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Understanding New Economy from New Profession

” Three hundred and sixty lines make a champion.” However, with the rapid economic development, the number of occupations in social life has long exceeded 360.

Today, the process of emergence of new professions and disappearance of old professions is still accelerating. Recently, another 15 new professions, such as artificial intelligence engineers and technicians, have passed the publicity. Perhaps, some day in the future, 3,600 or more jobs will be presented to people.

The emergence of new professions is inseparable from the vigorous development of the new economy. As the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation continue to accelerate and evolve, new industries, new formats and new models emerge one after another. In China’s economic and social development and the employment and entrepreneurship practice of workers, some new professions with large number of employees and great social impact emerge gradually. On the one hand, new consumer demand has been continuously stimulated, the market sector has been subdivided and subdivided, and new occupations have emerged one by one. People’s pursuit of a better life has stimulated more and more ” small and beautiful” new occupations to emerge. On the other hand, with the advancement of science and technology and the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, the composition and connotation of occupations are changing. The sharing economy and platform economy are thriving, providing infinite possibilities for the emergence of new forms of occupations, thus giving birth to a large number of new forms of employment.

The emergence of new professions has given individuals more diversified values. In the ” Internet” era, more and more new occupations are sprouting and growing. Some occupations that people were not familiar with in the past have become new choices, and some have become scarce and sought-after occupations. The tuyere of the times and individual career choices are overlapping, and the small goal of individual value and the big goal of economic development are also mutually achieved. The transformation of new and old kinetic energy and the rapid development of new technologies, new formats and new modes have promoted economic transformation and also brought about employment transformation, which has become an important support for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The continuous innovation of economic models has given energetic young people more opportunities to realize their career dreams of self-achievement in emerging fields.

The new occupation is subtly changing our life. The birth of many new occupations has provided jobs for countless people and created convenience for countless people. People have become accustomed to and enjoy all kinds of comfortable new ways of life brought by various new occupations. What is more worth paying attention to is the change of concept. People no longer stick to traditional working concepts. The increasingly fair and open environment and relaxed and orderly atmosphere have given everyone the courage to choose their jobs freely and fight for new forms of business. To a greater extent, they have stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of participants.

The emergence of new occupations and the disappearance of some old ones are the natural results of social development and progress. Occupational classification is of great significance to adapt to and reflect changes in economic structure, especially industrial structure, social structure, especially changes in population and employment structure, and human resources development and management, especially human resources allocation needs. Career change is itself a good perspective to observe and study the development and changes of the times.

In such an advancing new era, transforming hobbies into interests or striving for a new future, innovation and struggle are not the patents of a few people, but the opportunities of the majority. Different dreams are blooming on different professional stages.

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