Those middle-aged people who are rejected live carefully.

Never choose comfort at the age when you should struggle most.

35 years old with a monthly salary of 4500: those middle-aged people who are rejected are carefully alive.
The day before yesterday, a friend reached a bottleneck in his career and asked me how to make more money.

I call him Li Ge, 35 years old this year. At present, I am looking for a job. My last job earned 4500 monthly salary, without bonus or year-end bonus. I worked for three years.

He complained to me: It’s really hard for me to find a job at my age.

Li Ge interviewed eight companies in April and all of them were Pass. In fact, he sent resumes to dozens of companies, and finally only 8 companies gave him the opportunity to interview.

Is a 35 – year – old looking for a job so unpopular?

Yes, there is a phenomenon in the workplace: the 35 – year – old phenomenon. Many employers will clearly mark the age below 35 on their recruitment information.

From the company’s point of view, I can understand such prejudice. Sometimes, prejudice means rationality.

Middle – aged rejected people

Why are 35 – year – old professionals rejected by others?

The first is physical strength: most of the middle-aged people in their thirties have been squeezed in the workplace for many years, and their bodies are not as durable as those of young people. You work ten hours a day and tell yourself in your heart that you should pay attention to maintenance, while those young people who can work seventeen or eighteen hours are still happy.

The second is energy: most people in this age group already have families, which means there are many obstacles. You want to go home on time to cook for your children after work, and work is only a part of life.

However, those young people who have just graduated or are less than 30 years old, their life is full of work and go all out for their dreams.

Furthermore, there is potential: many companies would rather give new employees a raise in salary in 1000 yuan than in 500 yuan, because young people have more potential to dig and have higher cost performance, while the cultivation value of middle-aged people is not big, and they are working more by experience.

The greatest advantages of middle-aged professionals: experience, contacts and resources.

Embarrassed is that many people who have worked for ten years have only one or two years of work experience, and then they have used this experience for only ten years. Their growth space is negligible, and their contacts and resources are even less pitiful.

Unless you can bring customers and resources by yourself and bring tangible benefits to the new company, it is really difficult to find a satisfactory next home.

Finally, there is control. After staying in the workplace for a long time, you will be more or less infected with the habits of some professional operators, who are not as obedient as young people.

The company paints big cakes for young people, and they will hear their blood boil and work very hard, but the old bird in the workplace will say in his heart: cheat me again, how many companies have I stayed in, it is the same.

Moreover, they may also share these workplace experiences with the young people in the team. In this way, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company will decline.

In fact, it is quite embarrassing for middle-aged people to change jobs because there are many restrictions.

Four Things to Do Before 35 Years Old

If you are not 35 years old, then this article will probably save your career and life.

In order to avoid the dilemma of middle-aged crisis when we are 35, we need to do 4 things well at present.

First, don’t muddle along, learn skills alongside the body:

I have always believed in this saying: if you go out and mix, you have to pay it back sooner or later.

When you are young, you usually end up in a miserable situation. The salary difference between your thirties and graduates is not big. That shows that you haven’t made too much effort in these years. You can also imagine your ability, experience, contacts and resources. These things that will become your capital in the future are lacking.

Therefore, when you are young, you must try your best to improve your own ability and run a valuable network. It is necessary to have at least one specialty. Even if there are changes in the future, there is still a direction and a way out.

Second, read books and read more practical books:

The importance of reading, many articles are bad, not much. No matter what stage, people should keep reading, so what books should they read?

Inspirational books need to be read, but they need to be read less. Reading these books is not to imitate the success track of others, but to maintain hope and have the driving force to continue working hard.

Read more practical books, such as books related to your professional skills, such as books on people’s principles, such as books on interests, which may improve yourself or become social conversation resources.

Three, exercise, not for body shape, only for health:

Adults’ bodies are always on the decline. Exercise is to slow down on the way to retirement.

When you are young, you can work hard, but don’t forget to exercise hard, either to keep fit, or to be healthy, in order to have physical strength and lead a good life in the second half.

In addition, the more practical reason is to save money in order to go to less hospitals in the future.

Four, earn money, accumulate funds, investment:

I have never been ashamed to talk about money. I am covered in the stench of copper. I think when I was young, there was nothing wrong with being utilitarian.

If you can’t learn anything, earn much money, or get much resources and contacts in a company, then you should not linger too much and choose to leave decisively.

Before the age of 35, it is best to accumulate as much capital as possible to prepare for future changes, to learn to invest, and not to let money idle.

Don’t be lazy. If conditions permit, contact with new things more and be a slash youth. You can not only make money, but also find a new way out. Every step you take today has profound meaning.

35 years old is not the starting point or the end point of life. Although there is a way to get to the front of the mountain, I hope that I will make more preparations when I am young and don’t hurry up and cry bitterly.

Efforts will eventually make sense. I hope that when people reach middle age, our life will still be in our own hands.

You are not yet middle – aged, and the middle-aged crisis has now emerged.

With the growth of age, a series of problems such as marriage, career and family and the coming of crisis, agitation, depression, fear, worry and so on, we are facing this very great confusion and pressure.

Because I don’t know where the road is, I don’t know my goals, I don’t know my position, so people are full of confusion and anxiety in middle age.

How can it be better? You should think seriously about the following questions and write down the results of your thinking in your notebook to go through every day and put them into action.

What will your future look like?

First of all, let me ask you a question. What kind of life is better for you? What kind of life do you want?

It’s 50,000 yuan per month with a car and a house. It’s piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, and singing. It’s the size of the world. I want to see it. ……

Give yourself a clear blueprint. If you don’t even think clearly about the life you want, where is your goal?

Second, quickly find their own position.

Many people have been busy all their lives, but they don’t even know what they want. Busy and careful to live.

I want to be a baker today, an interior designer tomorrow, and a gardener the day after tomorrow. ……

The world is so big and there are so many temptations.

Give up when one thing has not been learned, then do the next thing, then give up … go around, go back and forth, like the monkey that wrenches the corn in the story, and finally get nothing.

We live with endless desires, and we cannot finish them one by one.

What if there are many interests?

First there is a special subject, then how long.

Therefore, we should learn to choose and do things related to our own positioning.

What is positioning? It is something that is easy to do by oneself but relatively difficult for others to do. Through these other people to do it is very difficult, we do relatively easy high-value things, we can use the minimum cost, do professional, live the life we want.

Three, do it now, don’t delay

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who are unwilling to be mediocre and work hard. Just want to mediocre people for a lifetime; There is another kind of person who lives the most tangled life, unwilling to be mediocre but unwilling to do it. This kind of person is always confused between reality and future, between doing and not doing, wasting a lot of time.

Don’t choose comfort at the age when you should struggle most.

There is a saying that ” if you are weak, years will turn into a pig – killing knife that will slowly kill you in invisibility; You are strong, years are a beauty knife, helping you to shape the most perfect life. ”

Different perceptions of life will determine different attitudes and achieve different life postures.