The Hotbed of Anonymous Trading – Dark Net

Once it was the belief of countless bitcoin thugs to become rich overnight, bitcoin was full of allure like gold at that time, and even the square dancers were busy joining the ranks of investors.

In particular, behind all kinds of complicated transactions in the dark net, transactions are also conducted through this mysterious bitcoin. Under the advantage of evading all kinds of supervision, it grows savagely in a hellish market.

With the evolution of this economic bubble, overnight wealth has become a thing of the past. Now, some people are questioning how much faith remains in bitcoin.

I. Dark Net and Bitcoin
If you want to search all the information of a person on the internet, you will find that only 5% of the information comes from the dark web, but 95% comes from the dark web.

Dark networks are like the gates of hell in the Internet world. People who trade on them can evade the supervision of banks and the government by using encrypted digital cash such as Bitcoin to trade in a covert language.

Countless terrorist incidents occurred from this. The ” Silk Road” of drug trade is the representative of bitcoin trade in the dark net. Such illegal and criminal trading activities, such as human trafficking, can satisfy people’s evil desires in this hellish market.

The founder of a bitcoin trading evil dark net shopping website once said: ” we should create an economic simulation to let people experience what it is like to live in a world without systematic rights to use it.”

It sounds as if we want all living beings to release themselves completely, get rid of the shackles and do whatever they want. But in fact, it laid a shortcut to the path of evil, leaving countless people trapped in this quagmire and unable to extricate themselves.

The early development of bitcoin was concentrated under the dark net trade. A virtual world, a virtual currency, to exchange things and things, things and things, but also anonymous transactions, is simply to make this evil gate appear more clear.

Even if bitcoin is later used in the field of cross-border payment, it still cannot erase its past history, or, in other words, bitcoin trading still exists in the dark web.

II. Bitcoin under Trading

Just like the bitcoin market, which trades crazily in the underworld, it is by no means the only advantage of doubling its price.

According to data provided by a data company, even if bitcoin collapsed in a bear market in 2018, the price of bitcoin still doubled in the dark net market, reaching an average of $ 2 million a day, almost double that of the beginning of the year.

It is not difficult for us to see that in today’s bear market, the rise or fall of bitcoin prices will not affect the crazy bitcoin trading in the dark net market at all.

However, for bitcoin in its early development, the dark net was the source of its price. Due to the anonymity of bitcoin, it was accepted by dark networks and quickly became the mainstream trading method. when bitcoin was introduced in 2010, the amount of us $ 0.00025 rose directly to us $ 31.

In the next few years, every change in the dark net will drive the price of Bitcoin. After the ” Silk Road 2.0″ mentioned in the article was launched, the price of Bitcoin jumped from 200 US dollars to 1200 US dollars in a short week.

Bitcoin, which has been developed for nearly ten years, is no longer an encrypted digital asset that only had the advantage of payment. More and more commercial values have been discovered by people, and the factors that affect its price are no longer transactions on the dark net. The two complement each other from an early stage and eventually return to two parallel lines.

The only thing that has not changed is that bitcoin is still the mainstream payment method in the dark net trading market.

Three, bitcoin how many beliefs remain?

When people talk about bitcoin again, it seems that they will no longer say how many beliefs there are. In this market disturbed by speculators, the economic bubble is too inflated. Words like ” zero” and ” bubble” are very common.

Does bitcoin really have no faith to talk about?

Dark net, a dark market, no transaction can be seen in the sun, but bitcoin has become the most mainstream payment method. Its trading characteristics are security, privacy and anonymity. Is this not a technological advantage?

Returning to the current payment methods, banks and third-party payment platforms are facing a centralized crisis. In the development of the Internet, the leading bosses who monopolize the third-party platforms have also occupied the entire market, even hindering the innovation and breakthrough of the market. According to this law of development, it does not seem to meet the needs of people’s future life.

We are all looking for more reliable payment methods and a safer and more privacy-preserving Internet ecosystem. This is the demand for payment, and this value ecosystem is also needed to support all links in economic activities.

Therefore, we cannot deny that the encrypted digital assets represented by ” bitcoin” do have their commercial value, but judging from the current scope of use or the law of development, they are not on the right track and have not been actually applied to the internet ecosystem.

It is not that people have no faith in it, but have a new understanding of the market. Perhaps, in the future, it is not only the mainstream trading method in the dark net market, but also an essential value application in the internet ecosystem.