To suit oneself is happiness.

Mood is not the whole of life.

Mood is not the whole of life, but it can control the whole of life. In a good mood, everything is good, in a bad mood, everything is messed up. We often lose not to others, but to ourselves because our bad mood belittles our image, reduces our ability and disturbs our thinking. If you control your mood, life will be peaceful everywhere. A good mood shapes a good mood, and a good mood shapes the best of you.

After wrestling, don’t cry, get up again, stand up straight and smile, pat the dust and continue to run. Face up to every setback in life, adapt to every ups and downs in life, absorb every failure in life, and make use of every frustrations in life. Try to give yourself a best mood, balance your breath, adjust your state of mind, and don’t rush to succeed. Even if you fall down again, you will be better tomorrow.

Sometimes, it is our demands that become more numerous.

Most of the time, we always hope to get good from others. At first, I couldn’t thank you enough. But after a long time, I am used to it. Accustomed to a person’s kindness to you, it is taken for granted. One day when you are not well, you feel resentful. In fact, it is not that others are bad, but that our demands have become more and more. Get used to it, then forget gratitude.

Life is always lost in thinking and looking ahead. If there is no sorrow, no sorrow, no joys and sorrows in life, then life is a blank and a bleak one. The romance of the flower season and the sadness of the rainy season gradually fade away with the annual rings. What settles in the heart is half the pursuit of beauty and half the acceptance of deformity. Once I couldn’t bear it, now I just smiled calmly. Maturity is not to see through, but to see through.

Instead of blaming the world, change yourself.

Life is walking through troubles to find wisdom and reveal the true meaning of life. A life without faults is just a fairy tale. If you lift yourself too high, others may not look up to you. Put yourself too low, others may not respect you; No one is perfect, and there is no need to hide one’s shortcomings. One should be able to raise one’s head, and even lower one’s head. Between leaning back and leaning forward, it is not only a posture, but also an attitude and a quality.

Instead of blaming the world, change yourself. It is better to manage one’s heart and do one’s own thing well than anything else. Life is not perfect, twists and turns are also scenery. Don’t take loss too seriously, giving up is another kind of possession; Don’t envy others often. once you have done it, you will realize that the scenery that belongs to you is at the next corner.

Sleeping when tired and smiling when awake.

Those who can stand loneliness should be people with thoughts. The person who can endure loneliness should be an ideal person. A person who can bend and stretch when things go wrong should be a person with a heart. A person who takes things calmly should be a calm person. People who smile often should be people with brains. He who sees through what is going on in the world should be a wise man.

A person has to get hurt before he can understand. He has to fall before he can grow up. Life is sometimes frustrating. We always care about what others say. We always strive for strength and competitiveness. In fact, it’s just that our vanity is too strong. In fact, life is as simple as that, more happiness, less worry, sleep when tired, smile when awake, be the purest person and walk the happiest road.

Friends don’t need to remember, because they never forget

Most of the time we don’t care, just to hide a little care in my heart. Don’t be lonely and love wrongly, don’t be lonely all your life because of love wrongly. I haven’t been in touch for a long time, that’s not a long distance. For a long time there has been no news, not concern. From the moment you became a friend, you were never far away, and you were destined to take root in my heart. In fact, friends are just like this. We don’t need to think about it, because we have never forgotten it.

Don’t regret, the road is your own choice, through, missed, is your own will. A lot of things, not I think, can be done. Emotions, joys and sorrows, holding the hand of the annual rings, are healthy and stable. these most essential things of the original ecology are twisted into a rope, tied to the heart and released as kites. they leap into the sky, see the blue of the sky and the green of the earth.

The sun will not rise tomorrow because of your disappointment. The moon will not stop landing tonight because of your complaint. Covering one’s eyes does not mean that the world is dark. Covering other people’s eyes, does not belong to oneself without light. There is no wood that cannot be split but an unhappy axe. There are only unexpected people and no impossible things. There is always a way to do it, but there is always a reason not to do it.

Life is boiled water, cold or hot, as long as the temperature is suitable, life is taste, whether sweet, sour, bitter and hot, as long as the taste is suitable, it is the best. Life is melody, no matter how fast or slow, as long as it is suitable for hearing, it is the best. Life is the season, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as it suits the mood, it is the best. Life is a real existence. Whether unwilling to be lonely or willing to be lonely, life is happiness as long as it suits you.