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The man who said these words to you really loves you.

If a man often says to you, ” Don’t worry, I will help you”, then it shows that he has moved the true feelings towards you.

Because he really loves you, he has moved the truth to you, so he won’t have the heart to leave you alone.

Because he has moved his true feelings towards you, he will stay with you at your most difficult and helpless time.

He will not turn a blind eye to your predicament, nor will he be indifferent to the pressure you are facing.

On the contrary, he will take the initiative to lend you a helping hand, and he is also willing to accompany you to find ways to tide over the difficulties together.

If a man does harm to you, from ruin, even when you need help most, then obviously he is not true love to you.

Therefore, when a man often tells you, ” Don’t be afraid, I am here”;

Or often say to you: ” don’t worry too much, I will help you.”

Then this fully shows that he is a responsible man, and he truly loves you.


It’s all my fault.

When quarreling, one’s emotions will inevitably get out of control. Everyone will be very angry when quarreling. Sometimes he will be carried away by anger and even say some sad words.

If a man is angry when he quarrels, he will consider your mood and be willing to calm his mood for you and say to you, ” it’s all my fault.”

Such men are willing to lay down their dignity for you, because they don’t want you to be wronged, so they are willing to control their emotions to safeguard your feelings.

Men who really love you will put down their face and take care of your emotions when they quarrel.

” Listen to you noisy for so long, thirsty, I’ll pour you a glass of water”

Love is such a wonderful thing. One second ago, I quarreled with some trivial things. The next second, I would care from my heart if you were thirsty.

When meeting true love, it really makes people cry and laugh. There is no way. Who will let him love you?

Those men who don’t love you don’t care if you are thirsty or not, just keep arguing if you like.

A man who really loves you will not seriously quarrel with you, because he loves you so he is reluctant to let you be wronged, afraid that the words spoken in the quarrel will make you sad.


Please marry me

In today’s life, many young people are starting to panic about getting married. Maybe they are afraid of facing the trivial things of life after joining the family, or the pressure of life, or there may be other reasons.

Even if the feelings of each other are deep, you still need that marriage certificate to prove your feelings.

A man who really loves you will want to give you a family and live together every day in the future.

” Please Marry Me” is a sentence that can only be said once in a lifetime. It is a witness that you want to be together forever.

Boys who can say such things to you really want to integrate you into the rest of your life.

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