The possibility that the soul exists, in what form will it exist?

Since ancient times, people have believed that besides the body, there is still a soul. In modern society, some people also call the soul consciousness. However, whether consciousness or soul exists or not has always been a mystery. So from a scientific point of view, does the soul exist? First of all, we must admit that from a scientific point of view, the soul must not exist. For what can be linked to science must be proved or falsified, and the existence of the soul cannot be proved or falsified. To say that the soul exists, we do not have any evidence. To say that the soul does not exist, we also cannot produce any evidence. Most of the so-called evidences in the hearsay are untenable.

Of all the so-called evidences, the soul has a mass of 21.3 grams, which is the most widely circulated one. But in fact, this really cannot be called evidence, because there were only six experimental samples at that time, and two of them died before the experiment began. You know, the data of the four samples is almost meaningless to analyze the existence of souls, so we don’t need to struggle with whether the four samples have really decreased by 21.3 grams. Even if they are true, they can’t explain anything, unless the samples are not four but 40,000. Other rumors of capturing souls with electromagnetic waves or dyes are even more sensational. If you have to find evidence of the existence of souls, near-death experience is one of them.

However, the evidence on near-death experience is still not strong enough. Although many near-death experience participants described what they saw and heard in the process of fake death are very similar, it does not mean that what they saw is not illusion. It is completely reasonable for people to generate similar illusion in a near-death state. Therefore, we do not need to struggle with whether the soul really exists, but only to explore the possibility of the existence of the soul. That is, we first assume that the soul exists, and then, based on modern science, we think about the form in which the soul will exist. First, if the soul really exists, we can start from string theory and imagine that it will exist in the form of some kind of energy wave, just like string theory describes, the most basic part of matter, ” string”.

Also starting from string theory, we can draw another possibility of soul existence, that is, to realize the leap of dimensions. String theory is a unified field theory that can unify quantum mechanics and general relativity. The foundation of string theory is multidimensional universe theory. That is, only when the universe is recognized as eleven dimensions can some parts of string theory be reasonably explained. So if the universe is really multi – dimensional, is it possible to leap across the spatial dimension when the soul is separated from the body? This is a bit like the scene described in the myth story. The figure in a painting rises from the painting to become a real person. To describe it from a scientific point of view is to realize a leap from two-dimensional to three – dimensional.

However, no matter in which form the soul exists or in which dimension it rises, the most fundamental question is how to obtain energy. If the soul really exists, it must be able to obtain energy in some way, and can only exist and move if it can obtain energy. However, according to current scientific theories, we cannot find a reasonable way for the soul to obtain energy after breaking away from the body, so in fact we prefer to think that the soul does not exist. Of course, we must also admit that the existing level of scientific cognition of mankind is still limited. We cannot completely deny the existence of souls, but we must say that souls that cannot be proved or falsified do not belong to the category of science.