The boundary of dreams

A few days ago, I was quite busy. I didn’t get enough sleep every day, so I always catch up on the plane. Whether it’s a flight of more than an hour or a flight of two or three hours, when I get on the plane, I stick to my chair. Strangely, I dream every time. Different from the dream on the ground, the dream on the plane is even more bizarre. After waking up from the dream, one often feels melancholy, unable to figure out whether it is in the sky or on the ground. He is in a trance and in a fog. Sometimes when I open my eyes and find that the plane is still flying, I feel that the flight itself seems to be in my dream. I can’t figure out where I am. There is no boundary outside my dream. It feels very strange.

Speaking, what impressed me most was such a dream: one day, in a sunny place, I met elon musk. He said he would send 1 million people to Mars. I was a little unconvinced and felt that his idea was a little bit off, so I asked a question: ” how much is a million people? Suppose a person weighs 100 kg, then one million people weigh 50,000 tons. The current rocket has a maximum load of 60 tons. It takes 6 to 8 months for the rocket to fly from Earth to Mars. The current technology is not able to return successfully every time. Apart from the huge cost, it is a huge problem to only say how to transport the 50,000 tons of living creatures and the food and excrement that people eat, drink and scatter to Mars in 6 to 8 months. Therefore, according to the current load and speed of these rockets, it is unreliable to send 1 million people to Mars. 」

Last week, Musk demonstrated for the first time SpaceX’s ” test funnel” ( left ), which is almost exactly the same as the previously published rendering ( right ). If the test is successful, future spacecraft built to this specification can only transport 100 people and 150 tons of cargo to Mars.

Musk said he always had a way. I asked, ” What is your way? First freeze people, freeze them into a pile of machines, and then transport them? ” He said no.

I said, ” I can do it! In fact, there are about three things to be solved in order to get this thing done. ” he said,” what you said is quite uncertain. where do you come from? What are the three things? ” I said,” I don’t know where I come from, but standing here today should help you solve these three problems. ” He said,” you don’t brag, hurriedly said. 」

I said, then I’ll tell you. First thing. It is too unreliable for you to transport 1 million people directly. 50,000 tons is too heavy. So, can you change your mind? We transport things on the earth. If there are too many and too heavy things to be transported, we will not transport them and use other methods instead. For example, Japanese cars sold in the United States are not manufactured in Japan and then transported to the United States. Instead, Japanese brands directly set up factories in the United States and then build the cars so that millions of Japanese cars can run in the United States.

In the same way, we can store the genes or living cells of 1 million or more people, establish a space gene pool, and then easily transport it to Mars. I calculated that a cell or a gene capsule, even less than 5 grams, 1 million people’s gene capsules together, the most is 5 tons. If a rocket can carry 50 tons, it can carry 10 million gene capsules at one time.

On October 25, 2018, Mann of Yufeng successfully launched the first human space gene pool at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Base for science and technology. Some gene samples we selected were launched into 950 kilometers of orbit, which can be stored for 975 years. The picture shows the moment the rocket is launched.

If 10 million people’s genes are transported to Mars in this way, even if they fail, at most one rocket will be lost. And there is no food and drink on the road. It is also possible to launch several batches of rockets ahead of schedule, bringing dozens or hundreds of robots in the past. I’ve seen robots made by NASA, each weighing about one ton. A rocket launch can take 50 robots. The ” artificial uterus” created on the earth will also be brought in the past, while several earth people will be allowed to pass by to build a ” man – making factory” on Mars, creating these 10 million people.

Feng Shu took a photo with a robot made by NASA.

In this way, the transportation problem can be easily solved. Compared with the way of transporting large living people by rocket, the cost is much lower and the efficiency is much higher. In the future, this method can be used for human migration between Mars and Earth, as well as for interstellar migration. If this method can be realized, the earth people can freely switch their living environment throughout the universe.

Musk also thought it was a good idea. However, he also felt that if this is done, there will be many differences between the people made on Mars and the people on earth.

I said, ” Of course not. There are various harsh environments on Mars. The wind is very strong, especially cold, and very dry. In order to adapt to the environment of Mars, then these created Martians can be genetically edited to have both the commonness and uniqueness of earthlings. For example, bones are firmer, skin is more resistant to wind and cold, eyes have stronger visual ability and run faster … Just like the people who settled in the plain and migrated to the plateau, the functions of heart, lung, skin and bone will change after several generations of life, but they are still called the earth people, and they are still called people. The Martians thus transformed are, of course, human beings. 」

After hearing this, he thought it was a good idea. In this way, people can be transported without much effort. ” You have already solved the first problem. It is great. Again, the second question you can help me with. 」

I said the second question is particularly important. What kind of society will these Martians build and how? What will be the ethical relationship in Mars society and the relationship between people?

