your principal”; Most people in the city chose the right direction but died in a reverse correction. At present, the remaining members of the bond market are the king. where will the small number of government bonds and city investment bonds get small participation? Gold is golden and can be said to be the patron saint of wealth. Not to mention the gang fights among the big brothers who receive credit money every day, can people’s faith in it last forever? Scarcity? Faith? Or is it cost? Which is the eternal and impregnable high wall fortress?

Sorry, the reality is very cruel.

Some people say, ” House is the eternal patron saint of wealth”. Land and houses naturally resist inflation. Land cannot be increased and supply is still monopolized. Although houses are depreciated, they can generate rental income and premium.

At first glance, it sounds quite right.

But when we analyze carefully, is land the eternal god of wealth? Not necessarily, the change of power has not been staged ten times in thousands of years, and there are too many second-tier cities that have been reduced to mediocrity in the once bullish North Korean capitals. Even in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, which have always been rich, who would have thought Pudong was the most valuable place today?

Touch the soil to cross the river, even if it is the same city, you cannot guarantee that the distribution of land value will remain the same one hundred years later.

No one knows the truth.

It’s all a concentrated bet.


Since it is gambling, it is a matter in which people participate.

When we turned N circles to look for the secret method of wealth appreciation and inheritance, we did not realize that we were the most critical variable factor. Your wisdom determines your family studies, and your wealth increment comes from actions inspired by your wisdom.

Your wisdom is the key to wealth.

At a critical juncture in history, you are certain that the national destiny will soon be reborn. At the beginning of the city’s jump, you chose to embrace the bonus. When choosing a career, you can see clearly the development of science and technology, occupy the bonus of human capital, and so on.

Things are dead, people are alive, your wisdom and diligence are the patron saint of wealth.

It is simple, but it is essential.

There is no eternal wealth in the world, regardless of intangible skills or family assets. Otherwise, it must be a prince elder brother of Aisingiorro who unifies the world.

The first meaning of inflation is the normalized negative rate of return. The second meaning is to ensure the social vitality of the ” cyclical fiscal equalization strategy”, with mandatory resource allocation tilted to young people as an expedient measure.

Life in the world is a process of steering a ship. The growth of the family’s wealth depends entirely on you. Therefore, carelessness cannot be neglected, wisdom or stupidity, diligence or laziness directly determine the success or failure of the family.

Wealth is a gamble.

On the table, you have to pay miscellaneous fees, and every bet is a real test of your intelligence and diligence.