The grade of the mind

People often use rank and ability to measure the grade of men and appearance and temperament to judge the grade of women, but few people think about the grade of the heart.

The soul has grade, and its grade determines a person’s success or failure in life.


The highest state of mind is the heart of awe.

Like faith and religion, that piety is unshakable.

Businessmen stress honesty, friends stress sincerity, lovers stress sincerity, why? Because of the world’s current situation, we have to take out these basic things, which is why we need them.

If everyone has instinctive reverence for rules, regulations and ethics, how beautiful the world will be if he speaks in business, in public, in groups and in love.

If a man has a heart of awe, then he must be the best, a man who has a smooth career, a happy love, a good wife, a filial son, and a wide circle of friends.

If a woman has a heart of awe, then she must be the best in the world. She must have both talents and abilities, extraordinary temperament and kindness, which are rare in the world.


The second state of mind is compassion.

Some people say that the progress of a society is the progress of compassion. I think it is very reasonable.

Every society has the weak. In ancient times, the law of the jungle began to prevail. Times have advanced and today the big fish eat small fish is still respected. Small fish eat shrimps.

The real strength is the strength of the mind, the capacity to accept everything from sea to river, and the momentum to hold back the mountains.

From the day they were born, everyone was destined to take their own road, some long, some short, some successful, some failed, some big defeat.

No matter what the road is, it will eventually be empty. The value of life lies in being needed by others, just as the value of money lies in being used.

People need to have compassion and do as much for others as they can, even if it is a trivial matter, it is also an embodiment of the value of life.
A man with compassion is top grade. He must be kind – hearted, kind – hearted, modest and gentlemanly.

Women have compassion is also top grade, must be sensible, intelligent and virtuous, with fair maiden style.


The third realm of the mind is gratitude.

Some time ago, I saw news that an old man sued his seven children for failing to support them. It saddens me when I look at it, and this sad thing is everywhere.

A person is not even grateful to his parents. What else can he do for society?

Parents have given us life, love and the world, how can they bear to let their vicissitudes of life flow through their hearts?

Those who do not love their beloved others are against morality, and those who do not respect their relatives and respect others are against propriety. Gratitude originates from filial piety.

A grateful man is a finished product, a responsible and trustworthy partner, and a trustworthy man.

A grateful woman is also a finished product. She must be a diligent and motivated woman who loves her family and protects her children.


The fourth realm of the mind is the heart of tolerance.

Tolerate others and yourself, water is not deep, tolerance is great.

Everyone can’t live a whole life in peace and tranquility. He will encounter ups and downs. Past people and events will indeed lead us to bitterness.

Forgive them. To forgive others is to be kind to yourself, because bitter feelings can only deepen the damage to yourself.

In the process of our growth, we have done many wrong things without going through the world, some of which can be saved and some cannot be made up for.

Forgive your past, because to forgive your past is to treat your future well and treat your past experience as a gift of life, so that your future life will be more wonderful.

Isn’t it?

Why do you not know the value of life until the last day of life? To be able to live well should be enough!

The heart has grade. The grade of the heart determines the personality, character and the fate of one’s life.