Let’s say that according to your original plan, one million people will be moved to Mars. Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Japanese, Middle Eastern, if these 1 million people are still the social form of the earth people after they arrive on Mars, and they are still quarrelling about the earth when they meet, is it necessary for us to take such great efforts to move them up? Are we sending them to Mars so that they can continue quarrelling on Mars after quarrelling on the earth, and actually carry out a war on Mars that has not been carried out on the earth? Obviously not.

Therefore, human beings should create a new type of ethical and social relationship there, and even create a new civilization, a new way of governance, and a new system, so as to form a Martian society instead of copying a terrestrial society. There may not be a country on Mars, but there is a Martian society with new ways of connecting people and new rules of the game. I think it is very important to build a new civilization. This is also the place where I can help you.

He said, ” How can you help? ” I said,” it depends on imagination. We think of the system on earth as an imperfect system. We want to imagine what a more perfect and ideal system should look like. At present, no matter who rules the earth, all people cannot be satisfied with it. There are still arguments about who is right and who is wrong and who is best. Before going to Mars, we can study a new Martian society and build a new Martian civilization, ok? This is where I want to help you. ” He said,” Well, I didn’t think about it. I just wanted to get people to Mars, but what to do after I didn’t study it. I am not a sociologist, a political scientist, or a legal scientist. I do not study this matter. You should study it if you can. 」

He asked again, ” What is the third thing? 」

I said, the third important thing is how do 1 million people make a living on Mars? They don’t eat together to die. They want to create an economy on Mars. They want to maintain their own life continuously. What is the economy of Mars society? I want to study this matter.

Although I have no conclusion, just like the second question, I saw a study done by the University of Edinburgh in England. They cooperated with the prison to make the first camp set up by the earthlings after they went to Mars look like a prison. When the external environment is extremely dangerous and helpless, the connection at the beginning is somewhat like the relationship between prisoners in a prison. They used similar simulation experiments to imagine human-to-human relationships among the first Martians. I think this is a good imagination and it is feasible. I think this research can help us study the original rules of the game in Mars society.

This is the social level. What about the economic level? Whether we are 1 million or 10 million people, we humans move from star to star, constantly immigrating and crossing. The purpose is not to travel, eat a meal, sleep and go. If we stay and live on Mars, what is our economy? Do you still need money on Mars? Is there going to be a trade war? Will there be any competition for technology and the central bank? Are there any customs duties? Are these economic behaviors on earth necessary for Mars society?

After listening to what I said, Musk said, ” I don’t understand either. Study it yourself. I have something to do. I’ll withdraw. ” He was gone. I woke up too.

When I woke up, I repeated the three things in my dream, but it seemed to be true. But do we really have these three things to solve? If we really want to solve it, don’t we just want to create a new civilization for mankind? Creating Mars Wen Ming Different from Earth Civilization. This is a great thing, a beautiful and exciting thing.

Is this possible? Is it reliable? From a historical point of view, it also seems reliable. After Columbus discovered the New World, did America experience the same thing? At first, people took small boats and headed for America. The whole journey was stormy and took a long time, risking their lives. Later, the ships became bigger and bigger, bringing more and more supplies and more people to land. When they arrived on land, the so-called ” civilized people” were the struggle between the Europeans and the local aborigines. At last, they drove the aborigines out and slaughtered them. They occupied the land, copied the European civilization and their own system to the New World, and then multiplied generations of descendants in America, forming the civilization on the American continent today.

When the industrial revolution, the electrification revolution and the technological revolution took place, the results of these changes also grew up in the American continent, and some important results took place in the Americas. European immigrants brought the British system to the past, and these people broke away from Britain and created a new American system. This was the beginning of the United States. The system and civilization of the United States have gradually created the world’s most powerful economy, military, science and technology, which in turn has affected other people on the whole earth.

I feel that I told Musk in my dream that these things seem similar and reliable. Next I have to do something in this direction, maybe I can do something.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the plane was still flying. It was constantly rolling and bumping, with clouds on the edge. In such a dream-like feeling like waking up, clear like turbid, and realistic like a dream, I am a little confused. Then suddenly, an idea flashed through my mind: where is the boundary between dream and reality? Where is the boundary between sleeping and waking? Is the boundary of dreams clear? Is the dream far away? Are dreams all false? Where is the boundary between life and death? Is the so-called living and breathing real? I was in a trance and hesitated, but I also seemed to wake up. I decided that if I saw Musk one day, I would ask him these three questions freely, and maybe I could really help him do these three things.

If so, is it not that dreams and reality have become one thing? Dream guides my imagination to extend, then dream is not reality? If the imagination guided by dreams has no boundary, then the reality also has no boundary. Dreams have no boundaries, so of course human development has no boundaries.

When I think about it, I feel relieved again. I think I should combine my life with my dream and leave everything to the boundless universe, allowing it to extend naturally, develop naturally, create naturally, and finally become an infinite, eternal and brilliant future.