The key to a family’s happiness lies in these four things.

Nowadays, people seem to have become impetuous, just like a fire in their hearts, which tends to erupt at any time and place. It is a luxury to talk well.

People are more unscrupulous towards those close to them, thus family conflicts often occur. Things that could have been solved by good talk eventually became more and more outrageous until the two fell apart.

A lot of things are caused by misunderstanding due to not speaking well. Even if the intention is to care about the other party, but the tone is wrong, then the result will definitely be the opposite.

In the family, children want to buy expensive things for their elderly parents, hoping that their parents can use unused things.

What you can say is, what you have never used in your life, don’t you try?

Between relatives, is often the most hurtful.

Because relatives will not be separated, blood ties cannot be cut off, but the damage is often the greatest, that is, relatives, because relatives are often the people who care most about you.

Home should be the place of love and warmth. Only a family that knows how to speak well can accommodate more happiness.


Eat well

Eating is the most important ceremony in a family.

Lin Qingxuan said: Romance means wasting time and eating slowly. The best marriage is ” have you accompany me to stand at dusk, have you ask me porridge can be warm”.

A blessed family must be one that knows how to eat well.

Don’t ask your family again, what can I do for you, just have a good meal with them, no job, no friends.

The most ordinary happiness is this: the family loves each other, and the most expected thing is not the night.

Under the dim light of a lamp, they sat down with each other and ate hot food, swallowing all day’s hard work.

During a meal, you can not only pull away from your heavy work, but also tell your family that you are especially important to me.


Have a good sleep

Sooner or later, the night that we’ve been through today will turn into an evil done to us.

Good sleep enables family members to greet each day with full enthusiasm.

Do you still remember Tong Xiangyu calculated an account in ” The Legend of the Wulin”:

If she only slept three hours a day, the time saved would be 128,000 hours, equivalent to 14 years and 6 months.

Such a thought is equivalent to an extra 14 years of life?

However, this is obviously not the case. The time you stole at night does make life more abundant in the short run, but in the long run, you will have to pay it back twice.

What should be returned is your health and life span.

Life never has a ” if”, only a result, only from the beginning to understand the importance of good sleep and good health, there will be more possibilities.

In the new year, every family should start with a good sleep.


Exercise well

Some people are too young to keep up with their bodies, and they are breathless when climbing stairs, and no time to exercise is the most common excuse.

But in fact, immersed in the office all day, exercise is the best way to ease the mood and strengthen the body.

People who love sports always look younger than their peers and give people the impression of being energetic.

Hua Tuo said: ” The human body wants to work, but it should not use extreme ears. Shake and the valley will lose its vitality, blood will circulate, and disease will not occur, just as the birth will last forever. ”

Proper exercise under sufficient nutrition can improve the physiological functions of viscera and immune ability.

Only by maintaining one’s own health can one spare no effort to take care of one’s family and visit the world.

The happiness of a family cannot be separated from the health of the whole family, and health cannot be separated from daily exercise.