The quality is 6.5 times that of the Earth. This super earth has caused a sensation and the best planet for future immigration!

In the universe, scientific experts have discovered many planets similar to Earth, but they all have some disadvantages that are not suitable for us to survive. There is a special galaxy with seven planets. Scientists once thought that at least two planets met the conditions for becoming the second earth.

However, after a period of research and exploration, it was discovered that these planets are subject to very strong space radiation and still cannot survive. Last year, American astronomers discovered a dwarf star in the Tianhe River, named Lacey 140, which is 39 light years away from the sun.

The Lass 1140B in the dwarf star caught the attention of scientists. After a series of measurements, the scientific experts showed that its radius is 1.5 times that of the earth, and the mass is 6.5 times that of the earth. It has a good geographical position and still It is suitable for living in the belt and has little radiation, but specific research is needed.