Use these methods to raise yourself

“Looking at the little friends around me, they have become a family, they are nearly 30 years old, and they are still squatting on the journey of making down payment. Looking at the salary card, thinking about the girlfriend’s bag, the wife’s house, the eyes It’s a bit fuzzy, only work hard to expect a raise…” This is a network of sighs that have caused many urban office workers to resonate.

The rate of rising wages lags far behind the rise in housing prices and prices. The rising cost of living further exacerbates people’s economic pressures, which makes office workers’ demand for salary increases more and more urgent. But not everyone’s hard work can be recognized by the company. Even if you are fortunate enough to get a promotion, but want to greatly improve the quality of life through the growth of wages, it is definitely not an easy task for most office workers. Faced with the problem of “how to increase income”, passively “sit and wait for a raise” is clearly not the only standard answer.

“It is difficult to raise salary” or become “normal”

Speaking of salary increases, practical work seems to be the most ideal way. But many people have been wondering: I have worked so hard, and I am bitter and tired. Why didn’t income increase?

According to the focus topic survey released by Sohu Focus, the overall job satisfaction of office workers has declined. The proportion of “unsatisfied” people has reached 67%. The main reason for this is that wages are rising too slowly. According to the survey data, only 20% of the respondents achieved a salary increase through promotion, 7% of the respondents indicated that they only rose once, and 13% did not even raise their salary at one time. It can be seen that the number of people who have achieved substantial salary increases through promotion in the workplace is a minority. Most office workers, even if they work hard in their jobs, rely on the increase in the overall salary of the industry to obtain a “raise”.

The relevant analysis report released by Goldman Sachs also shows that China’s wage growth in the first quarter of 2016 has shrunk from more than 10% in 2013 to 7.3%. After China’s wage growth has officially bid farewell to “double digits”, it is expected that China’s wage growth will show a slowdown and may slow further in the future. Another expert pointed out that the pressure on China’s current economic downturn is relatively high. China’s labor wages may also enter the “normal state” of slowing growth. “It is difficult to raise wages” has become an unavoidable reality. When office workers want to increase their income, they can’t just wait for the “raise” to be passive. They also need to take the initiative and find another way.

Reasonable investment “money to make money”

As the saying goes, “You don’t manage money, money doesn’t care about you.” For office workers, the most direct “rising” method outside of work is to use balances to invest in wealth management, accelerate the long-term accumulation of assets, and achieve “money-making money.” purpose.

How to make money reasonably? In the final analysis, it is necessary to convert the idle funds into capital, carry out within the scope of the law, weigh the risks and benefits, and start from the actual situation to recognize their current financial situation, risk tolerance, income stability, etc. On the basis of setting its own income target and thus finding the investment target that suits you, let the money become capital and appreciate, and achieve a “raise increase”. What needs to be clear is that this “raise” is based on seeing the trend, establishing a reasonable investment portfolio, and patiently holding it. The office workers can build differently according to different risk tolerance and “raising” goals. Portfolio.

For example, if you have 300,000 yuan of investment funds in your hands and you are aiming to invest 3,000 yuan per month in your investment, you will need to earn 100,000 yuan in net profit in three years, that is, 300,000 yuan in three years. The principal should maintain a 10% compounding growth every year, so the office workers with strong risk tolerance can consider constructing the appropriate stock or partial stock fund combination of the 300,000 yuan principal. Steady and conservative office workers can moderately reduce their “increasing salary” target, and put the principal into low-risk investment targets such as bank wealth management products and money funds, which can be calculated for 4% of the annual income. A salary increase of 1,000 yuan.

“free time” adds value to yourself

“Sleeping time is Zhou Gong’s, working time is the boss’s, only the off-duty time is completely their own.” In addition to going to work and investing, the way to spend leisure time “self-time” after work, in fact, also affects the degree of “self-added value” and “increased salary” of office workers to a certain extent.

As early as 2011, Robert, the founder of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, the fourth largest wealth management company in California. Paglielini once said in his best-selling book titled “The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose” (“Golden Hours after Hours”) The idea of ​​”after work”. In the eyes of this senior career planning consultant, people’s family, interpersonal relationship, physical health, personal growth and financial stability are mainly maintained by the time after work. He encourages people to “monetize” their interests and ideals while maintaining their daytime work and not affecting their existing positions. In the other 8 hours after work, they will improve their net worth and happiness through continuing learning and part-time entrepreneurship. sense.

In addition to 8 hours of work, we can return to our ideals after work, use our own strengths and skills to develop our “second career”, further develop our own value, enjoy the fun of living outside the main job, or build individuals. The core competitiveness of learning to charge, strengthen the depth reserve in the profession that they are good at, while taking into account the breadth of knowledge, expand their knowledge structure in the relevant professional fields, and the accumulation of these leisure time will also become the workplace value of office workers and An important weight for wealth “value added”.

Smart consumption is also a good way to raise wages.

In addition to making our wealth and time accumulation play a greater role in increasing revenue based on practical work, it is also a magical effect to help us “raise” by making rational consumption and rationally transferring financial risks.

For example, a friend who has a certain understanding of insurance may know that the biggest function of insurance is that when the insured suffers misfortune, he can rely on insurance money to avoid personal and family financial crisis, and can continue to maintain the original living standards. For office workers, a reasonable insurance configuration can effectively pass on the fatal financial blows that may arise from unexpected accidents, major health problems, etc., so that individuals and families can obtain the same or even higher financial risk resilience as high-paying people. It is a good way to hide the salary increase.

In the case of consumption, the key to “smart flowers” is to understand and rationally use more economical and more efficient consumption methods, time points and channels. If you can make good use of various off-season, promotion, credit card rights, points and other “saving money and quality” consumption skills, while reducing irrational spending, let your overall expenditure “skinny” without lowering the quality of life. Going on, the resulting reduction in spending is also equal to “increasing the salary” for yourself.

In general, practical work, scientific financial management, self-improvement, smart consumption and effective financial risk management are all “correct postures” for “paying”. If you can carefully combine and position your posture according to your own needs and circumstances, I believe that you can also play a reasonable and effective “lifting combination boxing”.