There is a feeling that one can stay together ” forever” without being a husband and wife.

In life, I was exhausted. When I wanted to find someone to talk to, I looked through WeChat and QQ lists and saw that there were hundreds of friends. In the end, many people chose themselves as the campus flower. Some people say that a person without friends is the purest, most pitiful and lonely. Xiaobian thinks that the purest loneliness is probably that friends are all over the world, but there is no bosom friend.

There can be hundreds of friends in one’s life, but ” bosom friends” may not even meet one in one’s life.

A bosom friend is a kind of yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn relationship that spans over friends and under lovers.

There are some people who accompany you through the ebb and flow of your life and cry with you and laugh with you, but they do not know why you cry, why you laugh and why you worry. You always think this kind of relationship is still a little short, but you can never reach the realm of confidant.

It is said that a wife or husband is someone who can accompany you all your life, but a bosom friend can really understand you all your life.

There is an old saying that ” a man dies for his bosom friend”. It is hard to buy a daughter and find a bosom friend. If one can have a bosom friend in life, one can die without regret.

Friends, this is a very precious and beautiful term, but in today’s society, some people will misunderstand and associate things. Because there are many people, more and more like to add an adjective before ” bosom friend”. Men feel that they can have a ” confidante” in their life with great accent. And women think it is pure to have a ” blue – faced confidant” in life? Many people are just sitting on ambiguous matters under the name of ” bosom friend”.

A true confidant should have a gender limit. I only remember that the essence is that the two words ” beauty” and ” blue face” should not be added. But should be a ” know” word, and a ” own” word, know you, understand you, appreciate you.

We all need a bosom friend who can be comforted when we are tired and hurt, and when we are wronged. When you are full of worries, you can have a partner who listens to you patiently, and when your pressure cannot be released, you can have a person beside you silently.

Thousands of taels of gold are easily available. A bosom friend is hard to find. In order to get a bosom friend in one’s life, one must learn to cherish, not to cover up, not to be ambiguous, one must cherish this hard-won feeling.

If one has a bosom friend when one is in pain, there will be nothing there, and someone will listen to you to share it. Even if there are more sadness and difficulties, the ability to meet a friend is indispensable. One needs to find someone to pour out one’s pain, one needs to find someone to comfort one’s melancholy. If one does not have a bosom friend, then life will be desolate.

If you meet a bosom friend, the friendship between you is not lower than love, but the relationship is not ambiguous, the mutual confidences have been confided to each other, then you should cherish it well.

If two people become bosom friends, they can also love each other for a lifetime. I hope that friends who have read this article will cherish the people around them.