Wall Street bankers say that the owner of global debt may not be human?

Is the global economy a closed system or an open system? Is the world’s financial elites trading with foreign entities and selling humans, so that human beings are enslaved by behind-the-scenes? People around the world are bound by the owners of legal tenders. These money owners put saddles on us. This saddle is an absolute, insurmountable debt obligation that cannot be paid off in mathematics. Currently, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that the total global debt is close to the US$90 trillion.

“In 2013, according to the CIA’s World Factbook, the gross world product (GWP) totaled approximately US$87.25 trillion, based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The resulting data, calculated from the nominal value of the nominal value, is about 74.31 trillion US dollars.”

The world’s gross domestic product is like the data obtained after converting the results of global human efforts every year into nominal prices. The recent world GDP is estimated to be about 78 trillion US dollars. That is to say, in a whole year, the total productivity of men, women and children on the planet totaling about 7.4 billion people belongs to someone, but no one knows. Who is this guy. How is this possible?

Some countries like Greece are facing severe and unnecessary difficulties because of private banks, which makes people around the world clearly understand that debt-based currencies are used to conquer the country and enslave free people. The legal currency system is so ridiculous. In fact, it can be abandoned, as the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan hinted: “The United States can repay any debt because we can print money to pay off debt. So the probability of default is zero.”

John Perkins, author of The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: “I recall the core tools that our economic killer EHMs (economic hit men) used in my time: false economics, which included distortions. Financial analysis, exaggerated predictions, fraudulent accounting books; secrets, scams, threats, bribes, extortion; false promises never realized, slavery through debt and fear. Today, the same tools are still being used. ”

After several years of research and research, individuals have come to the conclusion about the disappearance of the US government’s trillions of dollars. This person is Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Wall Street banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Housing Director of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He served in the Bush administration for the first time. Catherine Austin Fitts believes that global debt may be owned and owned by extraterrestrial entities that manipulate the Earth and use the Earth as a real estate investment: “Is the Earth an open economy or a closed economy? I think the Earth is a closed economy. The Earth is a Real estate investment trust, because we pay a certain dividend every year, and I don’t know where the money is paid. This is a question mark on the global balance sheet.” (Source)

Catherine Austin Fitts: “Let me ask the question you have to ask: Is this an open economy or a closed economy? Who owns these debts? Is it human or something else?”

We have appropriate answers to the question of who controls world debt (central banks, the International Monetary Fund, the private banking family), and we believe that these elites have these debts, but the cost of humans is so large that it is difficult to add up unless We will expand our horizons and take into account the possibility of the Earth people paying rent to an object. This object is the undisclosed behind-the-scenes.

Catherine Austin Fitts: “Some people say that gold will be a currency that allows us to trade between the stars. In 2011, someone stuck the price of gold and then in the open economy of the Gold Exchange Trading Fund (GLD ETF) An incredible biggest sale.”

So who owns our debt? This is a practical and critical issue that has an impact on the human condition that currently carries huge debts. How easy it is for us and our future generations to free themselves, and to break free from such unreasonable and harsh constraints, it is only necessary to simply change a few numbers on the computer screen. But in fact this option has not been proposed for discussion at any level.