The world famous Oolong incident

In 1998, scientists at the Australian Parkes Radio Telescope suddenly received an unusually strong wireless pulse signal. The first high-frequency segment of this mysterious signal is then instantaneously reduced in a few milliseconds and then instantly reduced. This was a historic discovery for the scientists stationed there. For this mysterious signal, I applied for a huge amount of money. In the following ten years, it has been observed more than forty times, but on average several times a year, there are no rules and symptoms at all. Then, they sent another paper to explain this signal, including: black hole evaporation theory, neutron star merger theory, alien signal theory.

Someone has hardly summed up a rule: this signal always appears during the day of the week. Ok, finally a little progress, Anyway. Finally, the researchers found the signal: When the microwave oven in the lab was still running, just as the antenna was just toward the microwave oven, the mysterious signal was born. Telling the truth, are you really swindling funds? ?

Superluminal neutrino

On September 23, 2011, the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN) held a seminar. Researchers from “OPERA” announced their major discovery: the speed of neutrinos broke through the speed of light! . The project team launched a neutrino beam from CERN and received it at the GranSasso laboratory in Italy. The experimental results show that after 730 kilometers, the neutrino took the lead to reach the end, and the leading light of 20 meters took the lead to cross the “finish line”. In other words, the movement speed of the neutrino is about 0.0025% faster than the speed of light, that is, nearly 7495 meters per second than the light. If this is the case, Einstein’s theory of relativity can be challenged, and the entire theoretical system of physics may have to be rebuilt.

“We are very confident in the results of the research. We spent a few months, repeatedly testing the data and equipment, and found no errors.” Team spokesman Antonio Eretitato said at the time. Unfortunately, after repeated verification, the error in neutrino speed is likely caused by the loose cable connecting the GPS receiver to the computer. Today, this has become a joke. Also, the Flag must be careful, maybe you will hit your face.

Peel scam

On February 15, 1912, British lawyer and amateur paleontologist Charles Dawson discovered an ancient human skull fossil in the Piltshire area of ​​Sussex. The skeleton and skeleton of the skull fossil showed half-humanity. The characteristics of the scorpion, including two molars, as well as some stone and animal fossils. This immediately caused an uproar at the time, shocking the entire archaeological community, scientists believe that this discovery makes up for the “missing important links” in the evolution of humans and apes.

Later, Peel became the subject of controversy in the archaeological community until it was discovered in 1953 that it was actually a patchwork of a samurai’s mandible and a fully developed modern human skull.